If you purchase already released items during the project period,
you will get 20 times the Hobby Search points.
This is the last of our 20th anniversary project, so JOIN US NOW if you haven't already!

Applicable items are "in-stock" and "back order items" which can be checked from below buttons.

This project has finished.

<Regulation of the project>

1) In order to enjoy this sweet deal, membership registration is required.
To sign up, please use the form here.
2) Please be aware that this offer is limited to "in-stock items" and "back-order items" items. Pre-order items are not applicable.
3) There are rare cases, where we may be unable to secure ordered items due to concentration of orders. We will always make utmost effort to fulfill customer's order, but your understanding of such cases will be greatly appreciated.
4) Please also note that there are possibility of slight delays in shipment due to concentration of orders.