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12/2 Marusou Pink Swan Pants is in stock now.
11/16 Marusou Pico Pico Gentleman 3 Pieces Set open for reservation now.
11/8 Special Bargain Sales On Now!! (Only during Nov.8 - Nov.27)
10/30 We have added "Japanese Culture" as a new category of products. So please check out the new selection.
Happy Cake Cap (Cosplay)
1,800 yen
Gachapin (Kigurumi)
Animal Fleece ...
5,390 yen
Black Girlie Trump Queen (Cosplay)
Black Girlie
4,194 yen
Black Girlie Little Red Riding Hood (Cosplay)
Black Girlie
4,880 yen
Black Girlie White Princess (Cosplay)
Black Girlie
4,292 yen
Panda (Kigurumi)
Kigurumi Cap
1,352 yen

Japanese Culture New Items List

Nanoblock Pine Bonsai (Block Toy)
Nanoblock Pine Bonsai (Block Toy) Kawada、Platz Nanoblock
Nanoblock Plum Bonsai (Block Toy)
Nanoblock Plum Bonsai (Block Toy) Kawada、Platz Nanoblock
Black Girlie Trump Queen (Cosplay)
Black Girlie Wonder Alice (Cosplay)
Kaiju (Kigurumi)
Kaiju (Kigurumi) Sazac Kigurumi Cap
Tiger (Kigurumi)
Tiger (Kigurumi) Sazac Kigurumi Cap
Tonakai (Kigurumi)
Tonakai (Kigurumi) Sazac Kigurumi Cap
Rabbit (Kigurumi)
Rabbit (Kigurumi) Sazac Kigurumi Cap
Panda (Kigurumi)
Panda (Kigurumi) Sazac Kigurumi Cap
Sheep (Kigurumi)
Sheep (Kigurumi) Sazac Kigurumi Cap
Gachapin Narikiri Five-Piece Set (Cosplay)
Gachapin Narikiri Five-Piece Set (Cosplay) Sazac Narikiri Five-Piece Set
Mukku Five-Piece Set (Cosplay)
Mukku Five-Piece Set (Cosplay) Sazac Narikiri Five-Piece Set
Panda (Kigurumi)
Panda (Kigurumi) Sazac Animal Fleece Kigurumi
Unicorn PK (Kigurumi)
Unicorn PK (Kigurumi) Sazac Animal Fleece Kigurumi
Budgerigar GN (Kigurumi)
Budgerigar GN (Kigurumi) Sazac Animal Fleece Kigurumi
Alpaca BL (Kigurumi)
Alpaca BL (Kigurumi) Sazac Animal Fleece Kigurumi
Gachapin (Kigurumi)
Gachapin (Kigurumi) Sazac Animal Fleece Kigurumi
Danganronpa Monokuma (Kigurumi)
Danganronpa Monokuma (Kigurumi) Sazac Animal Fleece Kigurumi
Gachapin Kigurumi Cap (Kigurumi)
Mukku Kigurumi Cap (Kigurumi)
Mukku Kigurumi Cap (Kigurumi) Sazac Kigurumi Cap
Kirenenko Kigurumi Cap (Kigurumi)
Putin Kigurumi Cap (Kigurumi)
Putin Kigurumi Cap (Kigurumi) Sazac Kigurumi Cap
Gloomy Neck Warmer Pink (Kigurumi)
Gloomy Neck Warmer Pink (Kigurumi) Sazac Narikiri Neck Warmer
Cup Noodle (Cosplay)
Cup Noodle (Cosplay) Sazac Urethane Costume
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