30 Years of History! Gundam Super Expo 2010 Report (Part 3)

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30 Years of History! Gundam Super Expo 2010 Report (Part 3)

Hey there everyone, this is Tominon.
I'll be wrapping up the report on the Gundam Super Expo 2010, so let's get right to it.
This time we'll look at the final L and A areas of GUNPLA as well as the Gundam World zone.

The L area, the Life style of GUNPLA, had on display the many collaborations between Gunpla and things that surrond our daily lives.

This is a collaboration between everyone's favorite instant noodles and everyone's favorite Gundam model kits.
These are special 1/380 scale (the world's smallest!) Gunpla and come in four types, and come out on 8/31.

And this is the Chili Tomato Flavor Char Custom Cup Noodle mini Gunpla Pack series released on 8/2.
The three different flavors each come with a Z'Gok, a Gelgoog, and of course a Zaku, in awesome clear red.

This "Dream Flight" project aims to strengthen the bonds between families with the common link of Gundam.
A "Gundam wrapping" design jet will be fly in the skies of Japan until next March!

There's also Gunpla in limited edition ANA color versions.

This SoftBank 914SH G TYPE-CHAR (discontinued) cell phone came with this Zaku II Char Custom head shaped charging stand. It even had a glowing eye!

With this impressive bag from Porter, you can build Gunpla anywhere!

The A area, the Ahead of GUNPLA zone, showed us what was in store for the future of Gunpla.

This is the display of Gunpla photographs from fans all across the country.
You could see in each and every photograph how much they love Gunpla.
Among all these awesome and original creations, there was one that really grabbed my attention...

The Relakkuma Acguy! It's adorable!
Maybe there's something about Acguy that's bear-like, since there's also the Beacguy.

This is the alloy weight comparison corner, where you could actually feel the weights of different alloys.
Gundarium was so light!

This model was made with Gundarium Alloy in mind, thinking that maybe Gunpla will be made of Gundarium alloy and not plastic in the future.

This is the Ecopla display - these solid black Gunpla sure are something. And ecologically friendly.
These are made from recycled spare and junk plastics that are produced in making Gunpla.
They're all different colors, but they mix them and color them black for this upcoming Ecopla line.

Once you exit the GUNPLA zone, you step right into the Gundam World Zone.
Here, they had showings of Gunpla Builders Beginning G, toys, play areas, Robot Spirits, and more.

* FW Gundam Converge 10 pieces
This new Converge line is all the goodness of mobile suits condensed into tiny little figures.

* Gundam 00 the Movie Ring of Meisters 6 pieces (Tentative name)
These are vignettes of the four mobile suits that appear in the Gundam 00 movie.
The concept for the bases is not using support rods, so all of them have incredibly dynamic poses.

* FW Series Gundam STANDart7 6 pieces

* SDX Ryuso Ryubi Gundam

* Robot Spirits < SIDE MS > Kapool

* Robot Spirits < SIDE MS > Strike Freedom Gundam

* 1/1 Gundam Vignette (Sample)

These beam saber chopsticks are so good you'd think they came from a Gunpla set.
They're going to be available only at the Gundam Cafe in Akihabara starting on 9/18.

Notebooks for the studious Gundam fan.

They had limited edition version for sale only at this event, like the HG 1/144 RX-78-3 G-3 Gundam or MG 1/100 Gouf Ver.2.0 Clear Color Version.

And so ends the Gundam Super Expo 2010 report.
This event was so good I thought, "All this, for free!?" upon stepping out of its halls.
It was a really good display of the 30 years of Gunpla history and the many more years to come. Thank you, Bandai.

This Gundam Expo is actually part of the Gundam Expo Japan Tour and will be continuing in Sendai, Sapporo, and Nagoya, so if you missed this Tokyo Expo you still have a chance!
Here's the official site (in Japanese).

- Tominon

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