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9/9 Fujimi 1/700 IJN Aircraft Carrier Hiyo is in stock now!!
8/30 Aoshima 1/72 JGSDF Observation Helicopter OH-1 Ninja is in stock now!!
8/24 Aoshima 1/144 JMSDF Rescue Flyingboat US-2 is in stock now!!
8/19 Pit-road JGSDF Type 89 Infantry Combat Vehicle is in stock now!!
8/4 Bargain Sales Started!
7/29 Aoshima 1/45 Diesel Locomotive DD51 Standard Specification is in stock now!!
7/28 Tamiya 1/48 JGSDF Type 10 Tank is in stock now!!
7/13 Hasegawa 1/700 IJN Battleship Mikasa is in stock now!!
6/29 Aoshima 1/700 HMS Hermes is in stock now!!
6/16 Fine Molds JGSDF Type 61 Tank (Up Graded) is in stock now!!
6/13 Yamashita Hobby 1/700IJN Destroyer Hibiki is in stock now!!
5/31 Zvezda MIG-29S (9.13) is in stock now!!
5/25 Kinetic 1/48 F/A-18C Hornet is in stock now!!
5/16 Dragon 1/35 IDF Magach 1/2 is in stock now!!
4/28 Hasegawa 1/32 Mitsubishi A6M5c Zero Fighter [ZEKE] Type52 Hei is in stock now!!
4/27 WAVE 1/200 Battle Ship Mikasa is in stock now!!
4/8 Fine Molds 1/35 JGSDF Type 60 Self-propelled 106mm Recoilless Rifle Type B is in stock now!!
4/5 Bargain Sales Started!
4/2 Rye Field Model 1/35 Tiger I Gruppe `Fehrmann` is in stock now!!
3/29 Fujimi 1/700 IJN Battle Ship Kii is in stock now!!
3/28 Platz 1/35 M26 Pershing University Student Selection Team is in stock now!!
3/22 TAKOM 1/35 T-55AM Russian Medium Tank is in stock now!!
3/10 AIRFIX 1/72 Nakajima B5N2 Kate is in stock now!!
2/27 Aoshima Kanmusu Fleet Oiler Hayasui is in stock now!!
2/1 Hasegawa 1/350 IJN Destroyer Shimakaze `Late type` is in stock now!!
1/29 MENG MODEL 1/72 Convair F-106A Delta Dart Interceptor is in stock now!!
1/21 DRAGON 1/35 Tiger I Late Production w/Magic Track is in stock now!!
1/18 AMK 1/48 MiG-31BM/BSM Foxhound is in stock now!!
1/14 Pit-Road 1/700 USS BB-43 Tennessee 1941 is in stock now!!
1/9 MENG MODEL 1/700 Marine Nationale D650 Aquitaine is in stock now!!
1/8 MENG MODEL 1/35 Israel Main Battle Tank Merkava Mk.3D Late LIC is in stock now!!
12/26 Kinetic 1/48 Su-33 Flanker D is in stock now!!
12/24 Hasegawa 1/450 IJN Aircraft Carrier Shinano is in stock now!!
12/11 Pit road 1/700 IJN Food Supply Ship Irako is in stock now!!
12/1 Fine Molds 1/72 IJA 150t Superheavy Tank [O-I] is in stock now!!
11/27 Tomytec Gimix series Ace Combat Su-37 Yellow 13 is in stock now!!
11/26 Tamiya 1/35 M4A3E8 Sherman Easy Eight (European Theater) is in stock now!!
10/28 Max Factory PLAMAX Destroyer x Kanmusu Shimakaze is in stock now!!
10/20 Trumpeter 1/72 MiG-29`9.12` Fulcrum A is in stock now!!
10/7 MODELKASTEN 1/35 Fitness Wear Set is in stock now!!
10/1 Tamiya 1/32 De Havilland Mosquito FB Mk.VI is in stock now!!
9/16 Hasegawa 1/48 Nakajima E8N1 Type 95 [Dave] Model 1 is in stock now!!
9/14 Rye Field Model 1/35 Tiger I Initial Production [North Africa 1943] is in stock now!!
9/11 Hasegawa 1/72 Su-33 Flanker-D `Scarface` is in stock now!!
8/31 FREEDOM 1/48 F-20A Tiger Shark is in stock now!!
8/28 Fujimi 1/700 IJN Light Cruiser Agano/ Noshiro is in stock now!!
8/20 Aoshima 1/45 Diesel Locomotive `DD51 Hokutosei` is in stock now!!
8/4 TAKOM 1/35 MK A `WHIPPET` (Japan Limited Edition) is in stock now!!
7/31 Aoshima 1/350 Submarine Blue Steel I-401 is in stock now!!
7/16 Yamashita Hobby 1/700 IJN Destroyer Fubuki is in stock now!!
7/10 DRAGON 1/35 Tiger I s.Pz.Abt.504 `131` is in stock now!!
7/7 TAKOM 1/35 Skoda PA-II `Turtle` is in stock now!!
6/26 Platz 1/35 [Girls und Panzer] PzKpfw.IV Ausf.D -Anko Team Ver.- is in stock now!!
6/25 Tamiya 1/35MM M247 SGT YORK is in stock now!!
6/19 Hasegawa 1/700 J.M.S.D.F. DDH Izumo is in stock now!!
6/16 Master Box 1/35 Pin-up Girls 40`s Style is in stock now!!
5/29 Fujimi 1/350 IJN Aircraft Carrier Kaga is in stock now!!
5/27 MENG MODEL 1/35 German Main Battle Tank Leopard2 A4 is in stock now!!
4/22 Aoshima 1/700 IJN Food Supply Ship Mamiya is in stock now!!
4/15 Fine Molds [Girls und Panzer Ribbon Warrior] Type97 Light Armored Vehicle `TEKE` is in stock now!!
3/26 Tamiya 1/35 French Medium Tank Somua S35 is in stock now!!
3/16 Fujimi KAN NEXT 1/700 `IJN Battleship Yamato` is in stock now!!
3/13 Hasegawa 1/700 Water Line `IJN Light Cruiser Tenryu / Tatsuta` is in stock now!!
12/26 Tamiya 1/16 JGSDF Type 10 Tank (Display Model) is in stock now!!
12/19 Fine Molds 1/35 Tiger I Early Production `Michael Wittmann` is in stock now!!
12/16 Fine Molds 1/200 Mitsubishi Regional Jet MRJ90 is in stock now!!
12/11 Hasegawa `THE SEVEN ACES OF WWII` is in stock now!!
11/19 Tamiya 1/35MM Jagdpanzer IV L/70 (V) is in stock now!!
10/30 Aoshima 1/72 JGSDF Maneuver Combat Vehicle (Prototype) is in stock now!!
9/25 Tamiya Toyota AB Phaeton etc. are in stock now!!
9/12 Hasegawa Europa Aircraft Weapon Set etc. are in stock now!!
8/27 We are holding a Bargain Sale until 10th Sep. So don't miss out on this great opportunity!
8/26 ALL JAPAN MODEL & HOBBY SHOW is held next month!
8/22 MENG MODEL Russian Main Battle Tank T-90 w/TBS-86 Tank Dozer is open for reservation now!!
8/20 Takom WWI Mark IV [Male] etc. are in stock now!!
8/8 Hasegawa New Products are open for reservation now!!
8/1 Tamiya Itarian Heavy Tank P40 is open for reservation now!!
7/30 Pit-Road J35 Draken Special markings (2 Kit) etc. are in stock now!!
7/24 Pit-Road Royal Navy Battleship Barham 1941 etc. are in stock now!!
7/17 Tamiya British Tank Mark IV Male (w/Single Motor) etc. are in stock now!!
7/11 Hasegawa MiG-29 Fulcrum `Ukraine Air Force` etc. are open for reservation now!!
7/7 US and German Paratroopers , The South of Europe , 1944 is a very popular product now!
IJN Aircraft Carrier Junyo 1942 (Plastic model)
Sea Way Model ...
2,380 yen
IJN Kagero-Class Destroyer Yukikaze / Isokaze (Set of 2) (Plastic model)
Kan Next , No....
3,230 yen
M1A1 Abrams w/Full Interior (2in1) (Plastic model)
Rye Field Mode...
9,350 yen
Grumman F-14A Tomcat (Plastic model)
1/48 Aircraft , ...
6,630 yen
HMS Rodney (Plastic model)
Meng Model
3,825 yen
JMSDF Escort Ship DDH-184 Kaga (Plastic model)
Sky Wave
5,100 yen
Royal Navy Aircraft Carriers Illustrious (Plastic model)
Water Line , N...
2,380 yen
Kawanishi H8K2 Type 2 Large Flying Boat Model 12 (Plastic model)
Hasegawa-E , E...
7,480 yen
IJN Aircraft Carrier Junyo (Plastic model)
1/350 Ship (Has...
17,000 yen
Imperial Japanese Army Type 95 Reconnaissance Car Kurogane 4WD (Plastic model)
Fine Molds
1/35 Scale Mili...
2,550 yen
Arpeggio of Blue Steel -Ars Nova- Cadenza the Movie The Fleet of Fog Total Flagship Super Battle Ship Yamato (Plastic model)
Arpeggio of Blu...
4,505 yen

Military Model Reserve Items List

Decal for Tainan Air Group & 251st Navy Air Squadron Decal for Tainan Air Group & 251st...
Model Kasten

Decal for Iranian Air Force F-14 Tomcat Decal for Iranian Air Force F-14 ...
Model Kasten

Thomas Cook Airlines G-TCDC A321-200(S) Thomas Cook Airlines G-TCDC A...

Thai Airways International HS-TRA ATR-72 Thai Airways International HS-T...

Silk Way Airlines VQ-BVB 747-8F Silk Way Airlines VQ-BVB 747-8...

Magnicharters Airlines XA-UQX 737-300 Magnicharters Airlines XA-UQX 7...

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Orange Pride PH-BVA 777-300ER KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Orange...

Delta Connection N564RP ERJ-145 Delta Connection N564RP ERJ-14...

Arkia Israel Airlines 4X-BAW 757-300 Arkia Israel Airlines 4X-BAW 75...

American Eagle N428AW CRJ-200 American Eagle N428AW CRJ-200

American Airlines / Rino Air N916NN 737-800 American Airlines / Rino Air N916...

Cessna 172 Sportys #3 N53417 Cessna 172 Sportys #3 N53417

MD-82 TWA Trans World Airlines N903TW MD-82 TWA Trans World Airlines...

A330-200 Royal Air Force MRTT Tanker ZZ330 A330-200 Royal Air Force MRTT ...

A320-200 Philippine Airlines (75th Anniversary) RP-C8619 A320-200 Philippine Airlines (75th ...

717-200 Hawaiian Airlines N475HA 717-200 Hawaiian Airlines N475HA

A321-200 (S) Frontier Airlines `Ferndale the Owl, Sharklets` N705FR A321-200 (S) Frontier Airlines `F...

ERJ-190 China Southern Airlines B-3148 ERJ-190 China Southern Airlines ...

MD-87 Aeromexico Travel XA-TXC Polished MD-87 Aeromexico Travel XA-TX...

IJN Aircraft Carrier Hiryu Premium IJN Aircraft Carrier Hiryu Prem...

IJN Aircraft Carrier Zuikaku Premium IJN Aircraft Carrier Zuikaku Pr...

IJN Aircraft Carrier Shokaku Premium IJN Aircraft Carrier Shokaku Pr...

IJN Aircraft Battleship Ise Premium IJN Aircraft Battleship Ise Pre...

IJN Fast Battleship Haruna Premium IJN Fast Battleship Haruna Prem...

IJN Fast Battleship Kongo Premium IJN Fast Battleship Kongo Premi...

WW.II German Pz.Kpfw.IV, Ausf.H MID Production (Compeleted)WW.II German Pz.Kpfw.IV, Aus...

WWII IJN Type2 (Ka-Mi) Amphibious Tank w/Floating Pontoons Late Production 1944 Chishima Islands WWII IJN Type2 (Ka-Mi) Amph...

WW.II German III Tank N Type DAK 501st Heavy Tank Battalion Tunisia 1943 WW.II German III Tank N Typ...

WWII. IJN Amphibious Tank Type 2 Ka-Mi Aitape 1944 July - August WWII. IJN Amphibious Tank Ty...

US Navy F-4J Phantom II `Showtime100` US Navy F-4J Phantom II `Show...

DFS230B-1 Light Assault Glider DFS230B-1 Light Assault Glider
Bronco Model

Russian Zil-131 Truck (Early Version) w/ winch Russian Zil-131 Truck (Early Vers...
Bronco Model

WWII German StuG III Ausf C/D with 75mm StuK 37/L24 & 75mm StuK 40/L48 WWII German StuG III Ausf ...
Bronco Model

German Rheintochter R-2 Surface-to-Air Missile German Rheintochter R-2 Surface-to...
Bronco Model

Small Direct Education Ship Admiral Graf Spee Small Direct Education Ship Admir...

IJN Aircraft Carrier Junyo 1942 IJN Aircraft Carrier Junyo 1942

IJN Kagero-Class Destroyer Yukikaze / Isokaze (Set of 2) IJN Kagero-Class Destroyer Yuki...

IJN Aircraft Carrier Kaga First Carrier Division with Carrier-based Aircraft 36 Pieces IJN Aircraft Carrier Kaga First...

IJN Aircraft Carrier Akagi First Carrier Division with Carrier-based Aircraft 36 Pieces IJN Aircraft Carrier Akagi Firs...

Ultra-large Direct Education Ship Musashi Ultra-large Direct Education Ship ...

A330-200 Eurowings with Landing Gear/Stand A330-200 Eurowings with Landing Ge...
Hogan Wings

A350-900 Lufthansa Non Landing Gear/ with Stand A350-900 Lufthansa Non Landing Ge...
Hogan Wings

B777-300ER Eva Airways Star Alliance Paint Landing Gear/ with Stand B777-300ER Eva Airways Star All...
Hogan Wings

A330-200 Eva Airways Landing Gear/ with Stand A330-200 Eva Airways Landing Gear...
Hogan Wings

USN Nuclear Submarine USS Skipjack USN Nuclear Submarine USS Ski...
Mobius Model

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