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Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel Creamy Mami French Tunic Natural Girls Free (Anime Toy)
Adriana.Salviato : 2018/02/13 3:34:36
Good evening, I am deeply in love with the shirt of Creamy: "Creamy Mami the magic angel, french tunic" that unfortunately you have sold out. Are you planning a restock or do I have more hope? thanks for your attention, see you soon.
Dragon Ball Kai Capsule Corporation Sweatshirt Mix Gray XL (Anime Toy)
Frank : 2018/02/12 16:22:31
I really want this is there any possible way I can get this?
Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel Creamy Mami French Tunic Natural Girls Free (Anime Toy)
Adriana : 2018/02/10 3:01:51
Ciao, sono italiana e vorrei sapere quando sarà ancora disponibile questa t skirt...
Axia Canvas Art Series No.038 High School DxD [Rias Gremory] Original Ver. Part.2 (Anime Toy)
CrimsonArcAngel : 2018/02/08 10:01:10
this looks great but had figured with the price to be @26inx24in or reduced to maybe @18inX22-24in since the use of canvas over Silk. To be as little as only @9inX11in is no more than the size of a sheet of paper and the with way the add looks, the actual picture is actually deceptively much smaller.
Pop Team Epic Anti Sticker Set Anti Popuko Set (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2018/01/30 0:40:03
who would want to get rid of this anime?
Tengen Toppa Gurren lagann Yoko 120cm Big Towel (Anime Toy)
GD : 2018/01/10 7:26:00
So good, huge size and soft to the touch. The image is of nice quality as well with great colour. Makes for a nice piece that can be hung up or used as intended.
TV Animation [Keijo!!!!!!!!] Dakimakura Cover (Anime Toy)
Proctja : 2017/11/16 14:05:00
I had to order this since it is on sale.
Osomatsu-san Ichigeruge Plush Dakimakura (Anime Toy)
Skully : 2017/10/04 13:06:00
Best plush EVER. He is huge and soft. So well-made! I know that this review is late (because I didn't knew you could made it) but this has been one of the best products of Oso san that I had ever.
Your Name. B2 Tapestry Ver.2 Katawaredoki (Anime Toy)
Komo : 2017/07/27 10:00:00
Please re-stock this T_T I really want it!
[Fairy Tail the Movie: Dragon Cry] Bocchi-kun Acrylic Charm Erza (Anime Toy)
Dogan : 2017/06/14 10:17:00
I bought 2 of these and they are better than the description pictures. It is just awesome. Packing was so nice too.
[Attack on Titan] Wooden Strap Design 02 (Mikasa) (Anime Toy)
Dogan : 2017/06/14 10:13:00
I bought this to my friend. And it's so cute and well packaged :)
Shin Godzilla Second Form T-shirt Black M (Anime Toy)
edgar : 2017/06/13 2:12:00
Great Quality and it fits perfectly, very confortable and 100% cotton, the brand tag is a little itchy.
Shin Godzilla Second Form T-shirt Black S (Anime Toy)
edgar : 2017/06/07 11:36:00
great quality print on a 100% Cotton t-shirt.
Fuka Dakimakura Cover Fuka Akitsuki (Anime Toy)
2-3d otaku : 2017/04/16 5:46:00
Not bad, but it really has to be from Seo Kouji to get it right.
Kemono Friends Hashibirokou Blindfold (Anime Toy)
名無し : 2017/04/14 4:08:00
Brave Witches Dakimakura Cover Takami Karibuchi (Anime Toy)
Drangus : 2017/02/15 12:36:00
Woah. She is beautiful.
Gochumon wa Usagi Desu ka? Chino Spoon & Fork Set (Anime Toy)
Mario_ArtaviaCR : 2017/01/26 13:16:00
I love the design on the spoon and fork but unfortunately the printing has been erasing each time I wash it. It wasn't the quality I expected.
Dance with Devils Cushion Badge Rem Kaginuki (Anime Toy)
peony : 2016/11/06 7:59:00
cushion badge how much

can i use debit card to order it
Dance with Devils Cushion Badge Rem Kaginuki (Anime Toy)
peony : 2016/11/06 7:59:00
Cardcaptor Sakura Clow Card Collection Light (Anime Toy)
chinabayou : 2016/10/04 14:16:00
Very nicely designed and sturdy card but, the collection is incomplete. The manufacturer TakaraTomy messed up. Did anyone else get 2 'the freeze' card and is missing 'the shot' card?
Love Live! Sunshine!! Frame (Anime Toy) (Jigsaw Puzzles)
No Name : 2016/09/04 22:07:00
why limited to 1??? :(
Osomatsu-san Ichigeruge Plush Dakimakura (Anime Toy)
Lilly : 2016/07/29 2:37:00
This plush toy is HUGE. He's soft, well-made, and wonderful to hug. It was worth the wait from the April pre-order!
Hatsune Miku Racing ver. 2016 Mouse Pad 3 (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2016/07/07 8:46:00
This is not a mousepad, it's a shitajiki. It's a small 2mm-thick piece of plastic with no padding underneath, and the surface is rough and is uncomfortable to move a mouse around on. I'm quite angry that I was charged $20 in shipping for this. There is no way shipping for such a tiny light item could possibly cost that much. In total, I paid $25 for something I can't use at all. Not a mousepad. Lousy product.
Character Mechanical Pencil Hyperdimension Neptunia High School Vert Ver. (Anime Toy)
Vert's Husband : 2016/04/13 22:53:00
This is going to be the best pencil ever!
Pikuriru! Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow Trading Acrylic Key Ring Vol.2 Set of 6 (Anime Toy)
Drangus : 2016/03/07 1:14:00
Sanya makes the whole set worth ordering.
San-X Series Rilakkuma Egg Kitchen (8 pieces) (Anime Toy)
fah : 2016/02/21 21:47:00
you have product.
Hamatora Ballpoint Pen Art (Anime Toy)
ThatAwesomeNerd : 2016/02/14 14:26:00
I was wondering when this would be stocked again I really would love this!!
Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] Wristwatch (A) Archer (Anime Toy)
gurakshun : 2016/01/29 4:08:00
beautiful watch that can be used for formal/classy wear while still carrying several designs reminiscent of Archer (red strap, swords for hour marks, gears for the miniclocks, and finally the "unlimited blade works" inscription itself).
Non Non Biyori Repeat Koshigaya Komari Smooth Dakimakura Cover (Anime Toy)
Dai Loli : 2016/01/22 12:57:00
It is so damn soft and huggable, you guys.
Best dakimakura cover I ever got.
Himoto! Umaru-chan Clear Desk Mat (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2016/01/22 6:54:00
2 months and nothing :/

2016 Character Calendar Hyperdimension Neptunia Wall Type (Anime Toy)
Nickname : 2015/12/06 22:30:00
I hate this calendar. Too much Neptune and not enough of other characters.
Syroh CALENDAR 2016 (Anime Toy)
nuri : 2015/11/29 4:19:45
anyone looking to buy these type of calendars... HS just charged me EMS for it bringing it over 4,000 yen. weird because i bought these types of calendars before in SAL :/ cat girls....
Tales of Zestiria Big Cleaner Mikleo (Anime Toy)
papermonkey : 2015/11/24 21:13:30
@me: most of these cleaners are screen cleaners for tablets/smartphones etc., so i guess this is just a big screen cleaner?
Tales of Zestiria Big Cleaner Mikleo (Anime Toy)
me : 2015/11/21 10:33:53
literallt what is a big cleaner i cant figure it out
Rumic Collection 2nd SEASON Clear File (A) Uru-Sei-Yatsura (Anime Toy)
G : 2015/11/05 6:06:07
Whoa, Lum stuff. WHAT YEAR IS IT?!
Chaos Dragon Red Dragon B3 Tapestry Ulrika (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2015/10/29 23:24:20
It's a shame that such an amazing body has to go to waste.

B3 is way too small for this particular tapestry, btw
My Melody Winter Vacation 8 pieces (Shokugan)
My Melody : 2015/09/19 10:25:31
This is My Melody Winter Vacation 8 pieces (Shokugan) set
Sakura Trick T-shirt Natural L (Anime Toy)
BoltBandicoot : 2015/09/02 6:38:16
Cloth quality is reliable;
After research i found that the design was created by the manga creator himself "Tachi", hence why the characters on the shirt are more similar to the books than the anime.
I thought some details would disappear while washing(I was wrong)-The guys at "Cospa" really know what they're doing.
I paid EMS shipping and the total got around 34 & something Euros(fair price for something that's top quality and came from Japan to Portugal).It arrived in 1 week and a half!
Kirby`s Dream Land Wind Bell Balloon (Anime Toy)
G : 2015/08/07 12:44:53
So sad this was cancelled
Kirby`s Dream Land Wind Bell Balloon (Anime Toy)
Hestia : 2015/07/24 12:48:15
My order was cancelled even though I pre-ordered MONTHS ago. This happen to anyone else?
[Kill la Kill] Dakimakura Cover [Ryuko & Satsuki] (Anime Toy)
ohwell : 2015/07/23 4:07:09
Tiny? If anything Ryuko's chest and Satsuki's bottom are bigger than normal.
And their expressions are perfect for the characters they are-- Ryuko is shy and Satsuki is ready to retaliate. It's not like them to be seductive because they're better at being awesome. My only gripe is that they're sharing one pillow case. I would've rather just had Ryuko.
Hatsune Miku Ballpoint Pen (Anime Toy)
Tokiko : 2015/06/11 19:05:08
I have been using this item for about there weeks now, in that three week half of the colouration has come off of the pen. I have not been using it other than to do college work, i am appalled at this pen as i paid a lot of money for it because of the character and design of the pen. Yes the pen writes well, but what good is that if you are only buying it to show it off while writing?
High School DxD New Rias Gremory Solid Cushion (Anime Toy)
Yes!!! : 2015/05/15 12:11:53
I have waited so long for this to re-release!!!!
Kagerou Project Clear File Summer Time Record TYPE 8 (Anime Toy)
no name : 2015/05/10 14:54:33
Just thinking maybe it is the effect they want to achieve? a blurry effect?
BlazBlue Necklace Rachel (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2015/05/06 18:37:35
Can You Reserve This Necklace Again ? PLz
Kagerou Project Clear File Summer Time Record TYPE 8 (Anime Toy)
no name : 2015/05/05 19:49:45
I just got this item today and omg, the printing is so bad, everything is so blurry that it hurts my eyes... very disappointing...
Remon Bin Character Holder Seraph of the end 02.Hyakuya Mikaela (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2015/05/01 12:54:50
Cardcaptor Sakura Perfect Reprint Edition Clow Card Set Design by CLAMP (Anime Toy)
No+Name : 2015/04/30 18:36:39
seriously, i ended up spending twice as much to get a copy of this cause it ran out too quickly!!! it is well worth it though, love the quality! Highly recommended if you are Cardcaptor fans!
Dragon Ball Kai Vegeta Battle Jacket Free (Anime Toy)
vegeta : 2015/04/26 19:31:31
i am the prince of saiyan
Dragon Ball Kai Frieza Costume Set Free (Anime Toy)
fan of golden frieza : 2015/04/26 19:29:55
is the costume of frieza golden version is available???
i want it so much , it is fucking cool!!!
Nisekoi Dakimakura Cover Onodera Kosaki (Anime Toy)
No+Name : 2015/04/02 15:47:21
Why.... why did I missed this??? Restock pleeeaaseee..... TT___TT
Absolute Duo Cleaner Strap with Charm Tsukumo Sakuya (Anime Toy)
Prinny : 2015/03/31 21:56:07
Super great XD the charm meh thoe with the crap backing on it how it spin abit sadly. but the perfect.
Amagi Brilliant Park Mobile Strap Sento Isuzu (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2015/03/28 5:06:22
Good size cloth strap. Very brightly colored, more so than the product picture.

Print quality is slightly questionable, perhaps parts of the design are too detailed for the cloth weave?

Also, there is no design on the inside, plain white, but this is not uncommon.
YuruYuri Nachuyachumi! Mobile Strap & Cleaner Omuro Sakurako (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2015/03/28 4:49:23
Please note, this strap is made of plastic, not cloth. The design is good, but the feel is bad, especially the edges. I would not recommend to casual buyers.
Hatsune Miku V3 Strap ver.2.0 (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2015/03/28 4:45:32
Good size and quality cloth strap. Print quality is good.
K-on! the Movie HTT Akiyama Mio Shoulder Tote Bag Black (Anime Toy)
Nazmi : 2015/03/11 15:50:16
what is wrong with the spelling of my idol name??
Super Danganronpa 2 Pos x Pos Collection 8 pieces (Anime Toy)
Fan : 2015/03/06 2:05:17
Please get these back in stock soon!!
Kantai Collection Yamato Hooded Windbreaker Black x Red XL (Anime Toy)
xxadamxxsmithxx : 2015/03/04 20:04:45
Wtf this can't be right, 61cm width? tahts a 24inch waist, how could ANYONE fit into that???
Kantai Collection Sitting Plush Tenryu (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2015/02/20 0:04:55
I love the one I bought so much a came back and bought another one. Now I have one for work and home!
DRAMAtical Murder Ballpoint B (Kojaku) (Anime Toy)
Truki : 2015/02/16 13:01:35
I needdddd :(
Kantai Collection Sitting Plush Tenryu (Anime Toy)
KancolleCollector : 2015/02/11 1:33:37
It's a shame her character's design wasn't given to a better ship.
Maybe then she'd be more popular among Kantai fans-- she probably would've had better stats in the game too. Sadly the real Tenryu cost Japan a ton of money just to be sunk almost instantly. That's why Tenryu is depicted as a tough girl with a very shy side; her real world counterpart was all bark, no bite...
Kantai Collection Sitting Plush Tenryu (Anime Toy)
ShowTenryuuLove : 2015/02/10 9:26:00
Just got mine and it's super cute!
The detail is top notch and her bottom is a heavy beanbag that way she can sit anywhere.
Though I do agree with the comment above-- she needs a Figma. Even though she has a decent-sized fanbase she has almost nothing in the way of merchandise. I understand the history behind the ship she's based on (and that she has low stats) but c'mon Japan, she's adorable!
Sora no Method Noel Smooth Dakimakura Cover (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2015/01/31 7:12:45
Oh... uh... wow...
Not sure how I feel about this one.
Cardcaptor Sakura Slide Mirror Key to the star (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2015/01/14 10:27:38
so cute !!
Attack on Titan Survey Corps Hooded Windbreaker Black x White S (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2015/01/07 5:59:04
Just received today, and it's really an Awesome jacket! A windbreaker as advertised.
Comfortable and light-weight. I am stylin' as I represent the Survey Corps from my favorite anime Attack On Titan!!

Fits great! Would recommend!
Tenshin Ranman Happy Go Lucky!! Cotton Blanket A (Unohananosakuyahime & Sana) (Anime Toy)
Shabalaba : 2014/12/27 18:16:42
I don't know why, but this towel is always dirty...
Black Lagoon Levi Full Graphic T-Shirt White L (Anime Toy)
Mr. EFGH : 2014/12/21 21:14:25
More Revy, yessssss. Now if only Alter lines up a re-release ...
Black Lagoon Cowgirl Revy Full Graphic T-Shirt White L (Anime Toy)
ABCD : 2014/11/30 5:37:01
Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Kuroneko Graphic Hooded Windbreaker Black x Red XL (Anime Toy)
Akemi : 2014/11/21 4:36:50
This product is useless if you plan to wear it when its cool, cold, or even drizzling outside. Even when I have mine zipped up, water gets in, be it a heavy downpour or light rain. This is only useful as something to look at or wear for fun, NOT as an alternative to a good windbreaker.
Freezing Vibration Secret Mouse Pad Satellizer el Bridget (Anime Toy)
Justin : 2014/11/14 13:08:37
I was curious to when they would be bringing more in.
Federation ID Card Strap (Anime Toy)
GiLar : 2014/10/29 2:21:10
Masalah adalah teka-teki
Dengeki Bunko FC Misaka Mikoto Full Graphic T-shirt White XL (Anime Toy)
Cosmoman : 2014/10/28 10:10:40
This is NOT Kirino... This is totally MISAKA MIKOTO :(
Kantai Collection Sitting Plush Tenryu (Anime Toy)
Tomboys4Ever : 2014/10/23 23:37:53
Finally! A real Tenryuu collectable!
Now I just need a figma!
Walkure Romanze Deka Key Ring Celia (Anime Toy)
Ifob8 : 2014/10/14 12:33:46
The thing is very beautyful, but made out of plastic, and the paint can be scratched out
Walkure Romanze Celia Buttocks Mouse Pad (Anime Toy)
Ifob8 : 2014/10/14 12:30:55
I find her between leg not visible enough.
[Kill la Kill] Dakimakura Cover [Ryuko & Satsuki] (Anime Toy)
TiredofYouAll : 2014/10/07 7:55:05
Why are the comments never positive?
People always have a gripe even if something is nice.
PROPLICA Dominator (Anime Toy)
Ten : 2014/10/03 8:17:10
This gun is so cool in Psycho-Pass... it'd be awesome if it really existed. *___*
[Kamigami no Asobi] Full Color Pen Case [Apollon Agana Berea] (Anime Toy)
Chryss : 2014/08/29 5:30:06
Came in time and the package was in perfect condition (had a package come in slightly damaged but product was not harmed.) And I LOVE the illustration, it pops and looks high quality especially the material and zipper. Another best buy!!!
Attack on Titan Super-Hard Blade Type Cover Survey Corps ver. (for iPhone 5/5S) (Anime Toy)
Wan Muhd Haiqal : 2014/08/28 11:10:18
i like this attack of titan super hard blade it the best i won saw whe bul this attack of titan super hard blade
[Kamigami no Asobi] Can Mirror [Totsuka Takeru] (Anime Toy)
CanMirror Badge : 2014/08/20 6:49:04
I thought I was buying a button, but I never really looked that into the name of the product. What I got was way better than I expected!!! Shipping was slightly slow, and the package came pretty beaten up, but the Mirror was safely snugged within a lot of wrapping paper. It is such a beautiful and high quality mirror, especially the Chibi Takeru on the back!! A very successful buy!
Hatsune Miku Racing ver.2014 Team Mirai Folding Umbrella (Anime Toy)
Cosmoman : 2014/08/19 21:37:30
9,000 yen for an UMBRELLA?? That's ridiculously overpriced :( I'd buy it for at least 3,000 yen
Takumi Makura Fantasy Character Series Astaroth Dakimakura Cover (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2014/08/06 2:42:02
Long live REAL XXIII!
[Kill la Kill] Dakimakura Cover [Ryuko & Satsuki] (Anime Toy)
TrollSama : 2014/08/05 19:57:15
I was sure I'd be buying a KILL la KILL dakimakura but what is this?
The design is AWFUL, none of the characters look sexy or even nice!
And what is with both of them having to share a dakimakura?!
Highly disappointed!
Angel Beats! Full Print High Grade T-shirt A (Kanade) (Anime Toy)
Akemi : 2014/08/05 2:52:11
I loved the shirt! The quality is excellent! It was worth the money and I plan to buy more shirts from Toys Company if they are as excellent as this shirt was.
[Kill la Kill] Rubber Strap Collection 8 pieces (Anime Toy)
Kill Love Kill : 2014/07/25 0:26:31
Heck yeah! Restock!
So glad I got another chance!
[Kamigami no Asobi] Slim Tapestry [Anubis Ma`at] (Anime Toy)
Chryss : 2014/07/15 5:36:33
I bought the Anubis tapestry and It arrived perhaps a day over 2 weeks, which is good for
SAL Shipping. It arrived neatly packaged and wrapped to prevent any damage to the tapestry. I gave a picture indicating how small it is by comparing it to my freezer door handle. The cloth material is extremely smooth and the image is completely high quality. I will definitely buy the other gods some time! The service was prompt and amazing by the way~
Super Pochaco Mounded Mouse Pad (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2014/07/10 23:23:05
That is just shameless. :O Are those bananas actually excreting cream on her??
Witch Craft Works Metal Art Bookmark KMM (Anime Toy)
ImagineBreaker : 2014/07/04 8:31:10
I did not notice this but is not the KMM conformed for 5 girls?
Black*Rock Shooter BRS Jeans 32 inch (Anime Toy)
AL : 2014/06/26 11:15:12
Got a 32inch, and it is very stiff when new. These are nnot pre-washed, and it shrunk so much after wash that it is no longer wearable.

Of course no refund or exchange.

Highly NOT RECOMMENDED if you plan to actually wear it
Sengoku Basara 4 Plush Date Masamne (Anime Toy)
http418 : 2014/06/15 7:47:37
Came in today, EMS shipping brought him in four days, so that was great! No damages as far as I can tell, and his helmet stays on well. The materials are of satisfactory quality, I'm no expert when it comes to fabrics, but I believe the ones used are of a higher quality. Mine balances quite well when left sitting and not leaning up against a wall or other solid structure. He is locked into that sitting position though, so if that's not what you like, you probably shouldn't invest.
Sengoku Basara 4 Plush Date Masamne (Anime Toy)
s1257 : 2014/06/11 14:58:41
So cute
PROPLICA Moon Stick (Anime Toy)
shimapanda : 2014/06/01 15:11:32
Almost 100 bucks !!??, this better actually turn me into sailor moon, boobs and stuff, or else ....
Hyperdimension Neptunia Dakimakura Cover #3 Noire/Black Heart (Anime Toy)
Nickname : 2014/05/27 12:46:01
I hope Sol International releases a dakimakura cover of all the goddesses!
Kiniro Mosaic Alice`s No! T-Shirt Black XL (Anime Toy)
No+Name : 2014/05/05 4:52:12
So very, very cute! I need to watch this anime!
Sakura Trick Dry T-Shirt Haruka XL (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2014/05/05 4:28:01
So cute!
High School DxD New Clear Poster A (Anime Toy)
gonido : 2014/03/13 17:40:55
When the third season will be presented
Bath Time Collection: Akagi (Anime Toy)
Jay : 2014/03/10 4:09:24
Nutella floating
Hyperdimension Neptunia Ballpoint Pen Vert (Anime Toy)
HDN_Vert_Lover : 2014/02/28 19:50:20
Does it use green ink? lol
BlazBlue Dakimakura Cover Noel Vermilion (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2014/02/25 12:12:09
>not armpit
[Kill la Kill] A3 Cloth Desk Mat (Anime Toy)
billy : 2014/02/22 9:24:49
this will look very nice
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