Sample Images of Makise Kurisu from Steins;Gate

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Sample Images of Makise Kurisu from Steins;Gate
Randomly getting the urge to bulk purchase those Mini 4WD or what nots, but is always having to dismiss the urge due to the severe reality that I don't have a circuit to let it run on... Hi people, Tomeko here, how do you do?

Today, we've borrowed a sample from the generous Kotobukiya, so I thought I'd share with you all, the images I had the pleasure of photographing.

Makise Kurisu
Figure Makise Kurisu Kotobukiya

From the game "STEINS;GATE" that's gaining some attention lately, the tsun-dere heroine, Lady "Makise Kurisu" is here!
......the fact that I couldn't read her name at first is a secret. Japanese Kanji is hard, ok?

Figure Makise Kurisu Kotobukiya 2

A super intelligent girl that specializes in Neuroscience. And happens to be a tsun-dere character too.
I personally haven't played the game yet,
but I really do wonder in what kind of situation she would "dere" under.
(*note: if you aren't familiar with the term 'tsundere', go look it up on the net!)

Figure Makise Kurisu Kotobukiya Front On Close Up

Front on shot close up.
This is another secret, but I kinda muttered while photographing, that the way her eyes are drawn reminded me of Black Rock Shooter's, and was told that its actually was by the same person... gosh, was I embarrassed, me and my lack of knowledge.

Figure Makise Kurisu Kotobukiya Side on shot

Side on shot.
The positioning of gears that looks so quiet, yet seems as if it would start moving at any given moment.

Figure Makise Kurisu Kotobukiya extras

The cell phone that becomes a key item in the game has been quietly reproduced too (and its actually slightly broken as well, how detailed!).
The coloring of the gears really adds to the atmosphere, looking very nice.

Figure Makise Kurisu Kotobukiya sneak shot

The service shot of the day (?)
Taking a peek through the ring of the gear. Such a great angle!

Figure Makise Kurisu Kotobukiya Display Base

The display base.
If you thought its just another clear stand base, you are greatly mistaken.
It's been specifically molded to blend to the SF-taste of the game, a little extra that also adds to the total atmosphere!

At the time I was given the flier for it, my first impression was that it seemed rather simple and tame, but I guess I was very wrong.
(I'm really sorry, Kotobukiya!)

It seems as if her expression changes depending on the angle you look from, so it doesn't get boring at all.
It's not the type that has overly complicated molds and drawings,
but if you actually come across the actual figure, it really is worth stopping by, just to take a look.

I personally like looking up at her hips from the bottom, through the gears.
Errr... I wasn't thinking anything dodgy, of course...... you believe me, right?

Errm, anyway, that's it for today!
Thanks for reading our blog, see you next time!

By Tomeko, who got bitten by her cat.

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