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Creatures Revealed
The end of the summer is drawing near.
...well, at least in the northern hemisphere.

I find myself getting a bit sentimental this time of the year. I don't know why, but I always do.

By the way, this is Tomeko again.
Today, let me give you a glimpse into the anatomy of various creatures, aquatic and land-dwelling, old and new.

FAME MASTER Anatomy Models

This series is about learning about the anatomical structure of dinosaurs, frogs, humans and many other creatures, to give you an idea of just how miraculously elaborate the insides of animals are.

HOBBY SEARCH having no adequate genres for this series, they are classified into the "military"category.
Don't ask me why. I didn't do it.

A little far from being huggable like most of the items sold at our shop, they surely stand out in high relief among other military-related models like airplanes and battleships.

Why don't we learn to play while learning?

Dolphin Anatomy Model
inside a dolphin

Everybody knows that dolphins are mammals, but did you know that Herman Melville in his magnum opus "Moby Dick" boldly categorizes them as fish, not a member of our family?
Very original, right?

If you look closer, you will realize how their bone structure resembles that of other "regular" mammals that live on the ground.
They have what look like front legs, which of course are bones for their breast fins.
And lungs too. You see, they have no gills.

This anatomy series focus not just on vertebrates.
Next on the list is...
Beetle Anatomy Model
inside of Beetle

a unicorn beetle.

Isn't it amazing how things get ugl... I mean, attractive when they are magnified?
The armor-like outer skin covering the intricate configuration of internal organs is almost like a mechanical marvel.
Is it just me, or does this one remind you of "The Metamorphosis" of Franz Kafka?

Next to come is,,,
Snail Anatomy Model
NOT a slug

I read somewhere before that they tend to be infected with a bunch of dangerous, disease-carrying parasites. Might as well keep your distance from real ones.

I also read somewhere that they change genders several times in their sluggish lifetime.
How liberal!!
But I guess they cannot be a male and a female at the same time.

Don't say "Gross!"
They are cute in their own peculiar way.
They are definitely going to offer you a wonderful learning experience.

See ya!
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