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Q & A
*** General Rules at HOBBY SEARCH! ***
  1. Items under different order numbers are to be shipped separately.
  2. "Already-released" items and "pre-ordered" items are to be shipped separately even
       if they are under the same order number.
  3. You cannot recombine those items that are to be released in different months.
* Order
* Payment
* Cancellation
* Shipment
* Troubles
* Product
* etc.
Q & A
* Order

 How can I order?
 Click the "cart" button of the already-released item that interests you, or the "reserve" button of the
 pre-order item that you would like to reserve.
 After selecting all you would like to purchase, click the "Purchase / Reserve" button, which takes you to the
 Please read the ORDER FORM carefully before completing your order.

 For more information about buying procedure, please read Buying procedure.
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 I'd like to change my order information. What should I do?
 To change your order information, please click the "Change Order Info" button at "My Account".
 Information that can be modified includes;
 Payment method,
 Shipping method, and
 Point Use.
 The "Change Order Info" button is displayed only when the changes are possible.
 To change the shipping address of already-ordered items at a time, please click the "User Registry Info" button.
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 What is "Order Recombination"?
 You can recombine those items that belong to different order numbers into one order so that recombined items
 are to be shipped together(Monthly Shipment/Order No.). Look at the example below:


 After the recombination:

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 Can I recombine the two items below, Kallen (which is to be released in Early Oct)
      and Amami Haruka (which is to be released in Sep)?


 Yes, you can. Look at the S.S. column. "I.S." indicates that these two items are In Stock but yet to be shipped
 due to the choice of "Monthly Shipment/Order No."
 You can recombine these "Released-But-Yet-To-Be-Shipped Items." The result is as follows:

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 Then, can I recombine the two items above, Hoshino Ruri and Yotubato Revoltech as well?
      They are pre-ordered items and seem not to be in stock...?

 We are sorry that this time it is NOT possible.
 Order Recombination can only be applied to those items that are to be released in the SAME MONTH.
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 I ordered 10 copies of the same limited version of a figure, but they were canceled. Why?
 With regard to items of which the purchasable quantity per person is limited, orders that are apparently placed
 by the same customer can be cancelled without advance notice if more than the purchasable quantity is ordered.
 This is because we would like to offer limited items to as many people as possible.
 Your understanding is greatly appreciated.
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* Payment

 How do I pay the bill?
 We accept PayPal and Credit Card.   Acceptance Mark Credit Card [VISA] Credit Card [Master Card] 
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 How is my credit card information managed?
For management of your card information, this will be handled by SBI VeriTrans,
with their server that is in compliance with PCIDSS, the standard of Global Security.

Hobby Search will not be storing any Credit Card information, but for the convenience of the customer,
we will enable an option for using a previously registered card by entering your User ID and Password.

If you choose to use this option, we have considered the safety of your information and we will only be storing the following information:
  • - Last 4 digits of your card number
  • - Name of the card holder
  • - Expiry date
*We will be issuing a code that will be linked to the above information, and will be using this to access the information stored
by the server of SBI, so you will not need to input your card details every time you shop with us.
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 When and how do I pay by PayPal?
For payment by PayPal, we have two types of payment options;
PayPal Pre-Approved Payment and PayPal Express Checkout.   Acceptance Mark

- PayPal Pre-Approved Payment
The PayPal Express Checkout payment process requires you to manually handle payments by checking the payment mail, but by using this "PayPal Pre-approved payment", you will only need to register your information once, and your payment will be processed automatically, making your payment process much smoother and less hassle.

For using "PayPal Pre-approved Payment" at Hobby Search, you will need to register your information with "PayPal Settings" from your "My Account" in advance.

Please check here for instructions to "PayPal Settings".

We will be charging your account for the payment only when the product is ready for shipment, not when you place the order.

- PayPal Express Checkout
We will send a "PayPal Payment Request" email when the order is ready for shipment. Please go to the PayPal Payment Form at the URL designated in the email, follow the instructions, and complete the payment.
There is no need to notify us when the payment is completed. For details, please read this guide.

* For pre-orders, we will send the "PayPal Payment Request" email when the item is released,
  NOT when the pre-order is placed. Please check your inbox often for this email.

* Please be sure to complete the PayPal payment within 3 business days after we send the
  "PayPal Payment Request" email.

* If we do not receive your payment within 3 days, we will consider it a refusal of payment.
  We may close your Hobby Search account if this happens.

* If you do not receive a payment request email within one business day of receiving
  the notice of product in stock, or the order confirmation (unless product is to be backordered),
  please log in to the "My Account" for the payment link.

* We do NOT accept eCheck.
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* Cancellation

 I'd like to cancel my order. What should I do?
 Please see our cancellation guidelines.
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 Can I return an item?
 We do not accept returns or offer refunds. All sales are final.

 See also: There is a problem with my item! What should I do?
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* Shipment

 How long does it take to get the items?
 If the shipping method is EMS, it usually takes a week or two from the time the items leave HOBBY SEARCH
 until they reach you.
 In the case of SAL Small Packet, the delivery can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months.
 Thank you so much for your patience!
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 What kind of shipping method is available at HOBBY SEARCH?
 HOBBY SEARCH offers EMS and SAL Small Packet.
 Please take your time to decide which one you should choose because each shipping method has its own
 advantages and disadvantages.
 handles merchandise better.
 takes about 4 to 9 days until the package reaches you.
 is trackable.
 offers compensation for damages worth up to 20,000 yen per shipment.
 EMS delivers goods to almost all countries (with a few exceptions such as French Polynesia).

 EMS tracking number enables you to know the whereabouts of your items here.
 For more information about EMS, please read this.
 * About "SAL Small Packet If Possible".
 Please see the image below.
SAL Small Packet If Possible
 The "SAL Small Packet If Possible" checkbox is displayed on the Order Form Page if the ordered items
 could possibly be shipped via SAL Small Packet.
 Please check the checkbox if you would like to have your items shipped via SAL Small Packet if possible.
 Please note, however, that checking this checkbox means that your items are shipped via SAL Small Packet
 ONLY IF the package containing the items is under the SAL Small Packet size limitaion.
 Otherwise they are to be shipped via EMS.
 In other words, checking the checkbox does NOT guarantee that your items will definitely be shipped
 via SAL Small Packet.
 Please also note that, on rare occasions, your order may be shipped via EMS even if they. are under the
 SAL Small Packet size limitaion.
 The checkbox is not displayed if the order cannot possibly be shipped via SAL Small Packet.
 Thank you very much for your understanding.
 -SAL Small Packet
 costs less.
 takes about 2 to 3 weeks until the package reaches you.
 can only ship packages weighing under 2kg.
 can only ship packages worth under 30,000yen.
 can only ship packages with a total size (length + width + height) smaller than 90cm.
 offers no insurance for damages and losses.
 is NOT trackable.
 SAL Small Packet is offered only for those items whose names are displayed with
 An order placed only for already-released items with SAL Small Packet is to be shipped in one parcel.
 It cannot be divided into more than one batch.
 Items may be shipped by way of EMS instead if the package exceeds the SAL Small Packet limitation.
 Pre-order items with may be shipped by way of EMS if the actual item size turns out to be greater than
 the projected size.
 Thank you very much in advance for your understading.
 For more information on SAL Small Packet, please read this.
 Please note that there are cases where it costs less to ship your pre-order items in several smaller packages,
 each weighing less than 2kg, by way of SAL Small Packet than to combine them all into the same order and ship them all together by way of EMS.
SAL Small Packet Maximum box size
Card board boxWidthDepthHight
90cm Cubic272727
90cm Rectangula372716
90cm Flatlong57177

 When shipping a package weighing 4kg to the U.S., it costs 6,800 JPY if you ship it by EMS,
 whereas it costs only 4,160 JPY if you divide them into 2 packages,
 each weighing 2kg, and ship them by SAL Small Packet, saving you 2,640 JPY!
 It is thus advisable, in the case above, NOT to recombine your pre-order items or to select "Monthly Shipment/Order No."
 Please note that pre-order items may be shipped by way of EMS if the actual item size turns out to be greater
 than the projected size.
 For EMS and SAL shipping rates, please read this.
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 Where's my package?
 Please track the package yourself after receiving the shipment notice, since we do not take any responsibility for
 troubles in the delivery process.

 In case an order is returned to us through no fault on our side, we can resend the order to the customer
 ONLY IF the customer agrees to pay for the shipping charge again.

 Please note that shipping by SAL Small Packet could take up to 1 month.
 We would like you to contact your local post office to see if they have delivered the package in your absence.
 Please confirm with your family also in case your family members may have received your package on your
 Above all, please keep in mind that we do not take any responsibilities for lost packages that are shipped
 by SAL Small Packet.
 Although package losses are uncommon, it is recommendable to select EMS if you do not want to take any
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 How is the shipping cost determined?
 The shipping costs are automatically calculated based on the total weight of the package including the
 packaging materials, referring to EMS & SAL Small Packet Shipping charts, in accordance with the shipping
 method of your choice.
 (Note, however, that the calculated shipping costs charged to the customer can be different from the actual
 shipping costs incurred by HOBBY SEARCH.)

 Please read this for information on custom tax.
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 I'd like to know the shipping cost of my "pre-ordered" items beforehand.
 We are sorry, but since it is impossible to predict the weights of pre-order items, the shipping costs of "pre-
 ordered" items are not yet determined at the stage of placing orders.
 Thus the shipping costs of "pre-ordered" items are notified to the customer AFTER the ordered product has come into stock.

 Please read this for information on custom tax.
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 Do you ship two items, A (already-released) and B (pre-order item) together?
 We're sorry, but the "Monthly Shipment/Order No." arrangement applies ONLY to "Pre-order" items.
 So the two items will be shipped separately. (See also our General Rules!)
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 I chose "Monthly Shipment/Order No." for two items, but they were shipped separately! Why?
 If you placed a pre-order for item C (released in June) and item D (released in July), then they would be shipped
 out separately, even if they were put in the same cart, and even if the "Monthly Shipment/Order No." arrangement was selected.
 (See also our General Rules!)
 In this case, the item C would be held until the end of June and then be shipped out at the beginning of July.
 The item D would be shipped out when released.
 Note also that even if two items were scheduled to be released in the same month but it turned out that
 one of them were to be released in the next month, two items would be shipped separately.
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 I forgot to order one more item! Can I add the item to the order or combine orders?
 With already-released items, orders that are placed within 24 hours, from 8:46am to 8:45am on the next day
 (Japan time GMT+9) are combined as we find appropriate. (Please note that order numbers
 provided to you may be all different but are actually shipped together.)

 If you use SAL Small Packet for shipment of multiple orders within the period above,
 we will try to combine shipment unless there is a back-order item included or the items exceed
 the limitations of SAL Small Packet etc.
 For EMS shipments, we will usually separate the shipments as we have been receiving many complaints
 regarding custom tax for large orders.

 To make sure your items are shipped together, please leave a comment in the contact column specifying
 "combine with order No.xx-xxxx-xxxx" at the bottom of the ORDER FORM page for us to know
 you need your items combined.
 Note: If you want an order to be isolated, please put leave a comment such as
 "This order must be isolated from the order No.xx-xxxx-xxxx" in the contact column.

 Please note that, already-released items and pre-ordered items are shipped separately
 even if they are ordered under the same order number.
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 Can you make the amount on an invoice lower than the actual price?
 We are sorry, but we can’t. In compliance with the law, the amount on the invoice should be the same as the
 one on the bill of payment.
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 Can you put the invoice inside the package?
 No, we can’t. In compliance with the law, we are obliged to put the invoice outside the package.
 Your understanding is greatly appreciated.
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* Troubles

 There is a problem with my item! What should I do?
 We are sorry for your inconvenience.
 Please contact us with this form within a week after arrival of your order. It would be of great help in
 understanding exactly what is wrong with the item if some images of the defective parts or wrong items are
 attached to the email.
 Please contact us directly regarding questions or issues regarding products, such as missing parts or defects.
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 I received the shipping notice a month ago, but I haven't got the package yet. What should I do?
 If the parcel is lost in the delivery process, please contact the local post office first.
 When the parcel is sent back to us with no fault on our side, we would have to ask the customer to incur the
 shipping cost again for the second delivery.
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* Product

 Can I change the sizes of clothing and accessories I ordered?
Please double-check the size when ordering clothing such as T-shirts and accessories such as rings. You cannot exchange to another size after the order is placed. The size categories (S, M, L, XL) are based on Japanese standards, which may slightly differ from your country’s standards. Please double-check the actual measurements if this is available in the product details.
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 I want to buy an item marked “Sold Out (Long Sold Out)”. What does this mean?
Items marked as "Sold Out" or "Long Sold Out" are unavailable at the moment. We cannot arrange any special orders for such items. In some cases, they may become available, such as if the manufacturer decides on a reproduction, which is rare for "Long Sold Out" items. Their product information is mainly for reference purposes. An item with the possibility of a manufacturer's reproduction have the option of signing up for our "Waiting list mail", but this does not guarantee, by any means, that the item will be available in the near future, or that it will ever be available.
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* etc.

 About Currency Conversion
 We would like you to think of the amount displayed in USD and in Euro as a mere rough estimate.

 This is especially important when you place a pre-order, since the charge for pre-order items is to be made
 AFTER the items are released, NOT when the pre-order is placed.

 Please note that the actual conversion from Japanese yen to another currency is to be done by the credit card
 issuer when the items are in stock and ready for shipment.

 We cannot take responsibility for any changes in the final amount that is charged to your credit card.

 Thank you very much for your understanding.
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 About items going out of stock while an order is being placed.
 As is often the case with extremely popular items, when a number of customers place orders for the same item
 simultaneously, the number of orders placed for the item can reach the amount of supply that we can offer, and
 thus the item can go out of stock while orders are being placed for it.

 This is because our inventory is updated when the the customer clicks the "submit" button.
 When a stockout occurs in this way, the customer is notified of it right after the "submit" button has been clicked,
 and the whole order is cancelled on the spot.

 We are sorry to have to disappoint some of our customers.
 Your understanding would be greatly appreciated.
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 Shipping Arrangement (Released Items)
 Not all items you can put into the shopping cart are "in stock" in the strictest sense of the term.
 There might be some that are already sold out and unavailable.
 Thus we offer 2 options to choose from.

 -just ship available items. (Shipping faster)
 We ship those items that are available.
 In case of stockout, we notify you AFTER the shipment.

 -notify of stockout by e-mail (Shipping slower)
 We notify you of stockout, if any, IN ADVANCE OF shipment.
 You would then be asked to decide whether you would like to purchase the available items or rather like to
 cancel your order altogether.

 Please note that, in either case, out-of-stock items are to be cancelled, NOT to be put on backorder.
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 About Packaging
 Items are packaged in a cardboard box with either an EMS slip or a SAL label attached to it.
 The names of the items inside are not shown on the cardboard box or on the invoice.
 We use paper as the buffer material for protection. Damage-prone items are wrapped in a bubble wrap.
 Packed inside the cardboard box are the ordered items and the bill of payment.
 If there is a stockout in the order, a stockout notification is also included in the box.
 (image of EMS)  (image of SAL Small Packet)
 Please note that, when we need a large-size box to contain the items,
 we use a box with some name of a commodity on it. (image)
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 About Custom Tax
 When you are purchasing products at Hobby Search, you are not paying for Japanese tax.
 However, please note that there is a possibility that you may be charged additional tax
 by the Customs authorities of your country.

 For more information on custom tax, please contact the customs authority of your country.
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 What is Waiting List Mail?
  This system informs you of items that you are interested in by e-mail.
  This is not backorder and reservation.
  You have to place order when these items are in stock.
  You are not obliged to buy these items even if waiting list mail is sent to you.
  So feel free to use this function.
* Attention
  Note that it sometimes occurs that you are unable to place an order/pre-order
  for the item when you check our homepage after receiving the in-stock notice.
  This is because other customers registered on the waiting-list have placed an
  order/pre-order for the item before you do, making the item no longer open for

  Please note that if a product that is already out of stock on its release
  date is scheduled to be restocked soon, we may send the notification mail
  when the product becomes restocked, rather than when it is released.

  Also, please note that it could take many years until some of the items are restocked,
  while others can be out of stock forever even if you register.

  Lastly, please register anew when you change your email address.
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 About Customer Satisfaction Rating and Customer Evaluation
 Customer Satisfaction Rating and Customer Evaluation are customer-participatory services.
 Each customer is entitled to submit his or her rating on each item, regardless of whether he or she has
 purchased the item.
 You can update your evaluations and ratings.
 Items are ranked as to which of them is rated by the most customers or which was rated the latest.

 Note that Customer Satisfaction Rating and Customer Evaluation are reflections of each evaluators subjective
  views, and lay no claim to be an objective measurement.

 About Customer Satisfaction Rating
 When you want to submit your Satisfaction Rating, all you have to do is to click the stars.
 One star is the lowest rating and 5 is the best.

 About Customer Evaluation
 Click the score of each article and then click the "Evaluate" button.
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 Link to our site
 Our site is link free.
 Please use following banners.



The "Searcha and Ramel" wallpaper download page is here.
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 We want to be your Ad Client
 Hobby Search is now looking for ways to expand our business internationally, to usher as many people as we
 can into the fascinating world of Japanese hobby goods!
 If you happen to have your own website, or are in charge of marketing of such a site, that centers on Japanese
 pop culture such as PVC Figures, Plastic Models etc.,
 we would be very much interested in posting our banner advertisement on your website.
 If you are interested in offering us some ad space on your website, please contact us via this form.
 Feel free to give us whatever information you think would be helpful to us.
 We look forward to your contact!
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 Posting Images and Reviews
On the item page, you can post your review or images you take of the item, to share your views on our site.
We are waiting for your participation!

Please note that, although customers are basically free to express their opinions on the items, postings can be
deleted without advance notice in case they are judged to be inappropriate.

For more information, please read "Terms and Conditions for the Service for Posting Images and Reviews".

How To Enter Pictures
Click the browse button and, on the file selection dialog, select the image file you want to post.
(Please note that the "browse button" may be named differently depending upon the internet browser.)

How To Enter Your Nickname and Review
Enter them in their respective edit boxes.

Notes on Posting Reviews and Images
- Each posted image file needs to be in jpg. format, below 2MB.
- You can send up to 3 files per post.
- Your nickname needs to be made up of fewer than 20 characters.
- Your review needs to be made up of fewer than 500 characters.
- Postings cannot be deleted on the customers' side. Please contact us via email when you wish to delete your
- Be sure to read "Terms and Conditions for the Service for Posting Images and Reviews" before sending your
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 What is Wish List?
Wish List is a function that allows you to register your favorite items.
You can save the trouble of searching for the product every time,
just by registering the item.
For more information on "Wish List", please see the following article.
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If you have any questions and comments e.t.c,
please ask at hs-support@1999.co.jp

TEL: +81-3-5833-3533 FAX: +81-3-5833-3534

Please specify your question as much as possible when you ask one.
Your name, the order number, the name of the item and its very helpful.
Your cooperation is immensely appreciated.
Also please be informed that you might receive no reply to your inquiry if the answer for it is already stated in the FAQ.

Please contact us ONLY in English or in Japanese.
No other language is understood at HOBBY SEARCH.