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Desk Mat!!

but... But its mortifying...
that getting out of bed each morning...
TAKES REALLY LONG!! It just takes time!!

Dude, it's not that cold yet, geeeeze!

So yeah Gabas here HELLO!!!

Today, I'll be introducing stuff that people of the world (or at Hobby Search anyway) refers to as Desk Mats, from the character goods!

If you are wondering what this Desk Mat is... allow me to explain...
Well yeah...

It's a mat you put on the desk!!

Are you stupid, or do you just act it?
Don't try n explain something so self-explanatory...

Anyway, let's start with the sizes!! *ignores comment*
Almost all of them are A3 size (approx.420x297mm)

Well that is a decent size to lay on the desk!

These items are great in a way that...
You can stare at your favorite characters while you work!
A3 Clear Desk Mat Kudwafter
You could be doing homework and assignments while gazing at Kud!! Ah cute!! SO CUTE!! Kudryavka!

A3 Clear Desk Mat To Aru Kagaku no Railgun
Drooling at the nice body of Saten-san, while building Gundam kits!!

Baka to Test to Shokanju Desk Mat
Laying eyes on Hideyoshi and... *sighs*

Oi!! What did you do with Hideyoshi!!!?
That's a ma...

Hey say no more!
In the mind of Gabas, Hideyoshi is a proper GIRL!


Errr... carrying on.
For people that wants to work while looking at Azunyan,
this is for you!!
K-on!! Desk Mat

The K-On!! Desk Mat!!
So, SOOOO CUTE!! Azunyan!! MIO!!
...the second season finished...
The original fi...finis...

One man lost consciousness on the day K-ON finished!!!!
3days passed while he was unconscious...
The man slowly opens his eyes as he wakes...
And whispers!!!!

"Dear Kakifly...
I...want to see...
...the next season of K-On..."

He fell back asleep, leaving a cruel word against the author!!!
*this is fictional

The K-On! Fans are great!
This has to become a movie!!

So it seems like K-On! will become a movie...
I haven't seen Double O movie yet, but I get the feeling I'll be getting the DVD for both movies!!

...oops, sorry, went off topic.

Anyway, the desk mat is great for preventing damage to your work desk at home.
They are generally low price, so you can just get a new one if it gets damaged, and its great to even just display it as it is,
so THIS IS...

Very Much Recommended!!

So yeah.
That's it for the introduction of
Character Desk Mats~~
Right, See you next time~

By Gabas, who thought for a second that "Defogger fan" were people that likes defoggers...

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