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Cyborgs and Droids
Good evening.
Roku here.

[Attack of Gaigan]

The 3rd item from Toho 30cm series is Gaigan.
With very high popularity, we have received many pre-orders already.
It still sitting at the top of Mecha/Monster ranking too.

The Cyborg Monster Gaigan from the Godzilla series

It may go out of stock as soon as it gets released, so I highly recommend you to pre-order this one.

[R2-D2 with Jawa Capture]

Yeah, I made the text big, just cos I can.
I just cant help but to use functions that I just learnt.

But it lets have a introduction of R2-D2 anyway, just cos we can.

Finally, the arrival of Hot Toys Statue.

There are many option parts with this one.

Here is a Gum Pod

Other than R2-D2, there is also R2-M5 and R2-A6 etc. the Astromake Droids has been released in Gum Pods.

And the product released today, R2-D2 with Jawa capture

its not dirty, its just been painted to look dirty.

Ah the R2 unit... I think every household could do with one of these.

By ROKU, who thinks the Santa of this planet should gift him an R2 for Christmas.

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