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Battle Beam RC U.S. M270 MLRS (RC Model)
Comment from No Name 2017/10/14 22:16:00
i want to buy it
Pokemon Poke Ball Collection I Choose You! (Set of 10) (Shokugan)
Comment from Yi 2017/10/04 1:16:00
They arrived perfectly! Awesome gifts for friends and awesome items for your collection!
No.14 Toyota Supra (Tomica)
Comment from No Name 2017/07/18 16:33:00
Fast shipping
No.20 Nissan Skyline HT 2000 Turbo RS (Tomica)
Comment from Rav 2017/07/05 13:15:00
Came safely and pretty fast !! Nice seller and the car too
Ultra Fusion Card -Ultimate Zero VS Kaiser Berial Set- (Henshin Dress-up)
Comment from Lee 2017/05/31 23:29:00
Will the item 2361770 restock
THOMAS&FRIENDS `BLUE MOUNTAIN MYSTERY` Yellow Victor and Kevin Working Set (4-Car + 1-Car Set) (Plarail)
Comment from Mey 2017/03/18 7:20:00
Playrail yellow victor is the best/favorite Thomas toy ever because when I put in a double 8 battery it goes faster and it has kevin and. it's kind of defferent than playrail Luke

MAGNETIC LEVITATION Linear liner Superconductivity Series L0 Special Set (Plarail)
Comment from No Name 2016/07/04 0:53:00
How do you charge the train?
[Plarail Repair Parts] Rubber Tire (16pcs.) (Plarail)
Comment from sinsin_168 2015/08/18 2:22:12
I ❤ thomas & friends
Hydraulic Excavator KOMATSU PC1250-8 (HG) (RC Model)(NOTE : You can NOT designate band)
Images from sam 2015/02/05 16:55:31
Comment from sam
I want to buy these toys.. How to price estimates in indonesia .... email. the pak.kaur@yahoo. com
Hydraulic Excavator KOMATSU PC1250-8 (HG) (RC Model)(NOTE : You can NOT designate band)
Comment from sam 2015/02/05 16:54:08
saya ingin membeli mainan ini..berapa perkiraan harga sampai di indonesia....email. pak.kaur@yahoo.com
TT-05 Bavardage Henry (Plarail)
Comment from No Name 2014/10/18 23:50:34
How do I purchase Bavardage Gordon?
R-10 U Turn Rail (Plarail)
Comment from Ceebulon 2014/08/22 17:50:40
Be aware, its not really compatible with plarail advance trains. The trains are not stopping but moving slowly on the outer circle. They are derailing on the inner circle.

Movie Monster Series Godzilla 2014 (Character Toy)
Comment from FigureGunplaFan 2014/06/01 20:44:37
Maximum WANT.
TS-20 Plarail Luke (3-Car Set) (Plarail)
Comment from No Name 2014/04/03 5:16:47
i want tomy plarail luke
TS-15 Plarail Stephen (3-Car Set) (Plarail)
Images from Ryan Passarelli 2014/02/18 13:08:47
Comment from Ryan Passarelli
I just found a picture of this product
Wheel (RC Model)
Comment from No Name 2014/01/11 13:38:39
Please provide these for sale
Hydraulic Excavator KOMATSU PC1250-8 (HG) (RC Model)(NOTE : You can NOT designate band)
Comment from Gu 2013/12/24 22:23:34
Here's the photo. IR remote signal isn't so good too.
Hydraulic Excavator KOMATSU PC1250-8 (HG) (RC Model)(NOTE : You can NOT designate band)
Comment from Gu 2013/12/24 22:14:48
If you are an adult, you'll see a number of defects to be fixed. It's not a finished product(e.g,the arm isn't perpendicular to the body(shown in photo), excessive use of superglue).It's b/c it's MADE IN CHINA not JAPAN!! But comparingwith $7000 ones, it's affordable.
T-25 Pla-rail Skarloey (Plarail)
Images from Ryan Passarelli 2013/07/17 4:38:35
Comment from Ryan Passarelli
This is an American trackmaster similarity to this product but this is a different brand
Dump Truck Komatsu HD785-7 (RC) (NOTE : You can NOT designate band)
Comment from fachry 2013/06/29 6:33:23
Bulldozer Komatsu D575A-3 SD (RC) (NOTE : You can NOT designate band)
Comment from fachry 2013/06/29 6:26:49
i need one
Thomas and Mirthful Freight Cars Set (Plarail)
Comment from Zach Attack 2013/03/25 16:40:25
I want that set it for me .
Insect Hunter Beetle & Stag Beetle 10 pieces (Shokugan)
Comment from chocolatecheesecake 2013/03/13 11:37:02
thats nothing new, its not like Hobby Search only sells figures.

Insect Hunter Beetle & Stag Beetle 10 pieces (Shokugan)
Comment from Okami22 2013/03/13 7:41:21
Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh............ bugs. What is this doing on a figure site? Also, can
someone tell me who would actually buy this. Not a new One Piece or Hatsune Miku figure
but bugs........ really?
Ultra Hero Series 37 Hunter Knight Tsurugi (Character Toy)
Comment from Hong 2013/02/20 17:17:11
The part I find this figure not too amusing is that some silver armor parts has gone gun metal.
Baku-Tech Baku-thlon DX (Active Toy)
Comment from Leader 25 2012/12/01 19:15:39
Ultra Monster Series 2006 SP Alien Nackle (Character Toy)
Comment from Hong 2012/11/20 19:48:51
According to amazon.co.jp, Fans was very regretful (sometimes) to get this newly designed Knuckle Seijin.

But I'm very impressed with this design.
Ultra Hero Series 16 Ultra Seven 21 (Character Toy)
Comment from Raymond 2012/09/05 18:33:02
I bought this at some store. It was great. For a UHS that never being resculpted
Ultra Monster Series 36 Scylla (Character Toy)
Comment from Raymond 2012/08/12 16:55:48
Ultra Hero Series 15 Ultraman Neos (Character Toy)
Comment from Raymond 2012/07/02 18:45:13
Be careful what kind of Neos figure you pick (Because there are two designs).
Ultra Hero Series 30 Ultraman Justice(Crusher Mode) (Character Toy)
Comment from Raymond 2012/05/30 18:25:44
Henshin Keitai Legend Mobirate (Henshin Dress-up)
Comment from MIKER 2012/05/16 10:19:37
Be warned some codes such as 5501 (the code that calls the gokai galleon) that worked on the original mobirates do not work in this re-release.
Ultra Monster Series EX Ultraman Saga (Character Toy)
Comment from Raymond 2012/05/03 12:51:02
Pros: Movie-Accurate, well-colored, great figure despite limited articulation.
Cons: The Eyes needed to color with glow-in-the-dark or yellow paint.
Ultra Hero Series 28 Ultraman Cosmos(Luna Mode) (Character Toy)
Comment from Raymond 2012/04/16 15:31:28
Am I the only one who likes Ultraman Cosmos???
Buddy Roid Series 03 Usada Lettuce (Character Toy)
Comment from Raymond 2012/03/16 13:21:10
Smallest Buddy Roid Series.
Buster Machine CB-01 DX Go-Buster Ace (Character Toy)
Comment from Raymond 2012/03/16 13:20:21
Go-Buster Ace : 1 Machine - 4 Modes.

Can be combined with Buster Machine 02 & 03 into Go-buster oh.
Super Sentai Best 01 (Character Toy)
Images from will 2012/02/24 10:01:17
Comment from will
Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
Henshin Keitai Legend Mobirate (Henshin Dress-up)
Comment from ooo ya 2012/01/09 0:12:26
I've seen pics and it looks epic.
Joint Union Gokaioh (Character Toy)
Comment from bach 2011/12/11 13:39:59
560 nguyen tri phuong Street
FMCS 03 Kamen Rider Fourze Fire States (Character Toy)
Comment from No Name 2011/11/30 19:25:32
This is just my opinion,Kamen Rider design nowadays sucks...im sorry,but its true.Just look at this one,whats up with the head,looks like an alien?!The 80's riders is way cooler.
Legend Sentai Hero Series 10 Gao Silver (Character Toy)
Comment from huy map95 2011/11/16 18:19:05
ta la gao do
PLARAIL Advance AR-02 Cross Point Rail (Plarail)
Comment from gomez 2011/10/19 16:13:48
hell yeah it was good
Bakugan Entry Value Pack Ultimate Evolution TypeB (Active Toy)
Comment from zac 2011/08/16 5:09:24
These bakugan are amazing and i am very pleased to have them.
Gokai Machine Series 03 DX Gaolion (Character Toy)
Comment from dotkick 2011/08/11 11:43:57
gokaiger machine lione
Legend Sentai Hero Series 08 Dragon Ranger (Character Toy)
Comment from raymond 2011/07/26 14:07:08
Go Green Ranger Go!
Legend Sentai Hero Series 06 Tyranno Ranger (Character Toy)
Comment from Raymond 2011/07/03 14:32:31
Go Go Power Rangers!
Kamen Rider Decade Transformation Belt DX Decadriver (Henshin Dress-up)
Comment from raynaldi 2011/06/13 22:14:24
saya mau beli kalau rp
Hydraulic Excavator KOMATSU PC1250-8 (HG) (RC Model)(NOTE : You can NOT designate band)
Images from girdlle 2011/04/24 3:04:29
Comment from girdlle
i wont tu bai
Fender Guitar Collection 2 The Spirit of Rock-n-Roll 10 pieces (Shokugan)
Comment from Tiger 2011/01/09 13:48:38
Very cute collection of Fender Strats and others. A must for the Fender lovers !
Knight Rider K.I.T.T. (RC Model)
Images from Unknown Stuntman 2010/11/13 7:37:58
Comment from Unknown Stuntman
This body set is just awesome. The working scanner light moves very realistic and the rims fits perfectly.
Transform Belt DX OOO Driver (Henshin Dress-up)
Comment from jolemon 2010/09/18 3:22:57
This belt is very "show accurate". You do basically the samething the actor does in the show. Put the medals in the belt, runs the scanner across them and it makes the "henshin" sounds direct from the show. This item also has a holder to store up to six medals currently not in use. Great for any collector! For those looking to get the other "Core Medals", they will start releasing them next month.
Ultra Hero Series 15 Ultraman Tiga Multi Type (Renewal Ver.) (Character Toy)
Comment from Hong 2010/07/30 15:00:02
Same as the old toy but different arm types.
Kamen Rider Decade Transformation Belt DX Decadriver (Henshin Dress-up)
Images from kuna 2010/07/20 2:57:10
Comment from kuna
i need this belt fantastic belt
Sky Bastard Set (Henshin Dress-up)
Comment from No Name 2010/06/20 20:39:36
I believe its the 'Buster' set, and not 'Bastard'.
same for the LandSearBASTARD set...
Kamen Rider Kuuga Transformation Belt (Henshin Dress-up)
Comment from remo 2010/06/18 0:23:05
i need this belt
Hydraulic Excavator KOMATSU PC1250-8 (HG) (RC Model)(NOTE : You can NOT designate band)
Comment from zZzZ 2010/05/05 12:08:13
I want to know battery time play . Sorry about my english.
Hydraulic Excavator KOMATSU PC1250-8 (HG) (RC Model)(NOTE : You can NOT designate band)
Comment from CHRISBVILLE 2010/05/04 2:40:28
The scale and features are close to actual diecast.
The durability of the plastic features can be improved.
The upper and lower structure mountings can be improved to minimise tilting movement.
Signal can be enhanced for better immediate response.
Overall its a good product but can be improved in the future.
It would be great if the diecast metal models can be done in a similiar manner too.
Pricing is a little on the high side.
RC model...well I would rate it as 5/10.
Ultra Hero Series 33 Ultraman Noa (Character Toy)
Comment from kaichi 2010/02/27 14:42:05
mi review is ultraman gaia v2 and ultraman agulv2
Ultra Monster Series EX Grande (Character Toy)
Comment from Mamoru_Hasukage 2010/02/16 8:25:42
To be honest, it looks like a hibiki rider.
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