Griffon!! (Enterpri...)

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Griffon!! (Enterpri...)
That Black Labor, which had caused the Special Forces Second Division so much grief,
D-Style TYPE-J9 Griffon
TYPE-J9 Griffon
will be released in the D-Style series from Kotobukiya!!

ah! Releasing Griffon before the Type-Zero!!
They know their audience well!!

So yeah, Gabas here GoooodEvening!!
Today, we'll be checking out the D-Style Type-J9 Griffon,
scheduled for release in October from Kotobukiya!!
So anyway, let's take a look at it as a whole!!
Starting with the front!!
D-Style TYPE-J9 Griffon

ooooh! Griffon has been reproduced very well!!

Next up, the side view
D-Style TYPE-J9 Griffon

Hehehe! Unlike Ingram, the face from the side
really looks like that of a villain!!

And also the back!!
D-Style TYPE-J9 Griffon

Ah the backpack is important, right!?
A Labor can become so awesome,
just by having wings!!

You can also make the wings extend too!!!!
D-Style TYPE-J9 Griffon

Ah! As expected from Kotobukiya, they really don't hold back,
even for such small detail!

Speaking of Griffon, it is the first Labor to be equipped with a flight unit,
but it also comes with the "Aqua Unit"
that was used for the undercover mission!!
D-Style TYPE-J9 Griffon
That's right, it will be brought to you with the Aqua Unit as well!!
D-Style TYPE-J9 Griffon

ahahahaha including such great extras, is this some kind of infomercial or something?


Anyway, here is the set contents!
D-Style TYPE-J9 Griffon
Comes with the closed fist and flight unit, as well as aqua unit too!!
And in a Gabas' point of view,
I was slightly uncertain of this D-Style series when I heard that they were going to deform the Griffon, but I was really impressed when I saw these sample pics, it really shows how well they are made! The oppressing atmosphere that the Ingram from last time didn't possess!
On top of that, the hand expression really suites that of a villain, I really like it!
And of course, it's partially pre-painted too! (the mold of the inner-side of camera eye, the red reverse triangle mold on the chest, and red mold part on the hip area)

This really is...

A must buy! *fully wrapped in bandages*

So yeah,
That's it for the introduction of D-Style Type-J9 Griffon, due for release in Oct. by Kotobukiya!!
Still taking preorders, so let's use this opportunity!!
Right then, see you next time~

By Gabas, who had to visit the dentist again...*trembles*

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