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PVC Figure
Updated Everyday! Hobby Search Blog!
Hello everyone, Nice to meet you!
Joining the Hobby Search Blog Pirates crew from today, Tominon here!

I'm still a newbie crewmember that's basically clueless,
But I'd like to try my best to entertain you!

So yeah, Nice to meet you!

With that out of the way, I would like to share the event held at Akihabara UDX on 20th June 2010.

The name of the event is Fathers Day Tie Completion Fest!

......just kidding, its the

Treasure Fest In AKIBA!!
Treasure Fest In AKIBA

Oh!! WOW!!! Awesome!!!! *claps*

Allow me to explain!
The Treasure Fest is!
An event where people, regardless of pros or armatures, get together to display and sell character figurines they like that they made!
There is also a Charity Auction too!

This time, as it was held in the sacred grounds of Akihabara, it seems that the staff had put quite some effort in it too.

The inside of the hall was like this.
Treasure Fest In AKIBA
People! People! People! Soooooo many PEOPLE!!!
It was soo crowded that they had to limit the entry in the morning! Wow, as expected from Akihabara!

Alright, the rest shall be the image gallery! Enjoy!

By the Event Organizer, Griffon Enterprise
Treasure Fest In AKIBA
Ah, the smoothly flowing hair is so beautiful, isn't it?

Treasure Fest In AKIBA
The clockworks display stand is made so well!

Treasure Fest In AKIBA
Ah, the lightly swaying skirt.

Treasure Fest In AKIBA
Awww I wanna arrange them all and display them together!

By Amie-Grand
Treasure Fest In AKIBA
I love the gap between the soft looking flesh and the hard looking armor.

Treasure Fest In AKIBA
Ah, the target of admiration of all girls.

By Zenko (Iosen)
Treasure Fest In AKIBA
Cheers to the beautiful leg peeking from the skirt.

Treasure Fest In AKIBA
Ah soo energetic!

By The Red Shoes Club
Treasure Fest In AKIBA
It feel like they give you energy just looking at them.

By Amin, Lady of Garage Kits
Treasure Fest In AKIBA
Its hard to take your eyes off her cool staring eyes.

By Aggressive
Treasure Fest In AKIBA
Bunny in sailor uniform.

By Sakura Front Line
Treasure Fest In AKIBA
It really looks as if she is about to move

By Sangendo, sometimes Kirakutei
Treasure Fest In AKIBA
ah the crown lightly sittin on the heads are very cute

Treasure Fest In AKIBA
Those gentle eyes makes you feel relaxed.

By T's system
Treasure Fest In AKIBA
The expression very suitable for Mio.

Treasure Fest In AKIBA
They all have such cute girly body line.

By Ryunryun Tei
Treasure Fest In AKIBA
Aaaaaaah the eyes are glowing!!

By Mouse Unit
Treasure Fest In AKIBA
Flying around the world on the Leek Rocket!

By Reply From...
Treasure Fest In AKIBA
They have such slender legs!

By Yamaidare
Treasure Fest In AKIBA
They have such slender legs! (ver.2.0)

By Cherry Blossom
Treasure Fest In AKIBA
They are made so that you can switch parts!

By kuni20xx
Treasure Fest In AKIBA
The deformed faces are soo cute!

By Tora brindle
Treasure Fest In AKIBA
Chirarism is Justice.

By People
Treasure Fest In AKIBA
I feel a charm of maturity in sis Luka's expression

By Yamaneko Tei
Treasure Fest In AKIBA
A variety of Itasha lined up.

Right, that's all!
There were still so many more booth, that we couldn't fit on the blog!

But seriously, don't you think the quality is ultra high for being made by individuals? This is really exciting for those that loves figurines! For those that wants to see more, I would recommend you to take a camera and attend the event!

Also, I would like to thank all the dealers for giving us permission to take pics, thanks everyone!

Well then, that will be it for my first blog post here.
Errr... hope it was alright...

See you again!

By Tominon

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