Chara Hobby 2010 C3xHOBBY Report (Good Smile Company, Max Factory)

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Chara Hobby 2010 C3xHOBBY Report (Good Smile Company, Max Factory)
Hey there everyone, this is Tominon.
I'm back with more Chara-Hobby pictures and info!
This time we have Good Smile Company and Max Factory!

The booth was rife with activity and filled with Black Rock Shooter video and music.
There were even younger girls there, giddily taking pictures of BRS figures.

* Hatsune Miku Tony ver.
* Racing Miku (Sample)
* VOCALOID Lily (November 2010)
A sample of Racing Miku! Her usual outfit's great, but so is this, especially these white kneesocks.

There are already a lot of Lily songs on nicovideo despite it not even being a week since her release.
They're still discussing what her "item" will be.

* mikumix Utahime-san
This is a... different... Miku, from a 4-koma manga, Utahime-san.

* figma Black Rock Shooter
* figma Dead Master
* figma Black Gold Saw

* 3D Dot Figure Black Rock Shooter (TBA)
* 3D Dot Figure Dead Master (TBA)

This is a new BRS figure project, the 3D Dot Figure line!
It's a familiar take of a fresh character. Or something. Fat Company is working on this project.

* Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter

* Nendoroid Petite Black Rock Shooter Set

This Nendoroid Petite set coems with the Black Rock Shooter Blu-ray & DVD Set Limited Edition.

* BLACK ROCK SHOOTER: Black Blade ver.
* Black Rock Shooter

* Black Gold Saw

* Black Rock Shooter -animation version-

* Dead Master -animation version-

* Nendoroid Saber: Super Moveable Edition
* Saber -Triumphant Excalibur-
Saber harem!

* Nendoroid Petite Takamachi Vivio (March 10, 2011)

* Nendoroid Plus Voice Charm Collection Keroro Gunsou (Sample)
You can press the voice unit to make him speak, and it even doubles as a base.

* Koukuu Jiei-tan (Spring 2011)
* Army-san (Tentative)
The weapons are really detailed.

* Nendoroid Petite Nanoha & Fate Set (January 2011)

* Paladin Tamaki Kosaka
* Priestess Konomi Yuzuhara
Even ToHeart2 is joining the Nendoroid lineup! Konomi will be the first, followed by Tamaki.

* Junko Hattori (TBA)
* Senjyogahara Hitagi Good Smile Company Ver.
* Sengoku Nadeko Good Smile Company Ver.

Junko Hattori from Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou in 1/8 scale! Wearing 1/8 scale fundoshi underwear!

* Yuri (Sample)
The Wonder Festival samples of Angel Beats figures were clear, but this sample with surfacer was at Chara-Hobby.

Ritsu Mugi, and Mio scale figures from Max Factory, in great costumes and poses. Now we're just waiting on Yui and Azusa!

* Nendoroid Petite: K-ON! (Season One) 12 pieces (Special Discount: 20% Off!)
Preorders are open at a special price of 20% off right here at Hobby Search!
They're tiny, but the quality isn't any less.

Bonus Section: Look What Else They Had There!

Black Rock Curry! Blacker than the blackest black!
They also serve this at the Good Smile Cafe at Matsudo (Japan).
I wonder what's in it. Sesame? Squid ink?

We have some pictures of the Good Smile Cafe here including some nice shots of the Black Gold Saw figure.

They were also selling these pixiv collaboration clear folders at the event.

And that's all for today's report. There's still more coming!

I worked hard on today's entry. What's that? It looks the same as yesterday's? Nah, you must be seeing things.

- Tominon
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