Reminiscences of Sci-Fi Classics

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Reminiscences of Sci-Fi Classics

I don't know if you're at all keen on watching Sci-Fi movies?
If you are, then let me introduce some interesting pieces of
merchandise we've got for Sci-Fi movie freaks like you.

It'd be required of you to exercise some prowess at plying the
nipper and file if you're gonna bring them to true-to-life perfection.

But these select pieces definitely make it worthwhile to put in your
precious time and strenuous efforts, I assure you.

- The War of the Worlds Martian Figure

The War of the Worlds -- George Pal's version, of course -- is one of
the musts for any Sci-Fi enthusiast.
Pegasus Hobby's the Martian is a kit composed of 13 parts, along with
one hard soft-vinyl Martian himself, two spare arms, and one platform made
of plastic included in it.

- When Worlds Collide `SPACE ARK`

Space Ark from the 1951 film When Worlds Collide.
This kit has the whole panorama on the package replicated in it.
Take a look at this image .

Next up are some models from Star Trek.

- 1/1400 Star Trek NCC1701-E U.S.S Enterprise

USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E), a Federation Sovereign-class heavy
explorer starship.

- 1/420 Star Trek Deep Space Nine NX-74205 U.S.S Defiant

USS Defiant (NX-74205), a Federation Defiant-class escort (or battleship).

- 1/32 Star Trek U.S.S Enterprise Bridge Set

No detail left out.
All panels are included as well as entire bridge crew.

- Millennium Falcon

Millennium Falcon, scheduled for release in this May.

What follows is another kit from another Sci-Fi classic.

- [Forbidden Planet] Robby The Robot Poster Edition

Forbidden Planet, one of the ground-breaking masterpieces
that made inroads into the early American Sci-Fi scene.

To finish up with...

- Space: 1999 `Alien`

That's it.
See ya!

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