Experience HO-Scale with a single coin!

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Experience HO-Scale with a single coin!
Hello everyone, Kapinozuka here.

The other day, I made a great discovery when I was wondering around in the entertainment facility at a certain shipping mall.

THERE IS A HOlayout at an ARCADE!!!!!

There are double multi-rails overhead lines installed, and there are 4 types of trains, from Shinkansen bullet trains to diesel limited express trains on the rails.
Ah, interesting...selection of train types.

There were a total of 4 drivers seats.
You can drive each of the four mentioned above from the seats.

It seems it's a 100yen per round at this place.
So I thought I'd give it a try!

As I'm clueless about the game, I started with the beginner mode.

It seems that you have to control the trains within the set time limit, and follow the instruction given by the game along the way, such as depart, adjust speed, stop, blow the warning whistle etc. and simulate a train operation.

During the game play, there are areas where you will need to run at a specified speed, or points requiring you to sound the horn etc. so while you drive, it is quite busy.

You won't really have time to sit back and enjoy observing the train,
unlike the displays at the museums.

On the leader train of the model... there is a CCD Camera equipped! So you can view the scenery from the drivers seat through the monitor.
Plus, the game display and the train model running on the rails are integrated too.
I was surprised to see that the models weren't just sitting there looking pretty, but actually runs too!

Being able to see the view from the drivers point of view through the monitor and stop at the specified station platform, or watch the model running in front of you and control it from a third person's perspective, its up to you to choose how you enjoy it! How amazing!

However, the parking position at the platform seems to be administered by a sensor.
So naturally, you won't be able to pass unless you park it properly, to some degree.

On the beginner mode, the time limit is pre-set,
and once you successfully complete the game, the points will just be added on.

For the expert mode, the time limit will increase if you successfully complete an instruction, and reduced if you fail, so a point system similar to "Densha de Go!" apply here.

I've written quite a lot about this game, and its called
Aim! To be a Master Driver!

(Mezase! Unten no Tatsujin –Diorama Tetsudo-)

(taken from the company catalogue)

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to call it the main layout,
But I've summed up what I could gather from what I could see.

About the Infrastructure (Railway)
- There are 2 sets of Oval multi-line loops
- Double layered due to a flyover.
- It's a simple course with no intersection points or level crossings.
- By the use of the "New System Rails" by Endo, it has high endurance.
  Seems to be designed with the assumption for models made with metal to run on long periods.
  *the new system rails has a reputation for being sturdier than that of other companies.

About the trains (car formation)
- For this particular arcade, the car formations were of the following
  Series N700 (Shinkansen Nozomi): 3car formation (modified Katsumi?)
  Series E231 No500 (Yamanote Line): 3car formation (Modified Endo or Tomix?)
  Series 455 (Green liner): 3car formation (Modified Tomix?)
  Series Kiha 82 (Limited Express): 3car formation (Modified Kato?)
  *The trains seems to differs from store to store.
- They are equipped with CCD Camera
- They are also equipped with interior lighting.
- They are fixed 3-car formation, being linked with a cable inside the cars, enabling a stable operation for all three cars and deliver the image of run
  (a customization method often used at railway museums)

- The starting point is both island type platforms on an elevated station.
- The length of the platform is enough to allow a 3-car formation Shinkansen to be parked.
- Structures include office buildings, apartments, factories, farms etc. positioned with nice balance.
  *There were few I believe were DDF products.
  (the items such as Globular Gas Holder and factories etc. at the corner are by DDF, aren't they?)
- These structures also had decoration lights too.
- The ferris wheels were spinning
- The cars placed on the roads were The Car Collection 80 by Tomytec and others which could not be identified.

So that's basically the content.
(please don't mention that I pursued for so much details in a short period of time)

But anyway, I couldn't believe my eyes.
I had thought that railway models and arcades were so unrelated.
According to the data from the manufacturing company "Hope", it is an arcade game machine that was released in 2009.
I am ashamed of myself that I did not know of the existence of such amazing game for over a year!
I'm sorry for my lack of research!

By the way, once you reach the time limit, the game will end there and the train will automatically return to the start position.
And on the display screen, it says "Operating under ATC".
I felt like butting in and saying
"It's ATO, not ATC!"

"Who cares bout such minor things!!"


The positioning of structures was well placed so that the train can be seen easily.

I also think the train types were selected very well,
so that everyone can enjoy it, regardless of child or adult.
*the car selections a variable between stores

It may be more for small friends,
but I'm sure even the big boys can enjoy this very well too.

If you find one of these, why not give it a go,
a HO-scale train operation simulation game that can be light-heartedly enjoyed with just a single coin!
*the cost per play may also differ between stores.

By Kapinozuka, who thinks it would be interesting to make a N-scale version of this layout.

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