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Truss Set Silver (Display)
Kirito-kun : 2018/03/24 11:25:57
this is best for 1/12 figures, so it may look a little thin for the 1/6 dolls.
The width is about 14mm, so if you are fine with that then you just need to get a few copies to have enough parts to build the size you need.
Truss Set Silver (Display)
cat : 2018/03/24 5:26:16
Can anyone say what SCALE or size doll/figure this set would work with? I'd like it to work with a 1/6 scale doll (about 11") but I think it may be too small...
New Fando 350g (Material)
HardCandy : 2017/08/18 20:41:00
The best material for creating GK=)
Ultimate Joint Series Mechanical Hand 100 Angled Dark Gray (Material)
L : 2017/08/14 7:46:00
The connection part is too weak
Gigantic Arms 04 Armed Breaker (Material)
zomg : 2017/06/14 11:16:00
Kinda expensive. If wheels are not functional it doesn't worth that price.
Heavy Weapon Unit MH17 Revolving Buster Cannon (Material)
generator : 2016/11/24 17:24:00
Is the old generator worth it?
Weapon Unit MW31 Assault Rifle (Material)
papermonkeydishwashe : 2016/02/17 20:16:00
the robot in the picture is the "Frame Architect Type-001" and its included in all the Frame Arms kits
Weapon Unit MW31 Assault Rifle (Material)
Compact_droid : 2016/02/15 23:40:00
Need info: what is the name of the unit that holds the weapon? And is it also for sale? Thanks in advance.
Multi Stand Large (Clear) (Fashion Doll)
JC : 2016/01/18 8:46:00
I bought one in July 2014 for a TokyoDoll. Since then I have been disappointed by its poor stability. After nearly dropping the TokyoDoll several times, I gave up to use it. It is not suitable for a TokyoDoll 1.6 Kg, it lacks rigidity.
Action Base 1 Black (Display)
Gomaro : 2015/11/26 1:07:01
thanks for the info mate :)
Action Base 3 (Display)
KC : 2015/01/07 7:50:03
This is a good solid base that is easy to build. I also like how you can put in a picture at the bottom and put the clear plastic sheet over it. However it does lack versatility that the default bases provide(less adjustment options). But it is a good base for more than just Gunpla.
Action Base 1 Sparkle Clear Green (Display)
No Name : 2014/02/12 16:11:18
ok so i can only order 1 per household but the unicorn version it says a can order six.
Miniature Plate (White Heart/87mm) (Material)
tira : 2013/06/29 6:35:06
The plate is really adorable and great for displaying my deco pieces~
Miniature Saucer (White Heart/70mm) (Material)
tira : 2013/06/29 6:33:37
Very cute and small~ Great for displaying my deco pieces!!
[Miniatuart] Limited Edition `Spirited Away` Aburaya (Unassembled Kit) (Model Train)
bigbeard : 2012/12/22 0:05:29
My kit is paid for but not yet received in the USA, so I am only replying to LaFisk. The insane detail shown in the photos and the fact that it is a limited edition justified the price to me, but I am more of a Miyazaki collector than an N-scale operator, and this happens to be in N scale. I wonder if any buyers will use it as a starting point to enlarge each piece digitally, to increase the scale, to match other figures from the movie.
DioTown (N)Automobile : Hino Town Bus `Poncho` 1 (2pcs.) (Model Train)
JosJapan : 2012/10/13 4:23:45
Nice citybus seen everywhere in Japan. Foto Yozu Bruinsma.
DioTown (N)Automobile : Hino Town Bus `Poncho` 2 (2pcs.) (Model Train)
JosJapan : 2012/10/13 4:14:18
Seen in many towns in Japan. Foto Yozu Bruinsma.
DioTown (N)Automobile : Toyota Hiace Super Long 2 (Kindergarten Bus etc.) (4pcs.) (Model Train)
JosJapan : 2012/10/13 4:09:55
Yamagate 13032012. Greeting from Holland. Foto Yozu Bruinsma.
[Miniatuart] Limited Edition `Spirited Away` Aburaya (Unassembled Kit) (Model Train)
LaFisk : 2012/10/05 22:42:03
The detail of this model is absolutely amazing! But clocking in at $735 for a N scale model not even 16 inches tall is insane.
Every other limited Miniatureart N scale Model is less than $75 and reasonably affordable.
But the price on this model puts in out of the ball park for the average buyer and into the
arena of the vastly wealthy or insanely devoted!
Action Base 1 Black (Display)
natsu67801 : 2012/04/10 11:49:50
Go with the clear one...all of my black AB 1s are really loose, but the clear ones are stable (I built them the exact same way)
Multilevel parking structure (Ivory) (Painted Assembly Kit ) (Model Train)
No Name : 2011/12/16 16:38:06
Superb model, very high quality and fitted together perfectly, glued all autos inside and also people, Easy company to deal with and quick delivery.Thanks.
D Eves , Perth, West Australia.
Multilevel parking structure (Ivory) (Painted Assembly Kit ) (Model Train)
fiskiv : 2011/08/14 6:48:09
Fantastic model, much higher quality than I expected, takes up large hunk of realestate but well worth the sacrafice, fits in with Unitram V50 kits perfectly. Definetly a focal point of my layout. Keep left side unglued to acess autos, snaps snugly into place.
Thanks H.S. for making purchasing Japanese N scale here in USA a breeze.
T Case (DL) Stage Basic Black (Display)
No Name : 2011/07/03 7:38:10
Great display case, can easily fit 2 12cm figures inside, back panel can be a bit wobbly making reassembly a bit tricky. The lid of the case can connect to the bottom of the case, making it easy to stack 2 or more of these cases stabilly.
[Miniatuart] Limited Edition `My Neighbor Totoro` Satsuki & Mays House (Unassembled Kit) (Model Train)
bigbeard : 2011/05/14 0:43:35
The Instructions are illustrated well enough that I feel I will have nottrouble building this kit. This is the first of who knows how many Ghibli buildings, with Kiki's delivery service also available. The detail of the laser-cut parts is exquisite where it needs to be, they have even partially cut some lines where that is effective for texture, like the shingled roof. My vote is 5 for all aspects of this fantasy-themed building. (and the Kiki building too)
Weapon Unit MW14 Samurai Sword 2 (Material)
No Name : 2011/04/20 4:07:17
what scales can hold this >.>
[ BD-01 R ] Climbing Crane Small (Red) (Model Train)
cteno4 : 2011/03/17 4:28:24
Note that each of these contains parts for 2 crane kits!
Spa Diorama Base Only (A) - The Scene of Hot Spring Street Vol.1 - (Model Train)
bigbeard : 2011/02/12 0:23:52
Using this base with the intended three other Visual Scene Items allows a modeler to discard the bases included with those items. If it is not clear from the photos, 11 figures (one is of an adult with a child) are included. The bracing part below the bridge was tricky to place exactly right, and the hilly section of red fencing interfered with the ground when it was installed via the end pegs.
Action Base 1 Unicorn Gundam Ver. (Display)
UNICORN : 2010/12/17 13:28:42
o nvm i saw the picture it says it could
Action Base 1 Unicorn Gundam Ver. (Display)
UNICORN : 2010/12/17 13:27:20
does this work for 1/144 too? like comes with a 1/144 butt plug?
RS-380PH Motor (Motor)
dcm_Marecheq : 2010/08/19 3:47:14
I'm using it with 1:10 scale buggy. Works fine despite the fact that this type of engine is a little too small for 1:10 scale models. I bought the engine as "Graupner Speed 400" but there were manufacturer's markings under the sticker.
Nice try Graupner ;-)
Multi-unit apartments (Ivory) 2 Building Set (Painted Assembly Kit ) (Model Train)
blackwood222 : 2010/03/29 16:55:53
An excellent kit for portraying high density urban living on the model railway. Ensure to
get several of these, build them, and place them very close together along narrow
streets. I mix this kit with apartments made by Greenmax #44 for variety also from
Hobbysearch. hey all need 'weathering' to look real as they are to clean in the box.
The Building Collection 036 Fire Department (Model Train)
JosJapan : 2010/01/21 9:00:00
Superstructure from Japan. Greeting from the Netherlands.
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