[I'll Be] The Return of Sarah [Back]

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[I'll Be] The Return of Sarah [Back]
I was absent-mindedly watching TV the other day, when I suddenly heard

"Tama is out!".

I was really surprised and wondered if they were talking about figures of Tama-Ne or something, but it seemed that I just misheard

"Time Out!"

on a sports program... So yeah, hey everyone, Tomeko here.
I think I should go make an appointment with a hearing specialist or a therapist sometime soon.

Enough of my trivial issues for now.
Since we hadn't touched on Dolls recently, we will be looking at this lovely lady here today↓.

• Sahra –Hello, again-
*note: This product is to begin reservation on the 7th of Sep.
Please bear with us a little longer for more information.
Sahra Hello again

For those that doesn't know her; it's nice to meet you.
For those that does; nice to see you again.

Azone's original doll "Sahra" will be renewed with PureNeemo Body!!!

This blue eyed, blond neat young lady is miss "Sahra".
PureNeemo Flection M has been used for her body.
Compared to the Ex-Cute series that corresponds to S-size, she is slightly taller.

Sahra Hello again

Here is a close-up of her face. A widely opened type, cute round eyes.
Her face might give a slightly young impression compared to the old products, could be due to the facial lines or the style changes, but she doesn't look excessively young or anything.

I was personally reminded of [Koron] from Ex-Cute series, but she seems a little more mature than [Koron].
Gosh, I wanna just take her hom......*cough cough*

Sahra Hello again

The overall design is cute, and is softly rounded up. Looking at the use of color, the season of spring would probably suite her best.
Wouldn't it be great to run around in the flower fields, giggling?

Sahra Hello again

Her hair is a long straight blond. With no curls, it seems pretty easy to handle, so it might be fun arranging hairstyles and things too.

Sahra Hello again

She comes with a hat too. With this, you won't need to worry about the strong sunlight.
Awwwww, makes you wanna take her outside, right?

Sahra Hello again

Right then.
It's clearly obvious that "Sahra" is just very cute, but let's look into the finer parts.

Sahra Hello again
Close up of the clothing.
The frills of the Jumper skirt are great, but the lace of the collar is just so well done.
The fact that they can put this much detail into an outfit of a 27cm doll is really the Azone Quality.

Sahra Hello again

Around the hem of the skirt and legs. Much frills and laces are used here too.
Not too simple, yet not overly decorative.
Azone doesn't just have great skill in doll outfit making, but their sense of style really stands out too.

We haven't started taking pre-orders for her yet, but the actual product will apparently be displayed at the Azone's shop in Akihabara, so if you get a chance to visit Akihabara, why not go take a look?
The actual thing is soooo much better than the photos.

Sahra Hello again

Here is the flyer we were given.
There is only one face parts, yet the expression changes so much just by the slightest difference in gesture......
Sarah, really can't be underestimated!!

I just love the depth of enjoyment for dolls, the way you can express their smile with small changes to their gestures and angles.

Oh yeah,
it says on the back of the flyer that this will be announced as the new brand "Sahra's a la mode", so there will be new friends and clothing to be released too!
The bodies used will also range between PureNeemo at XS, S, M, and L sizes, so it really will widen the horizon of Sahra!

That's it for today's introduction of the renewed lady "Sahra", that will be starting her reservation soon.

That's all for today!
See you next time!!

By Tomeko.
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