Scenery of a certain Train Garage

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Scenery of a certain Train Garage
Good Evening, Kapinozuka here.
I tried a set up like this, although its not because its end of the year or anything.

Listing the cars from the left, the JNR Diesel Car Kiha 04, JR Diesel Car Oito line Kiha 56-115, and JNR Steam Locomotive Type C57-135. They are all items released this year. There are no relationships between the period or place of origin, but when put together side by side, it actually matches up pretty well.

Here are details for each of the above:
- The Railway Collection Vol.10 10 pieces
- J.R. Diesel Car Type Kiha 52-100 (Oito Line/Kiha 52-115)
- JNR Steam Locomotive Type C57-135

And I know this is out of the blue, but I constructed a structure kit, so I would like to write a review for it here. It's the 2-train garage from the previous image.

- Lovomotives Brick Garage for Double Track (Building kit)

The red brick and arch entrance, the characteristic windows, this is the 2 track Train Garage from Tsugawa Yoko. As there aren't too many parts to the kit, it's easy to construct. Plus, the wall is red and the roof is black, so there is no need to paint the kit yourself. I have to say, this is a structure kit that is easy to put together.

I think it's best to take all the parts off the kit frame, clean off the cut edges etc, and get all the bits and pieces prepared before constructing. Try building it without glue first, just to check that you aren't missing any pieces, and then use plastic model glue to keep each part in place. Although I just said you don't need to color it in before, I felt that the color of the plastic on its own seemed like a toy, so I picked colors I thought would match and did a bit of coloring too.

- Undercoating of the kit, inner wall and chimney: GreenMax SP Black
- Exterior wall: Jades Mugaisha Chiki Frame (Koki/Toki/Hoki) (Red No.3)
- Roof: Jades Suede Dark Grey Sray

To get the weighty atmosphere, and to prevent the walls and roof from being shown through, I used black as an undercoat. The interior wall and the chimney is also the same black. It was hard to pick the color for the outside wall, but the Jades red seemed pretty good, so I chose the Red no.3 for it. The Red No.3 is generally used by the JNR freight trains. And on the roof, I used a suede spray to give it a rough texture. These sprays are nice to use on the roof of old passenger cars, as it will give it a nice feel to it.

On the instruction manual, it says you should attach the windows first... but if you are going to color it in, you better leave it to last so not to get paint on it. Oh btw the windows are made to snap into place, so its can be easily attached. The instruction manual says you should glue the windows to secure it, but it might not need glue, as long as its fits into place.

You might be wondering about the space between the rails, but it fitted nicely onto the TOMIX Fine Track. It seems that it was made to fit the TOMIX multi-rail interval (37mm). This means it may require a bit adjusting to use on a KATO's Unitrack, as the interval is different.

- Locomotive Wooden Garage (Construction kit)

On the other hand, here is the wooden garage for single track. It has diagonal support beams on both sides, it seems calmer compared to the previous brick garage. This one also doesn't have too many pieces, and are of the right color, so it can be constructed without painting it. Incase you want to use it for multiple tracks, you can choose to have a wall at the back or not etc, according to your liking. I made this one to be a dead end by placing the wall at the back, so there is no exit on the other side.

I was a little concerned about the gap where you place the support beams, so I filled it with putty. As I did a rather poor job of it, please don't look too closely at it... Anyway, it said on the instructions to use paint if you pursue realism, so I will paint it (and also hide the putty with it).

- Undercoat: GREENMAX SP-10 Black
- Exterior Wall: GSI Creos Mr. Color 43 Wood Brown
- Roof: Jades Suede Spray Dark Grey

The roof is black, and the wall is light brown, but the wall parts shows through when put to light. So I used black undercoat to prevent it. I also used the Jades spray from the previous kit for the roof also, to give it the rough texture. The exterior wall is supposed to be the color of wood, so I just used wood brown from the Mr. Color series.

To finish, we pop in the windows, which is also a snap on type. It fitted perfectly fine, so I didn't bother gluing it. You might as well use glue though, if you are concerned about it.

With this one and the previous one, you could also go further than this and color the windows, add weathering effects etc. to create an illusion of age etc. A locomotive is mostly steam engine or diesel car, so it might be a cool to try replicating the dirty effect that they would get from all the smoke.

Now, keep in mind that a locomotive kit doesn't come with tools or paint, so you will need to obtain them yourself. Also, the train track and the car in the photos are only for the photography, and will require you to obtain yourself, of course.

Finally, Id like to finish up with an sunset-esque photo. A black steam engine locomotive, along with the cream and orange duotone diesel cars; a scene with a feel of Japan National Railways. Yup, I'm pretty happy with the work I've done.

Anyway, this Kapinozuka's train based blog posts will be the last for the year, I thank all you readers for supporting Hobby Search, and hope to see you all next year too.

By Kapinozuka, who thinks he will go have karaage curry for dinner, as its Christmas.

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