Alter IKezawa Kazuma and King Kazuma

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Alter IKezawa Kazuma and King Kazuma
Back in 2009, I watched the animated film called Summer Wars.
It was so good it gave me chills, and it's become one of my favorite movies.

And if that Summer Wars gets a scale figure... I...
I can't not write about it!!!

So, hey there everyone this is Tominon.
Today's figure is this!
Ikezawa Kazuma & King Kazuma

This is the third figure in the ALTAiR line, whose concept is to make figures for the female crowd.
So of course (?) they picked Kazuma instead of Kenji.
Kazuma, who turned everyone in theaters into a shotacon.

Let's take a look at Kazuma Ikezawa first.
His pose is so natural, as if it frozen in time, and his limbs are sleek and slender in preadolescence.

The sculptor is Sen'u Tanaka, the same person who sculpted the incredible drumset for Tainaka Ritsu Alter Ver.!
Tanaka made this not as a sculptor, but as a fan of Summer Wars.

You can really feel the fierce gaze of the OMC world champion, ready to take on any challenge.

It's like he's really wearing these clothes, with the loose fit and the gaps.

And we can't forget the collarbone, which the director took care in portraying.
This figure... It's kind of sexy...!

Stunning detail on the headphones and laptop.

Speaking of laptops, I just love the scene where Kenji tries to borrow Kazuma's laptop.
You need to watch it if you haven't already.
That was where I just fell in love.

Kazuma is accessing OZ!
Kenji's avatar is in the bottom right corner, and King Kazuma is on the opposite side (not visible in this photo).

Kazuma Ikezawa's avatar in OZ is King Kazuma the rabbit!
Fluttering jacket, long slender limbs, piercing gaze...
Has there ever been a rabbit so dreamy!?

King Kazuma's stance - ready for battle at any moment.
Incredibly cool!

His gloves and shoes are printed with their logos - rabbit ear-like shapes and the "king's" crown.
This figure is a chance to get a good look at all these details that you might have missed in the movie.

Powerful tightly gripped fists, and a fluffy bunny tail!

Gold glimmering champion belt.

I thought the lines of his eyes were great.
It mirrors the style of the film, where the avatars were all outlined in red.

A perfect figure to put in a Japanese style room.

So anyways, that was Ikezawa Kazuma & King Kazuma.
Open for preorders now!
You get two figures for the price of one! What a steal.

And again, go watch Summer Wars if you haven't already.

That's it for this time. See you next time!

- Tominon
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