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FA (not Final Answer...)
Ohadaikigel! (greetings) Gabas here!!

Today will be the third session of Frame Arms!!



Flare: "aaaah its winter already, its seriously too cold to stay naked..."

Flare: "guess I better prepare for winter soon..."

*rustle rustle* (Resident Evil 2 costume change noise)
Flare: "phew, finished getting changed!"


(O o O)
errrr... they multiplied...

Stylet & Gorai "Together we are PRETTY CURE!!"

NO YOU AREN'T!! and you guys aren't even black and white!!

Stylet & Gorai "MAX HEART!!"

That is disgrace to the original Pretty Cure!!

...anyway, we got Stylet and Gorai build!! By the people above!!
...that look on their face when I received this...
its fiiiiiniiiiished, Gabas kuuuuun~!! *twitch twitch*
Great work, thank you very much!!

Anyway, lets start with Gorai!!

Its been built without restricting the movement of the frame very much!
The armor on the legs are made quite intricately, its flexible and it doesn't get in the way of making poses, as it supports the leg , so as long as the pose isn't too crazy, it can handle most poses without the need of a stand base!
Gorai gives an impression of a tank; I think this rough, heavy look is really awesome!!

Right, next is...

This one had been designed to an image of a fighter jet!!
Its quite slim compared to Gorai! And its face is rather handsome too!
Its mobility isn't too different from that of Gorai, you can make it do many poses.
You don't really need the stand base...
But using it will allow you to create poses that makes it look like its flying.
Aaaah its so kool!!


They both have holes on the armor parts; so you can easily change equipment and add weapons, attach armors to different places etc!!

Aaaaagh with so many joint holes, it makes me want to fiddle around with it more!!

Next time, I would like to combine these with Gundam models and other plastic models!

So yeah, see you next time~~

By Gabas (ah... it's that time of the year to wear the mask of jealousy again)
Hmmm? Am I free for Christmas, you ask?
Nah Sorry! I got plans with my Girlfriend!!

......I wish.

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