Cough cough......oh! Something came out!

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Cough cough......oh! Something came out!
Good evening, Gabas here!!
I took a sick leave on Tuesday, and sadly couldn't write on wed.

But today is the day! This day has finally arrived!!
To all those Busou Shinshi* out there!! (*Busou = Armored, Shinshi = Gentlemen)
Sorry to keep you waiting!!

That's right!!
The NEW items from
The 4th volume of the Busou Shinki Light Armor series is here!!

Busou Shinki Light Armor Kohiru

Busou Shinki Light Armor Melienda

We shall increase the Shinki Fans with these girls!!
Go Forth, our brave Busou Shinshi!! Do not lose to the cold reactions of the society!

ah yes, brings back memories of when they started selling so cheap...
such despair, people were even whispering that the series would end...

Hearing the kind of things people would say about it,
errr Busou Shinki? Oh, that series? Pfft, do I collect that junk, you ask? Ahahahaha!

(*^w^) *twitch*
Gabas: HEY YOU! Do you know how many Busou Shinki I've collected?
I mean, how many I've bought to support the cause?

errr... 'corse I don't

*note: He doesn't keep track after 20... apparently.
But yeah, the Kohiru and Melienda this time,
I think, out of all the Shinki so far, that their eyes are printed the prettiest.

Well actually, could be that their whole face is cute...

Btw. Gabas bought Kohiru-chan!!

huh, y didn't u get Melienda?

Right, lets open it, shall we?

I said, why didn't you get Melienda??

Here, the plain body!

KAWAII!!! You are Sooo CUTE!!! Kohiru!!

From the side...

Changing the hair parts,

and even changing the expression parts!!

whats with that look, are you trying to seduce me?

...errr the guys gone nuts.

Since its Busou Shinki, we might as well equip them!!

*equipping... please wait one moment...
The normal Busou Shinki so far had to merge the extension spacer and armor parts, before equipping onto the Shinki, but this time, the spacer is already merged! That's pretty convenient!


Kohiru: Master, Equipping process is complete!!

Gabas: Right then, I wanna pic from the back, so turn your back to me.

The chopstick holder is equipped to the waist too!!


It can transform into chopsticks!!! (wow!)

And heres something Gabas would love to show you!!

Gabas: You don't mind, do you? Show me just a little bit!
Kohiru: Wha, you perverted master! Sto... Stop It!

Gabas: Come on, you know you want to~
Kohiru: aaaahh!! (slightly embarrassed)

That's right!! The sole of the shoes have been made with such fine details!!

And, this is true to ones already on sale like Partio etc, but some people have the idea that they are all the same size, so here,

As you can see, its slightly smaller to the normal Shinki! You can think of her as the younger sister!

So that's it for the intro of Busou Shinki Light Armor series Vol.4,
Kohiru (Chopstick Shinki) and Melienda (Spoon Shinki).

See you next time~

By Gabas, who informs that Dolls are expensive.

So, why didn't you get Melienda anyway?

Gabas: BE QUEIT!! It's a financial matter!! *smacks*

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