Hobby Search 20th Anniversary Project No.3!!
"Zero Yen Sale" Project!

Period of the project
5th Apr.2019(Fri) - 7th Apr.2019(Sun)
The project will start from 18:00 of 5th Apr.2019(Fri), Japan time (GMT+9).

Free products! Free delivery! 3 days only!
Mainly character goods but you may also find figures and plastic kit!?
Limited for one item per a household!
This sale project will end as soon as our stock run out.

This project has finished.

1) "Zero yen Sale" item is limited for one item per a household.
2) The "Zero Yen Sale" items cannot be cancelled and/or changed.
3) Shipping cost will be shown when you place your order,
but will not actually be charged (as we will be paying this for you).
4) "Zero Yen Sale" item cannot be added to the cart simultaneously with other item. Please place an order on it's own.
5) You cannot choose the shipping method.
Regardless of your selected method, we will use whatever is most economical and available for your destination between "SAL Small Packet", "ePacket Light", or "EMS".
6) For payment method, please select PayPal Express Checkout.
Payment method will be changed to PayPal Express Checkout, regardless of whatever you had selected.
If you had selected Credit Card for payment method, a temporary charge will be made at the time of ordering. This will be cancelled at a later stage.
7) If the "Zero yen Sale" item is combined with any other orders, standard shipping cost will be applicable.
8) Violation of above rules may cause cancellation of your order.
9) For "Zero Yen Sale" order, please note that there is a possibility of delay in shipping by several days.
10) For "Zero Yen Sale" items, we are unable to offer any compensation or assistance in case of problems with the product themselves or problems with shipment.