Tiny Cute Holy Grail Wars - It Comes in Boxes!

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Tiny Cute Holy Grail Wars - It Comes in Boxes!
Nendoroid Petite: Fate/stay night
Now on sale!

The participants of the Holy Grail War, those masters and servants, are now available as cute little action figures, Nendoroid Petite!
This set is comprised of Saber, Rin, Sakura, Ilya, and Rider, who each come in two different types.

11 different kinds plus 1 secret, available for purchase in a box of 12!

Three Hobby Search staff members split the cost and already bought a box (!) so...
I asked for permission to take pictures of them!
Below, I present you with pictures hot off the Hobby Search press!

First, a group shot.

They're so adorable!
They're so adorable!
They're so adorable!
(Because once was not enough)

Let's take a look at each! First, we have...

Saber <Excalibur>
Just look at the details on her armor!
At this size!
Modelled to perfection!
Her expression is that of a king.

Saber <Caliburn>
That strong smile...
Yes! I am your master!

Rider <Magic>
Even at this size, the magic circle retains all the little details.
It's like a snapshot of battle, the way her hair flows behind her.

Rider <Dagger>
A Rider by any other size would be just as sexy.
And that's not all...

You can remove her mask!
She's so beautiful I could turn into stone.

Rin <Red Devil>
She looks so cute with her hand on her hips like this!

Rin <Magic Jewels>
The jewels in her hands look like cat paws!

Ilya <Coat>
You can take off her hat! (and maybe put it on someone else!)

Ilya <Dress>
The other side of Ilya.
Seeing two different views of the same character is just too much fun.

Sakura <Apron>
A closer look reveals the sakura flower print on her apron.

Sakura <Uniform>
If only a gentle soul like Sakura would make me breakfast every day...

Sleepwear Saber!
Her cup is of course a lion cup. They didn't miss any details!
The rare glimpse of a relaxed Saber.

And that's eleven!

But that's not all!
The moment you've been waiting for, the secret figure...
You can see a bit of it in the first picture, but here it is in full!

This is the secret...

SD Saber and pullback lion!
Will you believe that this lion actually runs!

It's got wheels!
I think this is the first mobile Nendoroid Petite!

It's a shame I can't show you the lion in action...
But to give you an idea, it's zippy like a Choro-Q!
I hope you'll get a chance to check it out too.

Front view.
So cute... So... MOE!

And a rear view.
Who can resist this smooth, round butt and slightly curled tail?

By swapping the upper body parts,
The others can ride around on the lion too!

Oh Sakura, you're so cute!
Her flowing hair is a perfect fit for racing around on this lion.

With the Lion Saber Nendoroid (sold separately)!
I gave them the same face.
Cute overload!

Their face parts are interchangeable as usual, so you can make every Saber this cute!

Saber, with her hair down.
She looks so different without her hair tied back.

The same characters lined up looks great too.

And last but not least, Saber harem!
It's too incredibly cute!
I must have more!

So as you see, we were able to get all 11+1 types this time.
Very nice.

Time flies when you're changing the face parts or poses of these fun Nendoroid Petite figures.
They're about half the size of standard Nendoroids, so...

You can put them on your study desk,
Secretly decorate your office desk,
Sneak them into your bag before you go out,
Buy lots with your friends and line them all up,
Take pictures with them at your favorite spots,
And so on. They'll light up any part of your day.

They bring joy to your life by just being there... such are Nendoroid Petites.

And only 500 yen for something this cute!?
I can't help but be grateful for being born in Japan.

Thank you Japan.
Thank you, Good Smile Company.
And thank you, my dear coworkers.

Nendoroid Petite: Fate/stay night!
Sold in boxes of 12!
And you can get them even if you're not in Japan!

- Tominon
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