"nanoblock", Block Construction Toy for Adults (?)

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"nanoblock", Block Construction Toy for Adults (?)
A cousin of mine had a child a little while back,
And I was thinking in my mind, it must be difficult having kids, as they just love putting anything they can into their mouths... Hey everyone, Tomeko here, how do you do? (says while chewing on straw)

Speaking of kids, I thought we will look at something that would make you want to return to your childhood heart.

nanoblock Series items (Don't ask why Himeji Castle is selected as the image...)

At a glance, it looks like Lego or something, those block type construction toys, but in actuality...


......... sorry, it's a normal block toy.
The way you play with it is exactly the same.

Those ones where there are various sizes of blocks available for use, and you can just create whatever you want with your creativity, instincts, and desire.

The manufacturer is also the same as Diablocks, by Kawada.

Right, these nanoblocks...
A single bump-thing is only 4mm x 4mm, being the world's smallest size, and apparently it boasts a crazy 1/2 scale compared to the diablocks.

Plus, it features the use Double stacking system* that's used in the diablocks, so it's easy to construct even when made so small.

*the Double Stacking System is a mechanism originally designed for children to be able to construct and deconstruct the blocks easily without requiring strong grip, but it has also been used on the nanoblocks aimed for adults. How considerate of them!

It's not exactly right to say it's a great present for kids... as there are possibilities of them accidentally swallowing it, but as each piece is very small, it's possible to create something with greater detail in smaller space.

Although, looking at the lineup...


Himeji Castle
Himeji Castle


Japanese Navy Aircraft Carrier Akagi
Aircraft Carrier Akagi


Japanese Navy Battle Ship Yamato
Battleship Yamato

...the above clearly are aimed at adults.
There aren't the colorful blocks like red/blue/yellow/green etc. that you normally see in these types of block toys (I personally like blocks of primary colors, but won't we deal with them...?)

Also on the line up,
the two new items, Space Center and Space Station are slated for release in the middle of the month.

Unfortunately we don't have a clear image to show you at the moment, but we will be uploading them as soon as we get our hands on new info, so look forward to them!

Oh yeah,
these have the images of the construction goal on the packaging or something, but it's not like you can only make castles and ships out of them.

You could try making a Godzilla out of Akagi, or a Tank with the Himeji Castle, it's all up to your creativity! Embrace the freedom! Let's go back to youth at your desk!
Although don't go too far back into youth, these aren't edible.

So yeah.
Sorry for the rough intro, but as I'm supposed to be sent to help out with parcel packing later, that will be it for today.

For those of you that's using the "Ship Together" option, the batch from the beginning of the month are now being sent out, so please wait just a little longer 'til your product arrives!

Right then, see you next week, and thanks for reading our blog!

By Tomeko, who is excited at the PSP Zero no Kiseki (The Legend of Heroes: Traces of Zero)

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