Miyazawa Model Exhibition Report vol.2

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Miyazawa Model Exhibition Report vol.2
★Continuing with Kotobukiya

From Frame Arms, the Zenrai and Kfanjal that we have just started taking reservations for the other day was displayed. They are apparently a variation of Gorai and Stylet, but the impression you get from their appearance is just so different!

From Border Break, the Cougar 1st Type Armament Heavy Firepower A Class Color was on exhibit.
It seemed like an unpainted plain construction (sugumi). It could be different to the product version.......may be.


Colorful Hoihoi-san ~heavily Armed 'Nightmare' Ver.~

The new product has been announced from the highly popular series that's still expanding, Hoihoi-san!
We weren't given any details, but apparently its scheduled for release in Spring.


The new products from X-Plus, company popular for their special effects monster products. The most featured item is the Godzilla 2003, I guess. The texture and the paintwork is great, but the massive silhouette is just extraordinary.
The Vakishim we have started taking reservations for the other day had bee displayed, fully colored!
Other than that, Ultraman Zero, Pigumon etc. were also displayed, and they seemed as if they just popped out of the screen!

Of course, there is still more to come!

By Tomeko.

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