Hands-on with Nendoroid Nagato Yuki Disappearance Ver.!

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Hands-on with Nendoroid Nagato Yuki Disappearance Ver.!
I get the feeling I'm being watched...

Oh look, it's Nagato!
Don't be scared, come on out.


Yuki... smiled...!!!

I think I'm falling in love!

...So, anyways. Hey there everyone, this is Tominon.
Today I'll be playing with the newly released Nendoroid Nagato Yuki Disappearance Ver.!

This is Yuki Nagato of the hit movie The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya!
Compared to the original Nendoroid Yuki from 2007, this one's got a bit more facial expressions.

First, her normal face.
This is the uniform part with her sweater.

And her troubled face.
Change out her hand parts for that scene from the movie!
She's so adorable...!

And finally, her smiling face!

You can make her hold her glasses too.
This set comes with separate glasses for her face and glasses to hold. How generous!

You can enjoy the Yuki of Disappearance to the fullest with this Nendoroid.

Like a shot from the movie! (Photo and editing by Tomeko)

Yuki troubled by Azunyan #2 sleeping on her computer. Too cute!

I gave her the nekomimi from Nendoroid Azusa!
Cat ears and glasses!!!

Yuki enjoying a hot pot to herself.
You can do all kinds of things with glasses.

But this is such a great figure set, to be able to see her in both coat and uniform.
Her coat and scarf are perfect for outdoor shots in this upcoming (current?) winter season.

...Thinking about it made me want to do it, so let's go ahead and take some outdoor shots!

Great evening sunlight shots. It'd be perfect with some snow...

...Photoshop power!

And this coat, perfect for these kinds of shots...

It goes with any Nendoroid!
So I put it on Mugi!
Gah! It's so cute! To think that you can let anyone wear this winter coat...!

Nagato playing with Zero.
The Christmas tree and snowman in the back are from the SCI-FI Revoltech Series No.017 Jack Skellington Santa Ver. set.

The suspicious Santa gave her a suspicious gift.
What's inside is...

A guitar!
A surprisingly normal present from Sandy Claws.
(The guitar is from Azusa, and the left hand is Mugi's.)

So, this is the Nendoroid Nagato Yuki Disappearance Ver., out now!
Nendoroid Suzumiya Haruhi Disappearance Ver. is coming in December, if you want to play with both.

Well then, see you next time.

- Tominon

*** Bonus ***

Exhibit A: Dangerous Outdoor Photoshoot (* 7th story)
I wanted to take a photo with light shining in through the window, but it was impossible given the circumstances.

Don't be afraid to try outdoor photography with figures!
But don't do anything dangerous!
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