Revoltech Evangelion Evolution EVA Unit 01 Series No.100 (Completed)

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  Revoltech Evangelion Evolution EVA Unit 01 Series No.100 (Completed)  SAL Small Packet
Revoltech Evangelion Evolution EVA Unit 01 Series No.100 (Completed)
Material:PVC , ABS
Producer:Katsuhisa Yamaguchi
Series:Revoltech Yamaguchi Series
Original:Rebuild of Evangelion
Release Date :Mid Jan., 2011
Regular Price:2,858 yen28.24 USD  
Sales Price:2,572 yen  about 25.41 USD  
Points Acquired:77 points
Jan code:4537807010391
Item code:010483
Sold out...
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Copyright khara
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★ Initial Production Special Price of 3000yen!
- "Definitive Edition" The Revoltech Eva Special! [Evangelion Evolution Series] Activated!
- A brand new Standard Series of Revoltech Eva will be born.
- For the Revoltech Eva series up until now, they had been produced relying on the little
  setting materials for their production, to match its release with the release of the
  new movie. However, after seeing how each character with strong characteristics
  move, fight, and behaved in the film, the thoughts "We should’ve made it like this instead"
  started to boil inside us.
- Looking over the basic structure, and adding new gimmicks, to add even greater play value
  than before... And the "Definitive Edition" with all those thoughts put together
  is the [Evangelion Evolution].
- "The Highest Peak of Evangelion Models with New Structure & Style"
- The first of the Evangelion Evolution series is [Eva Unit 01].
- Continuing to create 100 models of the series, and always coming up with new ideas of
  movement, Katsuhisa Yamaguchi has developed Evangelion with new movement
  structure, establishing the form as a new Neo Standard.
- This Evangelion Evolution has succeeded in achieving both the use of newly developed
  joint structures, and having stylish appearance that surpasses the existing Eva.
- Covering the unnatural exposure of the joint, yet able to take the crouching pose with the
  feel of power focused at one spot and the balance of body weight etc.,
  only achievable by the Mobility of Yamaguchi.
- This series will also include gadgets to reproduce the battle scenes from the movie.
- The Unit-01 will include a "Display of the 4th Angel" from the first fight.
- You will be able to display the berserking Unit-01 as it tears the arm and raises the knife.
- The core part of the Angel will have a LED lighting gimmick installed, a first for
  the Revoltech series.
- Matching the green lines of the Unit-01 that has been painted with glow-in-the-dark paint,
  you will be able to enjoy the atmosphere of the night battle by turning off your room light.
- The Eva Unit-01 can have its head swapped with the option head parts to reproduce the
  howling berserk state.
- You will also be able to attach the blood gushing effect parts for the head, to reproduce
  the damage as well. It is also equipped with basic weaponry, such as the Pallet Gun
  and P-Knife.
- To enable reproduction of the scenes from the movie, there are 12 different hand parts
  with variable gestures, greatly adding to the play value. Please enjoy your favorite situation.

- The great points of the [Definitive Edition]!
- You can display it with the battle scenes of great impact!
- The battle between Unit-01 and the 4th Angel had been created in a vignette style,
  with pool of blood and torn arm parts etc!
- First lighting gimmick of the Revoltech Series, the core part of 4th Angel lights up with LED.
- The green lines of Eva glows in the dark, allowing you to reproduce the night battle scenes!

- Height: Approx. 140mm
- Poseable Points: Total 22 points
- No. of Joints used: Total 16: 10mm Joint x2, 8mm Joint x8, 6mm Joint x2, 4mm Joint x4
- Accessories: 4th Angel/Lighting Display x1 (Damaged Arm, Broken Bone, 8mm
  Double Joint included), Pallet Gun x1, Progressive Knife x1, Umbilical Cable x1,
  Option Head x1, Option Hand x12, Unit-04 Blood Gushing Effect x1, Transparent
  Display Stand x1 (w/extension parts), 10Point Revo-chip x1, Revo Container x1
Item Size/Weight : 21.5 x 21.5 x 6.5 cm / 301g
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