My handmade Numakuro figure!

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My handmade Numakuro figure!
Hi Tominon here.

Recently on twitter many Numakuro pictures has been uploaded!
I’ve been looking for his figure but I still can't find...

Where is he? How can I meet him?( つД`)・゚・。・゚゚・*:.。..。.:*・゚

Well, no choice. I will make by myself.


So I’m going to show you how to make a Numakuro figure!
Here are materials!
I used this clay couple of times on this blog so far.
A modeling clay with soft texture which can be shaped with a knife and file after drying out.
It’s the best for making figures so I’m keeping some stocks all the time!(ノ∀`)

●Acrylic Gouache
Sand papers
Design knife
●Photo of Numakuro

【Making Numakuro 101】
Making a clay ball.

Shaping roughly and drying out. Then making its surface smooth with a design knife and sand paper.

Paint the lighter color first.

Drawing lines with a marker pen on the edges and…he’s ready!(∩´∀`)∩
(´-`).。oO(Isn’t he slightly different from an original image? Looks he is smiling...)

Numakuro from back!
His unique sloping shoulders has been sculpted!

Then, let's play with him reproducing those memorable images on twitter! (´∀`)b

Running out all his money with capsule toy.

“No way… Is today a holiday?”

Hesitating to join in the conversation with major Pokemons.

The last train has gone.

“You are fired, Numakuro.”

Numakuro comes to Super Mario World accidentally.

Dayo: I'm gonna leave you behind, Numakuro!

Numakuro waiter glares at troublesome customers.

No lunch mate on the picnic.

Shizue: May I?
Numakuro: (She must be a big fan of me…) Sure!

Shizue: Just press a button on the right!

Stopped on the station gate.

Finding something extra ordinal in accident.

The battery runs out before saving data.

Michael in sorrow and helpless Numakuro.

Earphone jack accessory Numakuro.

One day, Numakuro realizes that he turned into Woody somehow.

So that's all for making and playing of Numakuro figure!

It’s so fun to reproduce those funny images with small accessories!

See you next time!

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