What is Giclee?

Our exclusive Giclee is the reproduction of the original art work using the very latest ink-jet printing technology.
It captures sharpest detail and highest resolution which is as true to the original art work as possible.
Giclee will be autographed by the illustrator with serial number.

Comment from Hobby Search Staff, Pistachio:
"Giclee is absolutely beautiful! It's almost indistinguishable from the original art!"

Hobby Search Exclusive Giclee illustrated by Mataro

Close-up shot
Overview (with frame)
* Serial number will be added to the autographed Giclee.
* Giclee will be shipped with gorgeous picture frame and certificate
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By the way...Who is Mataro?

Mataro is the one of the most well known bishoujo illustrator who also design amazing figure characters!
If you are fan of bishoujo figures, you may recognize Mataro sensei if you see below figures.

Preorder Giclee now!