PureNeemo Body Theater – Vol.1: Cuteness Is Justice –

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PureNeemo Body Theater – Vol.1: Cuteness Is Justice –
PureNeemo Body Old Type S

Old S: "Hey, I’m PureNeemo Body S.
  The missionary of cuteness, born from Azone.
  It seems like Tomeko bought some new clothing, so let’s get dressed!"

PureNeemo Body New XS

New XS: "Excuse me, miss OLD S, get out of my way. I am the new type PureNeemo body XS!
I shall elegantly wear the new clothing, so you old things can go rest in peace in the toy box or something!"

Old S: "Why you little...... fine then, let’s see who can create better expressions!"

New XS: "Teeheehee. In the world of dolls, it’s a survival of the Cutest!"

★ROUND 1: Marathon Goal Pose ★

- In the case of Old S:
PureNeemo Body Old S Marathon Goal Pose

Old S: "Easy enough, no problem...... right?"

- In the case of New XS:
PureNeemo Body New XS Marathon Goal Pose

New XS: "Ahahaha, you think that’s alright? That’s just throwing your hands up.
With me, I can bend my shoulder joint sideways, so I can easily make a natural energetic poses! "

Old S: "argh..."

★ROUND 2: Flying Kick ★

- In the case of Old S:
PureNeemo Body Old S Flying Kick

New XS: "What an awful flying kick.
Hey miss oldie, may be you have stiff joints?"

Old S: "........."

- In the case of New XS:
PureNeemo Body New XS Flying Kick

New XS: "By the ball-joints used at the hip, I can create poses with more active movement!"

Old S: "Humph, a lady does not need such vulgar pose as a flying kick!!"

New XS: "A lady of this generation are often required to act out action scenes, like a certain miss Nanoha Takamachi. I wish such old bodies that can’t even do a decent flying kick would just butt out!"

Old S: "Tch, darn youngling...!"

- Extras (Hip-Joint battle for easier understanding)
PureNeemo Body Cross-legged

New XS: "I can fold my legs naturally, and if I try a little harder,
I can even cross my legs too!"

Old S "......I sooo wasn’t designed for this..."

★ROUND 3: Bewitching Pose ★

Old S: "Why you......if you want poseability, just go get an action figure! The greatest fascination of dolls is, how cute they are.
I’ll send you little newbie to the toy box with this technique!!!"

Old S: "PureNeemo S-Type Mesmerizing Secret Technique... Girly Sit!!!"

- In the case of Old S:
PureNeemo Body cute pose

New XS: "Oh you make me laugh! Any pose that the old type can take, the new one can take too!
Besides, you there is no way Azone would release a new type that’s not cute, dummy!

Take this! The True PureNeemo XS Mesmerizing Secret Technique... Girly Sit, Returned!!"

- In the case of New XS:
PureNeemo Body cute pose

Old S: "wha...WHAAAAAT!!!!!!?"

Old S: "urgh... alright, I’ll admit, you do have the ability to express well.
However! A doll shows their true value when they are dressed!"

New XS: "How cute, still not admitting defeat yet, miss oldie?
With my great posing range and expressions, I can elegantly wear any dre..."

Old S: "If there is a weakness for the new type...... that would be that parting line at the shoulder!!
So I will look better than that newbie as long as I wear a fancy summer wear with open shoulders.
Now, Tomeko!! Bring me a nice dre......"

Tomeko: "Yeah, about that... sorry, too busy today, no time for dressing up dolls."

Old S + New XS: "Your just gonna leave us NAKED???"


Yeah, so I spent the day expanding such imagination in my thought, Tomeko here.
My collogues are giving me the look, as if trying to tell me to get some work done or something, yeah, how do you do?

I’ve taken up so much space with that little trivial play there,
but what I wanted to lead onto was this.

- [Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st] Pureneemo Character Series Takamachi Nanoha (...what a long name...)
[Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st] Pureneemo Character Series Takamachi Nanoha
That was all just introduction for the new type body used for Miss Nanoha.
By the way, the reason it was all naked was to allow demonstration of the poseable parts. ......honestly.

Now this new type body moves veeeeeeery well.
And there are 2 areas that had been improved.

PureNeemo Body arm movement

The first part is the shoulders.
By having the axis of movement sideways, it can now move in XYZ axis directions.
It moves oh so well!

The parting lines may have increased, but that will be fine if you just dress the doll, right?
It might stand out a little if you use a dress that exposes the shoulders, but it’s not like you can see the screw or the ball joint etc., so the silhouette is still nice and pretty.
If you want to put your focus on the looks, then I guess you could use the old S-Type body instead. That could be a possibility for you.

PureNeemo Body Hip Joint

The second part is the hip joint.
It doesn’t move as much as the shoulder joints, but the sideways movement has improved.
It’s not Animated GIF, as I thought its inappropriate to have the body of a girl opening and closing the legs...

With this, you can even make the doll cross their legs more naturally as well.
The image is taken so that you get the clear picture of the ball joint, but by adjusting the angle of the thighs, you will be able to cover it to some extent, so it won’t look bad.

So at any rate, this is an item you just can’t wait to get your hands on!
The bodies may be released on their own, and there may be other sizes released too, so we can have great expectations and look forward to this!

And look forward to the Pureneemo Nanoha that’s slated for release in December as well!

Right then, that will be it for today!
Thanks for reading, see you next time!

By Tomeko, that mentions that although it says Vol.1, there will probably be no Vol.2

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