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2/9 [1/6 Figure] Okayama Figure Engineering is Open reservation now .
11/13 [1/6 Figure] Daiki kougyou Poster Girl Kurara-chan is Open reservation now .
11/7 [1/6 Figure] SkyTube Momo Nekoyanagi Illustration by Kurehito Misaki is Open reservation now .
10/13 [1/6 Figure] Orca Toys Misa Suzuhara Magical Girl: Misanee Ver. Angel is Open reservation now .
10/12 [1/6 Figure] Q-Six Maitetsu Paulette Hinai is Open reservation now .
10/10 [1/5.5 Figure] Daiki kougyou Sadakage Illustration: Succubus Astacia Blue Skin Ver. is Open reservation now .
9/19 [1/6 Figure] Kaitendo Narika Shihodo Narika Compulsory Execution Ver. is Open reservation now .
9/5 [1/6 Figure] SkyTube Ai Saeki Wedding Ver. is Open reservation now .
8/28 [1/6 Figure] Q-Six Euphoria Nemu Manaka -Darkness- is Open reservation now .
8/24 [1/4 Figure] Bisho-jo Tairiku Escalayer: Soft Bust Ver. is Open reservation now .
8/18 [1/6 Figure] Lechery is Open reservation now .
8/9 [1/6 Figure] SkyTube Alice Illustration by Kurehito Misaki is Open reservation now .
8/8 [Figure Material] SkyTube Love Toys Vol.1 is Open reservation now .
8/3 [1/7 Figure] Grand Toys Yukikohime: Damage Convertible Ver. is Open reservation now .
7/27 [1/6 Figure] Daiki kougyou Non Oda Illustration Shiho Kujo Brown Ver. is Open reservation now .
7/5 [1/7 Figure] Bisho-jo Tairiku Sayo is Open reservation now .
6/28 [1/6 Figure] Daiki kougyou F-ism Girl is in stock now .
6/14 [1/6 Figure] Dragon Toy Super Sonico: Wet & Sheer Photo Session Suntanned Gal Ver. is Open reservation now .
6/12 [1/5 Figure] Orca Toys Manaka Komaki: Ver. Kuroneko Temptation is Open reservation now .
6/8 [1/6 Figure] SkyTube Matsuri Togetsu Ver.2 is Open reservation now .
[Koakuma Kanojo] Tsundebi Mika Akuno Suntan Ver. (PVC Figure)
Dragon Toy
Koakuma Kanojo
16,650 yen
Poster Girl Kurara-chan (PVC Figure)
Daiki kougyou
Kurara Suzutsuk...
11,475 yen
Himekano Hiyori (PVC Figure)
11,730 yen
Himekano Hiyori White Gal Ver. (PVC Figure)
11,730 yen
Non Oda Heroine Collections Young Wife Waitres Hitomi (PVC Figure)
Dragon Toy
Comic Hot Milk
13,050 yen
F-ism Girl [Red] Limited Edition (PVC Figure)
Daiki kougyou
Murakami Suigun...
11,900 yen

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