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Kawasaki Ninja H2R (Model Car)
Minibike : 2017/11/08 20:33:00
Tough build but had lot's of fun with building.
Mercedes AMG GT3 (Model Car)
tengel : 2017/10/29 23:52:00
Great Kit - tamiya qualitiy as usual.
Porsche 911 Turbo (Model Car)
Pain 1917 : 2017/08/11 8:13:00
This is one of the most beutiful Porsche models. Accurate and proportions of the body and chassis are realy nice. interior is a nice rendering of the car door panels seats, dash board and steering wheels. the weakest parts of this car resides in wheels and tires. Although a good paint job can bring the to life, tires are generic and they are not even closer to the actual ones. Turbo cars have big wheels at front but bigger wheels at rear with possitive offset.
Kawasaki Z1-R w/Custom Parts (Model Car)
Pain 1917 : 2017/07/29 4:55:00
I am really disappointed with this product. AOSHIMA actually disrespect those that are buying their products. The model is not even close to the picture of the motorcycle in the box: Major disapointments:
Three arm wheels instead of the seven arm that appear in the actual motorcycle.
the turn signal lamps are not the square box type used in the actual vehicle
The tail lamp is not even close to match the shape of the actual vehicle. This is unfair
Lamborghini Countach LP400 (Model Car)
tiara : 2017/06/02 21:26:00
can i have the assembly manual?
312T4 Full Sponsor (Decal)
Anonymous : 2017/05/26 7:50:00
Releleased print is not cartograf. Printed by japan.
Etching Grade Up Parts for Audi Quattro Rally (Model Car)
Anonymous : 2017/05/17 15:49:00
Re-release, please.
BT52B Italinan, European & South African GP (Metal/Resin kit)
bmwracer : 2017/05/06 3:11:00
Pricey, but awesome, super-detailed kit.
1/24 Racing Series BMW M6 GT3 2016 Total 24 Hours of Spa Winner (Model Car)
bmwracer : 2017/05/06 3:08:00
Looks like the model has no engine... Ugh.
FD3S RX-7 Project-D (Takahashi Keisuke) (Model Car)
SubaruAU : 2017/03/03 22:49:00
Kit takes a lot of work to look good. Fitment of bumpers is bad. Body onto Base also has bad fitment at the front. Difficult to carbon fiber decal the hood as it is part of the body.
Yamaha XV1600 Roadstar (Model Car)
Dong : 2017/02/27 8:39:00
Too many chrome parts. Others are all good.
Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SV (Model Car)
Coby : 2017/02/06 1:39:00
Overall the kit is pretty good. One small concern is the instructions call for the interior color Ph[b]. This is not clarified anywhere. Ph[a] is clarified on step 1 but Ph[b] is nowhere to be found. also Ph[32] is not on the list of paints needed or clarified as a mix on any steps. However, alittle research was done and i found that the color Ph[32] = field gray.
Toyota ZN6 TOYOTA86 `16 (Model Car)
Zam : 2017/01/20 8:48:00
I have a question, is the 3D model coming with the car? thank you
Ferrari F40LM (Model Car)
DKLC : 2017/01/18 7:59:00
Very disappointing kit! Basically, the kit is a F40 (street version) not F40 LM, the dimension of the body shell is wrong, the interior and engine are both F40 street version layout. Some parts don't fit well.
La Ferrari (Model Car)
Eric : 2017/01/08 0:31:00
This is an exceptional kit with lots of pieces (149) making it easy to paint in great depth. I goes together perfectly and has some of the most detailed moulds out there. I took this one in a totally different direction using candy lime green and brilliant orange vs red or black. I call it "Shock Factor"
Lamborghini Countach 5000QV `88 (Model Car)
Dong : 2016/12/31 17:45:00
A Lot of sanding. Door open should have better joints.
TW-12 19inch Sportec Mono 10 Wheel (Model Car)
Kiryl Ahaponka : 2016/12/26 14:59:00
Volk Racing CE28N (Titanium Silver) (Accessory)
Kiryl Ahaponka : 2016/12/25 14:55:00
Belkits No.5 Volkswagen Polo R WRC (Model Car)
hllun : 2016/11/27 22:06:00
Perfect model kit...
Nissan GT-R (Model Car)
Dong : 2016/11/12 7:01:00
Very good kit! You can refer to real car for painting, which will make your work better.
Unimog U1300L Rallye `Limited Production` (Model Car)
Unimog : 2016/11/12 0:56:00
Big package. Multilingual instructions. Marking and painting guides for 2 versions of the 1985 racer. Clear parts in a separate bag and the rest in the same bag. Bit of flash, minor mold lines and ejector pin marks. 4 rubber tires. Full engine and drive train. Full interior. Opening doors. I added PE windshield wipers, seatbelt buckles and pedals, and Baremetal on Benz emblems, offroad light housings and rearview mirrors.
Ferrari F310B (Model Car)
No Name : 2016/11/10 19:51:00
Combiner avec commande 16.1108.2011
Alfa Romeo GTA (Model Car)
Murphy : 2016/11/07 10:37:00
Pennzoil Nismo GT-R (R34) (Model Car)
Murphy : 2016/11/07 10:35:00
Theodore Racing Wolf WR3 (Model Car)
glauco : 2016/11/01 11:40:00
what Are the Shipping Costs
for the " " item, japan to Germany?wolf 1/20
Bugatti 35 (Metal/Resin kit)
CJ : 2016/10/04 5:18:00
I have some items you might be interested in. Your files will not load my pictures. And my descriptions exceed your word limitations. If you're interested please contact by e-mail silverback2978@yahoo.com. Thank you.
Lamborghini Miura P400 SV `Chassis No.4846 Full Restoration` (Model Car)
DKLC : 2016/09/05 21:01:00
Just repack old parts in a new box, not 100% same as in chassis 4846.
Porsche 911 GT3 (Model Car)
Dong : 2016/08/30 20:36:00
Agree, chassis paint is not easy (especially the 2 black pipes). The others are very good! I like Tamiya Kits
Ford GT40 Mk.II Chassis Number GT40P-1032 (Model Car)
Johny : 2016/08/17 16:14:00
It is very good car a get a lot of information from vin-location.com
BNR34 Skyline GT-R V-specII (Model Car)
Dong : 2016/08/11 9:34:00
Nissan officially certified. I have to say this one is better than Tamiya, and also cheaper. Only 2 things I want to point out: 1, what a pain to paint such a small GT-R logo. 2, Chrome plate quality is not so good, I have to remove it from the brake discs.
Mazda RX-7 R1 (Model Car)
Dong : 2016/07/27 9:51:00
Very good kit, very accurate. Only thing I don't like is that the steering arm is too weak (too thin), You may be break it if you use too much force when you fit the wheels. Pitty, I didn't wax my finished one, but it looks all good.
Renault RE-20 Turbo w/Photo-Etched Parts (Model Car)
none : 2016/07/22 0:36:00
decal is not cartograf. printed in tamiya.
1/24 Ramen Restaurant (Model Car)
Brian : 2016/07/20 16:42:00
Lot of holes and sink marks
Lots of flash
Huge bump on driver's seat.
Clear parts are rough with mold lines.
Fitting issues
Parts remain unused for the kit. (50%)
No little chef figure that came with the other kits.
No plastic injected bowl of ramen included. (Star Kebab kit came with shawarma meat spit.) The bowl of ramen is advertised on the box art

The decals are amazing.

Simple and cute kit. Recommended for fun.
Cushman Plymouth Duster 1976 (Model Car)
Pain1917 : 2016/05/28 7:24:00
This is regular model coming from an old mold from mid 70´s. Then a lot of job removing flashes is required. Despite of that fact, it is feasible to get a nice rendering of a race car chassis, interior, engine and whole car. This relaubched model come with a nice booklet showing pictures of the actual car. Wheels are too small to fit on the Goodyear blue streak racing tires and have a wrong patern. actual tires had holes and not the five slots.Efforts allow to get a nice model.
Jaguar XJR-8LM (Le Mans Type) (Model Car)
DKLC : 2016/05/23 7:57:00
This is not a brand new model kit, very simple so not much fun to build. The purple color on the decal sheet is too dark totally deviated from the real (even with the box art), this is a big turn down of the kit!
Mercedes CLK-GTR (Model Car)
No Name : 2016/05/07 7:22:00
Very easy to build & fun kit. Multilingual instructions. Waterslide decals. Simplicity = opportunity for customization. I changed the color scheme, & added DIY PE hood grill & side vents, PE wheel pins, brake discs & windshield wiper & Baremetal.
Morris Mini Cooper Racing (Model Car)
No Name : 2016/04/21 4:13:00
i built the street version of this kit
Honda S600 (Model Car)
No Name : 2016/04/21 4:08:00
Belkits No.1 Peugeot 207 S2000 (Model Car)
No Name : 2016/04/04 15:28:00
Part quality was no match for Tamiya & Hasegawa which makes WRC kits. Photo-etching was perfect. Seatbelts are high quality & required glue. Average fit. Missing 3 antennas. No rearview mirrors, but I used Baremetal. The chassis is quite weighted, compared to any 1/24 ones. Very time-consuming, but fun build.
Belkits No.1 Peugeot 207 S2000 (Model Car)
No Name : 2016/04/04 15:19:00
The Belkits was the most complete & complicated race car kit I've ever built. Kit molded in white, clear & black. No chrome-plated headlights & taillights, but I used Baremetal. Official decals. Bundled 6-point seatbelts & tire belt. The tire harness required optional metal rods. 2 PE parts sheets. Instructions were vague. Exhaust pipe required putty & CA. I applied gold & gray carbon fiber decals on dash, seats, door panels & footrest.
Fujiwara Takumi AE86TRUENO (Model Car)
parker : 2016/03/29 16:22:00
Pretty cool. But the instructions show that it has a motor??? Were the hell is my motor?
Audi A4 DTM`09 [T.Scheider] (Model Car)
No Name : 2016/03/21 11:18:00
However, the Audi A4 DTM looks much better than the AMG DTM. The chrome plating was easily rubbed off. The bodywork took a primer, sanding, flat black, sanding, glossy coat, polishing, decals, softener & flat coat. Various metallic colors on the interior & drive train. 2 to 3 times the work of a good car kit, but definitely worth the effort.
Audi A4 DTM`09 [T.Scheider] (Model Car)
No Name : 2016/03/21 11:10:00
The AMG Mercedes C-Class DTM 2009 kit was way better than this. Bad fit. Flash & mold lines. Lot of puttying & sanding. Multilingual instructions. Quality pre-cut decals. Step 42 is unclear. The firewall must sit flush with body or the body won't close. I did Baremetal, custom seatbelt, carbon fiber decals, PE windshield wiper & DIY PE front grill.
Honda Civic Type R (Model Car)
No Name : 2016/03/10 6:45:00
wheels are too small. this is not a well balanced kit
NAC Ghost in the shell ARISE DR Porsche (Porsche 911 GT3R) (Model Car)
Porsche 911 GT3R : 2016/03/08 14:55:00
The kit is awesome. Only missing front wing flaps. Instead of painting the front wing, window frames & side skirts, I applied carbon fiber decals on them. Instead of the 4 chrome-plated hood pins, brake roters & windshield wiper, I used photo-etched ones (ebay). Also, I added a 6-point PE seatbelt + matching decals.
Integra Type-R `95 (Model Car)
No Name : 2016/03/01 0:21:00
This is a kit very simple
Ferrari 250 GTO (Model Car)
No Name : 2016/02/29 23:14:00
in my opinion this is not a good kit compared with tamiya. This Is my first Revell kit. doors, boot and bonnet opens
Lancia 037 (1984 Tour De Corse Rally Winner) (Model Car)
Lancia 037 : 2016/02/29 14:48:00
More photos.
Lancia 037 (1984 Tour De Corse Rally Winner) (Model Car)
Lancia 037 : 2016/02/29 14:47:00
The visual aesthetics of this cheap & simple kit are fantastic. Quality parts in white, black & clear. Accurate decals. Rub-on tire markings. Metal antenna. Soft rear mud flaps. 2 sets of driver decals. You want #1 Markku Alén & Ilkka Kivimäki who won the rally. Full engine. The only gripe is the missing foot pedals which I scratch-built. Add some PE hood pins, wires/hoses & screws.
Honda S2000 Type V (Model Car)
No Name : 2016/02/29 3:25:00
Honda Civic Type R (Model Car)
hector : 2016/02/20 23:40:00
wheels are too small
Yamaha YZF750 Tech21 Racing Team 1987 Suzuka 8-hours Endurance Race (Model Car)
YZF750 : 2016/02/20 10:15:00
Out of the box, the kit is meticulously detailed to the point that even the brake discs holes were factory-drilled. Parts in gray, white, black & clear. Black & clear pipings. Some parts too fragile. Minor mold lines. Tension spring for rear suspension. No screws, nuts & bolts, but a few brass rods for the wheel axises & swing arm (rear fork). Waterslide decals too easy to break. Multi-langual instructions. Good packaging. No part trees scratching against each other.
Evangelion RT No.01 Apple MP4-12C (MP4-12C GT3) (Model Car)
No Name : 2016/02/13 12:39:00
As mentioned previously, I bought Crazy Modeler's seatbelt kit. Backside is adhesive. I used the bundled Fujimi photo etched buckles & their instructions. You'd need a magnifier & 2 pairs of tweezers. The seat can slide out of the roll cage & in after seatbelt install, then glued back on.
Roof Box & Trek Bicycle (Model Car)
Dancraft : 2016/02/03 17:59:00
The Bike looks good, especially the Photo etched wheel spokes..... but where is the chain Fujimi?
Mazda Roadster (Model Car)
DKLC : 2015/12/27 23:53:00
- parts fit precisely, thumbs up;
- detail parts (eg. door handles, upper/lower door panel) are separately molded for easy painting.

- no engine compartment detail (at this price, it should have more detail than just curbside);
- optional car top is not included;
- should add thickness to the A pillar for a topless car with no optional car top;
- no license number plate decal provided;
- I doubt the driver figure is most of the modelers longing for
Evangelion RT No.01 Apple MP4-12C (MP4-12C GT3) (Model Car)
No Name : 2015/12/24 10:46:00
It looks like Fujimi Mokei is setting the trends: licensed race cars kits & half exposed engines. The actual 6-speed 493 bhp MP4-12C GT3 race car was in 2013 SUPER GT in the GT300 class.

Japanese & English instructions. English color chart. The last color 92 is semi glossy black. Parts molded in clear, white & black. Quality waterslide decals. Photo etched parts. No cloth seatbelts. Metal antennas. No decals for dashboard. The body color is metallic purple.
AMG Mercedes C-Class DTM 2009 `Gary Paffett` (Model Car)
No Name : 2015/12/24 10:07:00
Revell 1:24 Scale Mercedes C-Klasse DTM '09 Paffett. Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters. German touring. The kit is probably the highest quality Revell race car kit. Not very complicated, but enough to show modern engineering. Each tree in a separate bag. No scratching. Multilingual instructions. Minor mold lines, as with every Revell kit. Quality pre-cut decals. The rear fenders were too tight. The bond between the interior & chassis is too loose. The bonnet/hood install was too hard.
Toyota : JZX100 Chaser (TRD Sports) (Model Car)
No Name : 2015/12/23 0:02:00
You can sell my product?
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-RR (Model Car)
No Name : 2015/11/25 8:23:00
Latest project completed. Tamiya 1/12 2006 MotoGP Kawasaki Ninja ZX-RR. #56 Shinya Nakano. Priming, airbrushing, sealing x 2, handbrushing, decals, decal softener, top coating, gold BareMetal on bottom of front fork & silver BareMetal on rear brake disc. Only grip is the black kinking piping/tubing. 1 of the best 1/12 bike kits.
Nissan Skyline GT-R (Model Car)
No Name : 2015/11/01 13:28:58
The kit is great but the twin turbo is not that good
Porsche 918 Spider (Model Car)
pain1917 : 2015/10/13 2:30:59
It is a mix of a very easy to assembly model, good quality but unfortunately there are no moveable panels that allow to show both engines, the electrical one and the gasoline one. Gasoline engine is a very nice rendering of the actual thing with the unusual inverted intake and exhaust layout. Electrical engine is very simple. Stronger part of the kit are interior. It is a good kit that properly work can give a great model.
Ferrari 288GTO (Model Car)
'Olesmoothie' : 2015/10/06 9:07:46
I 1st stumbled onto the Fujimi Enthusiast Series of kits by accident. Once I got the kit home and looked inside the box I was HOOKED!!!! I had to own every kit in the series and in fact over time purchased all of them released in the 80's~90's.
In my opinion the 288 GTO is the best looking Ferrari to hit the streets, and this kit captures it's curves accurately. BUT it is a challenge to build but very rewarding when finished right. I spent over 750 hours and 18 months on mine.
Lancer Evolution III (Model Car)
nugundam93 : 2015/10/06 2:59:06
not sure if i got a lemon kit but both the taillamps and headlamps, when fitted, left about close to a 1mm gap between the center of the trunk and front grille respectively. rims are also not accurate.
Advan Piaa Lancer Evolution 7 (Model Car)
nugundam93 : 2015/10/06 2:54:54
decals are a bit thick and they are needed to replicate the advan livery, unless you mask it instead. this is a roadgoing version with the advan decals, unlike the actual racecar with a stripped and caged interior.
Garage Shirokuma Lancer Evolution 7 (Model Car)
nugundam93 : 2015/10/06 2:52:54
rims included in this kit is not the same as the one on the box cover photo. this is also just a roadgoing version (with complete interior), unlike the actual car which has a stripped interiror and rollcage.
Yamaha YZF-R1 Taira Racing (Model Car)
No Name : 2015/09/23 2:40:00
Forgot to close the seat cowl.
Yamaha YZF-R1 Taira Racing (Model Car)
No Name : 2015/09/21 3:13:46
This is Ver Utawarerumono. This model bike was engineered & manufactured most accurately & priced very reasonably by Tamiya. The whole building experience was enjoyable. I built this kit a while back, recently dissembled it, sanded the paints off, repainted & sealed everything except the main frame, part of front fork, headlight & windshield, primed, airbrushed, panel-lined, sealed, applied optional decals & decal solution, sealed again the upper & seat cowls, fenders & fairings.
GSR ProjectMirai BMW 2012 Rd.2 Fuji (BMW Z4 GT3) (Model Car)
No Name : 2015/09/06 8:36:43
Simple box art. Monochrome Japanese & English instructions & color chart. Huge decal sheet & application instructions. Parts in clear, white, black & chrome-plated colors. Minor mold lines. The white body's surface was exceptionally smooth & glossy white. The white panels with the car number behind the front wheels are separate. Minimal masking. No opening bonnet or engine. Bonnect & door vents are supposed to be black. No window masking decals.
AE86 Levin `83 (Model Car)
Ai : 2015/09/04 15:39:05
Yamaha YZR-M1`04 (Model Car)
No Name : 2015/08/30 4:32:01
This is the Heller version, improvised to Ver Toradora. Both the Tamiya & Heller versions are the same bike. Tamiya wins hands down. I used putty to fill seams & air bubbles, sanded, primed, airbrushed, touched up, panel-lined, sealed, applied decals, decal solution & softener to, & sealed the kit.
Toyota AA Type (Model Car)
DKLC : 2015/08/25 20:59:00
Overall very good in qulaity, however the bodyline decals is quite hard to apply
Fairlady 240ZL (Model Car)
DKLC : 2015/08/25 20:50:45
Haven't start building this kit, but by the glance of the parts I spotted the followings

1. Engine is part of the build in this kit, but the hood cannot be opened.
2. Panel lines are soft.
3. Never see any kits where front bumper is made of brittle clear part.

If you want to build a more decent 1:24 240Z model, I believe Hasegawa is a better choice than Fujimi despite it has no engine detail.
Honda RC211V (Model Car)
No Name : 2015/08/25 6:24:47
The Tamiya version is better in every department except that the Heller kit has a one-piece fairing & fuel-tank-seat-and-tail part & a racing figure with decals. Mold lines everywhere. Fitments weren't good. Decals were too soft & curled up as soon as they left the backing paper. I used putty to fill seams & air bubbles, sanded a lot, primed, airbrushed, touched up, panel-lined, sealed, applied decals, decal solution & softener to, sealed, weathered with Tamiya & sealed the kit.
BMW Z4 GT3 2014 w/Window Frame Masking (Model Car)
No Name : 2015/08/20 1:06:05
Nice kit but the decals are missing the 3 color stripes that are on both sides the roof over the side glasses.
Peugeot 307 WRC2004 (Model Car)
No Name : 2015/08/10 6:39:17
The Tamiya version is better than this one. This kit isn't very detailed. The decals were too thick so they wouldn't stick. Decal softener helped a bit. Had to glue the white strips. Body wouldn't sit flush with chassis. Had to epoxy. The fog lights are too ugly. I changed the colors.
GRB Impreza WRX STI 5door `10 (Model Car)
Pain1917 : 2015/07/28 1:51:49
Side skirts are fit in the air at the extremes. Front and rear bumper fascias fitting can be improved mainly the alignment with the body. Interior looks great specially the fact to build it RHD or LHD. Wheels and tires are beautiful. What I really dislike are those dark smoked glasses for the rear doors quarters and rear hatch they are hiding the beautiful interior. A light smoke color would be enough.
1/24 Garage and Tool Set (Model Car)
Pain1917 : 2015/07/16 2:45:07
In the age that Fujimi release for the first time this product they launched several charm products. I looks actually as a auto shop.
Chevy Pepsi Chevelle (Model Car)
pain1917 : 2015/07/15 6:51:39
Model come from an old tool, actually show the age. Body is a nice rendering. Weakest parts are the racing chassis and instructions sheet. Instructions are not clear when call some of the parts or to indicate assembly position. Wheel base can be adjusted gluing the two halfs in different position, instructions are not clear.Model required more than 80 hrs. to be completed, mainly deburring flashes . Chromed parts have a heavy build up of the clear coat. The final result: Just acceptable.
Ducati 1199 Panigale S (Model Car)
chocolatecheesecake : 2015/07/01 9:21:44
the body is white, you can check the content in the product photo section.
Ducati 1199 Panigale S (Model Car)
Dfran8 : 2015/06/30 21:46:12
I want to ask, if the bike comes in red, or do we have to paint it?
Toyota : Townace Noah Road Tourer (Model Car)
андрей : 2015/06/24 19:23:55
здравствуйте ! хотел узнать когда появится в продаже модель toyota town ace noah ?
Red Bull Racing RB8 (S.Vettel) (Model Car)
No Name : 2015/06/22 22:41:08
The photos.
Red Bull Racing RB8 (S.Vettel) (Model Car)
No Name : 2015/06/11 11:53:00
It’s my latest Revell 1:24 Formula One kit. Red Bull Racing RB8 Sebastian Vettel. 2012 season. Germany Vettel version. I sanded, primed, airbrushed, sealed, applied decals & decal set to, applied Bare Metal to mirrors, touched up & sealed the kit.
McLaren F1 GTR Long Tail 1998 Le Mans 24 Hours #40 (Model Car)
Isma : 2015/05/24 8:09:31
Is this a ready made fixed model??
Porsche 934 RSR Turbo (Model Car)
No Name : 2015/05/08 6:57:29
Although comes from an old tool the product can be completed as a nice rendering of this representative Porsche car. Although roll cage looks a Little bit underscale is a nice representation of this feature. Dashboard, driver sear and chassis require some job but final result worth it. The weakest part from my personal point of view are the tires.
Nissan Skyline GT-R (Model Car)
Ronny : 2015/05/01 22:48:35
Excellent fit and finish although my hood wouldn't sit straight. The hood is fragile. It cracked while i tried straightening it. So i had to rebuild one. But other than that, kit is excellent value for money with added benefit of it having an engine.
Brabham BT46B 1978 Sweden GP #1 Niki Lauda (Model Car)
JJ : 2015/04/26 0:53:34
Have been stuck with this kit for quite some time. Instructions, I think are not the updated version some help with that would be great.
Porsche 928S (Model Car)
Hien : 2015/03/05 10:27:08
Porsche 928S Motorized by Tamiya (1/20) built by Henry Vu in December 2014.
De Tomaso Pantera GTS (Model Car)
chocolatecheesecake : 2015/01/26 9:49:47
@oldtoni: hey dude, this isn't a place to make requests for your orders. You should contact the HS staff directly by email for order request.
De Tomaso Pantera GTS (Model Car)
oldtoni : 2015/01/25 12:05:42
I would buy also De Tomaso Pantera GTS (Model Car), you can add this item to [Order No.] 15-0123-1448?
thank you
Dark Shadow Barnabas Vampire Van (Model Car)
that+annoying+blonde : 2015/01/04 6:41:13
if you know about it, can you post?
Dark Shadow Barnabas Vampire Van (Model Car)
that annoying blonde : 2015/01/04 6:40:04
it was fun to put together, even though i have a piece that has no number and the instructions have to pictures of it even though it i there
BMW 325i (Model Car)
Mosab : 2014/12/14 8:41:47
i want to ask if you ship to israel
Ferrari F10 (Model Car)
No Name : 2014/12/11 10:49:05
The kit is a 1/24 scale of the 2010 Formula One season race car. Excellent box art. Very clear instructions. The body mold lines were wet sanded away. The antenna in front of cockpit was scratch-built. The tires were sanded to a worn look. Plenty of carbon-fibre decals on the chassis, suspensions, and cockpit. A few version. My photos show the Fernando Alonso.
Porsche 911 Turbo (Model Car)
pain1917 : 2014/12/08 9:24:42
This is nice rendering of the 911 turbo, Some minor details in the engine that can be fixed to provide a good looking one. Rear suspension is a weak one since the control arms look smaller than they must appear. Body is a well proportioned one and from my personal point of view this kit has the most beautiful rendering of the front seats. Rest of the parts looks accurate giving a nice model as a final results. probably the weakest parts are wheels and tires.
Mercedes CLK-GTR Team CLK Sportswear (Model Car)
No Name : 2014/12/01 11:21:48
The CLK-GTR is a scaled down recreation of the actual FIA GT race car. The V12 engine, radiator, drive train, Le Mans cockpit, suspensions, wheels, etc. are intact. Excellent box art. Clear multilingual instructions. Abundant decals. The kit in my photo was a full view version with a see-through chassis.
Honda F1 RA272 (Model Car)
No Name : 2014/11/26 1:02:38
This kit is a faithful reproduction of the Honda F1 RA272. Excellent box art as usual. Clear instructions. 2 versions. 11 & 12. Minimal decals. Simple, yet accurate interior. Detachable front & rear covers. Clear rear cover. No driver. Factory-painted tire letterings. Overall, an eye-catching Tamiya kit.
Yamaha XV1000 Virago (Model Car)
No Name : 2014/11/24 8:48:49
The Yamaha Virago from Tamiya is a quality scale model. The box art is excellent. From the V-twin engine, head & signal lights, suspensions, exhaust, seat, rims to tires, the cruiser is as detailed as the scale allows. The instructions are clear to foreigners. The whole model was hand painted. Tamiya kits don't need any modifications to look good.
Mazda 787B Cartograf (Model Car)
No Name : 2014/11/19 23:55:50
Tamiya is no stranger to vehicle & military scale modelers. The race car kit was a quality build. From bodywork, interior, rear engine to detachable engine cover, everything was detailed as highly as possible. The large body decals hid the paint lines perfectly. Just mask along the raised lines on the body before spray painting. Bare Metal foil was used to cover all rims. Check out the photo of the real machine at wikipedia.
Nissan Fairlady 300ZX Turbo (Model Car)
and300zx : 2014/10/27 10:49:34
Great kit, excelent value for money, very well done body and chasis and a very decent amount of parts.
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