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EMS & SAL Small Packet Shipping charts

- Weights listed on individual item pages are of the item only.
- Please factor in the weight of the box and packing material when using this chart.

- Packaging weighs approximately 200g for the smallest items (tools, doll clothes),
  400g for medium items (small figures, small plastic kits), and can exceed 1000g
  for larger orders.
  (Please note that these are rough estimates and not guarantees.)
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Weight EMS SAL Small Packet EMS SAL Small Packet EMS SAL Small Packet EMS SAL Small Packet
300g  7.3USD  2.6USD  9.8USD  3.1USD  12.2USD  3.1USD  13.8USD  3.6USD 
500g  9.0USD  3.9USD  12.2USD  4.7USD  14.7USD  4.7USD  17.1USD  5.5USD 
600g  10.1USD  4.6USD  13.7USD  5.5USD  16.3USD  5.5USD  19.9USD  6.5USD 
700g  11.2USD  5.2USD  15.1USD  6.4USD  17.9USD  6.4USD  22.6USD  7.5USD 
800g  12.4USD  5.9USD  16.6USD  7.2USD  19.5USD  7.2USD  25.4USD  8.5USD 
900g  13.5USD  6.5USD  18.1USD  8.0USD  21.2USD  8.0USD  28.2USD  9.4USD 
1,000g  14.7USD  7.2USD  19.5USD  8.8USD  22.8USD  8.8USD  30.9USD  10.4USD 
1,250g  17.1USD  9.1USD  22.8USD  11.2USD  26.5USD  11.2USD  37.5USD  13.4USD 
1,500g  19.5USD  10.4USD  26.1USD  12.9USD  30.1USD  12.9USD  44.0USD  15.3USD 
1,750g  22.0USD  12.4USD  29.3USD  15.3USD  33.8USD  15.3USD  50.5USD  18.2USD 
2,000g  24.4USD  13.7USD  32.6USD  16.9USD  37.5USD  16.9USD  57.0USD  20.2USD 
2,500g  28.5USD  38.3USD  44.0USD  69.2USD 
3,000g  32.6USD  44.0USD  50.5USD  81.4USD 
3,500g  36.6USD  49.7USD  57.0USD  93.7USD 
4,000g  40.7USD  55.4USD  63.5USD  105.9USD 
4,500g  44.8USD  61.1USD  70.0USD  118.1USD 
5,000g  48.9USD  66.8USD  76.6USD  130.3USD 
5,500g  52.9USD  72.5USD  83.1USD  142.5USD 
6,000g  57.0USD  78.2USD  89.6USD  154.7USD 
7,000g  63.5USD  87.1USD  100.2USD  171.8USD 
8,000g  70.0USD  96.1USD  110.8USD  188.9USD 
9,000g  76.6USD  105.1USD  121.3USD  206.0USD 
10,000g  83.1USD  114.0USD  131.9USD  223.1USD 
11,000g  89.6USD  123.0USD  142.5USD  240.2USD 
12,000g  96.1USD  131.9USD  153.1USD  257.3USD 
13,000g  102.6USD  140.9USD  163.7USD  274.5USD 
14,000g  109.1USD  149.8USD  174.3USD  291.6USD 
15,000g  115.6USD  158.8USD  184.9USD  308.7USD 
16,000g  122.2USD  167.8USD  195.5USD  325.8USD 
17,000g  128.7USD  176.7USD  206.0USD  342.9USD 
18,000g  135.2USD  185.7USD  216.6USD  360.0USD 
19,000g  141.7USD  194.6USD  227.2USD  377.1USD 
20,000g  148.2USD  203.6USD  237.8USD  394.2USD 
21,000g  154.7USD  212.6USD  248.4USD  411.3USD 
22,000g  161.3USD  221.5USD  259.0USD  428.4USD 
23,000g  167.8USD  230.5USD  269.6USD  445.5USD 
24,000g  174.3USD  239.4USD  280.2USD  462.6USD 
25,000g  180.8USD  248.4USD  290.7USD  479.7USD 
26,000g  187.3USD  257.3USD  301.3USD  496.8USD 
27,000g  193.8USD  266.3USD  311.9USD  513.9USD 
28,000g  200.3USD  275.3USD  322.5USD  531.0USD 
29,000g  206.9USD  284.2USD  333.1USD  548.1USD 
30,000g  213.4USD  293.2USD  343.7USD  565.2USD 

The shipping cost is automatically calculated, thus there are cases where there are slight difference to the actual shipping cost.
We will not be able to compensate for this difference in cost.

This automatic calculation is designed to be slightly advantageous for the customer in average,
but there are cases where customers may be disadvantaged. We appreciate your understanding.