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Password Rules
1. Passwords must be 6-16 characters in length.
2. Passwords must contain both letters and numbers.
3. Your password cannot be the same as your Hobby Search ID.

Password Recommendations
1. We recommend you change your password regularly.

2. Suggested passwords
- as many characters as you can remember
- a mix of both upper and lower case letters
- difficult to guess

3. Discouraged Passwords
- repeated
ex) aaaaa1, 11111a
- only uppercase or lowercase
ex) HOBBYSEARCH0, hobbysearch1
- easy to guess - simple passwords
ex) a123456, ABCDEFG1, asdfjkl0, hs1999, password1234, 0apple
- easy to guess - similar to ID
ex) ID: SUN ... PW: sunsun1, SUNSUN1, Sunday1985