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2018/11/14 We have changed the title of the notification function, set on some of the sold out/reservation closed items,
from "Waiting List Mail" to "Notify When Available".
2018/08/08 Hobby Search will not be operating during 11th to 15th August (Japan time, GMT+9),
and will not be able to ship orders or check emails during this period.
There will also be delays in shipments for orders around this period.
We apologize for any inconveniences, and your patience will be greatly appreciated.
2018/07/27 Thank you for shopping with Hobby Search.
As of August 3rd 2018 (Japan time GMT+9), we will change the point redemption rate for all items to 1%.
For any items ordered before the change of point redemption rate, the rate at the time you placed your order will apply.

We appreciate your understanding of this matter, thank you very much.
2018/07/07 Due to system maintenance, the Hobby Search website will be unavailable on the 10th July 2018.
(Downtime: 10/7/2018 10:00 - 13:00 GMT +9)
We apologize for your inconvenience, and your understanding is greatly appreciated.
2018/06/13 A system malfunction had caused our website to be temporarily unavailable.
The website had been unavailable between around 8:00AM to 11:45AM, Japan time(GMT+9).
We apologize for any inconveniences this has caused..
2018/06/12 Due to trouble with network hardware, our website was temporarily unavailable. We apologize for any inconveniences this has caused.
2018/06/04 The "Merge / Discontinuation of Categories" notified on the 8th May has been taken into effect.

The details are as follows.

Categories with changes:
Material/Case       -->  Merge to category "Hobby Tool"
For Ladies            -->  Merge to category "Anime Goods"
Japanese Culture -->  Discontinued

Please note that for customers that currently has pre-orders of items in these categories,
the orders will be kept and we will not be cancelling these. So please do not worry.
2018/05/24 Due to system maintenance, the Hobby Search website will be unavailable on the 27th May 2018.
(Downtime: 27/5/2018 13:00 - 17:00 GMT +9)
We apologize for your inconvenience, and your understanding is greatly appreciated.
2018/05/08 We have been reviewing the categories of products we deal, and have decided to merge or discontinue certain categories.

The details are as follows.

Categories with changes:
  Material/Case       -->  Merge to category "Hobby Tool"
  For Ladies            -->  Merge to category "Anime Goods"
  Japanese Culture -->  Discontinued

Timing for changes to take effect:
  Early June

Please note that for customers that currently has pre-orders of items in these categories, the orders will be kept and we will not be cancelling these. So please do not worry.
2018/04/27 Regarding our operation during the "Golden Week" Holidays

We will be operating according to the Japanese calendar.
We will not be operating on the 30th April (Mon) and between
3rd May (Thurs) ~ 5th May (Sat).
Orders received during the holidays will be processed after 7th May (Mon).
(Note: All dates are in Japan time GMT+9)

We will be accepting orders during the holidays, but are likely to see
delays in shipment and dealing with mail etc. after the holidays.
We apologize for your inconvenience, but we greatly appreciate your
understanding of this matter.
2018/04/24 As part of our security improvement, we are implementing
"Always On SSL" to the Hobby Search website.

For pages that deals with privacy or other sensitive information,
we have been using the "SSL" encryption for safe connection.
By applying this "SSL" encryption to every page, the level of security
can be greatly improved.

There will not be big changes you can see on the surface, but our URL address
has been changed as follows.

(old) http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/

(new) https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/

For the implementation, we will do so gradually and apply them as each page becomes ready.

We are doing our best to provide safe service for our customers,
so please make use of our services.
2018/03/19 We have prepared translations of pages aimed for customers new to Hobby Search, in Spanish, French, German and Russian.
They explain how to use the website and payment methods clearly, so please make use of it.

The following pages has been translated.

1.For First-time Customers [English]
1.Para Nuevos Clientes [Español]
1.Für Neukunden [Deutsch]
1.Pour les nouveaux clients [Français]
1.Для тех, кто пришел впервые [Русский язык]

2.Buying procedure [English]
2.Procedimiento de compra [Español]
2.Der Kaufprozess [Deutsch]
2.Procédure d'achat [Français]
2.Процедура покупки [Русский язык]

3.About Pre-order Sale [English]
3.Sobre la Venta Anticipada [Español]
3.Vorbestellungen [Deutsch]
3.À propos de la vente en précommande [Français]
3.О предзаказах [Русский язык]

4.Hobby Search Cancellation Policy [English]
4.Política de Cancelación de Hobby Search [Español]
4.Stornierungsbedingungen bei Hobby Search [Deutsch]
4.Politique d'annulation de Hobby Search [Français]
4.Политика отмены заказов Hobby Search [Русский язык]

5.Descriptions based on "Act on Specified Commercial Transactions" [English]
5.Descripciones basadas en la "Ley sobre Transacciones Comerciales Específicas" de Japón [Español]
5.Beschreibungen auf Basis des "Act on Specified Commercial Transactions" [Deutsch]
5.Descriptions basées sur la « Loi sur les transactions commerciales spécifiées » [Français]
5.Данные компании на основании «Акта об указанных коммерческих транзакциях» [Русский язык]


7.Shipping cost chart [English]
7.Diagrama de gastos de envío [Español]
7.Versandkostentabelle [Deutsch]
7.Tableau des frais d'expédition [Français]
7.Схема стоимости доставки [Русский язык]

8.How to pay with PayPal [English]
8.Cómo pagar con PayPal [Español]
8.Die Bezahlung per PayPal [Deutsch]
8.Comment payer avec PayPal [Français]
8.Как платить через PayPal [Русский язык]

9.Steps for "PayPal Pre-Approved Payment Settings" Automated Payments [English]
9.Pasos para configurar los pagos preaprobados de PayPal [Español]
9.Einstellung für im Voraus bewilligte PayPal-Zahlung [Deutsch]
9.Configuration de paiement pré-approuvé via PayPal [Français]
9.Предварительно одобренного платежа PayPal [Русский язык]
2018/02/23 Regarding the shipping stop for SAL packages to certain countries,
the problem has been continuing without any sign of improvement as of today (February 23rd 2018).

As such, we have been discussing the shipping problem with Japan Post,
and they have offered us an alternative SAL shipment for the small packets.
However, there are a few restrictions, as outlined below.

Restrictions for Alternative SAL shipment:
- Only available for small packages (Registered SAL and SAL Small Packet only)
- Only available for France, Spain, and the Netherlands
- We cannot ship very many packages each day, due to daily shipping limit, so there will be delay in dispatching of orders from our warehouse.

For orders that can be shipped with the alternative SAL shipment,
there are very many pending orders to be shipped, so it will take time to ship all the packages.
We are very sorry for the wait, but we are doing our best to ship the pending orders,
so your understanding and patience will be greatly appreciated.

Now this alternative shipment is very limited, so unfortunately this does not solve the situation for customers using SAL Parcel shipping,
or customers from Ukraine and Algeria.

For customers from Ukraine and Algeria, or customers with pending SAL Parcel shipment,
we are happy to offer Airmail shipment on request.
So please inquire to our customer support if you want to know the Airmail shipping cost,
or if you wish to change to Airmail or EMS.

For Airmail shipment, please note:
- This is not official shipping method offered on our website, so we need to manually process these.

- Shipping information on our website will state the shipping method as "Registered SAL" or "SAL Parcel", but we are using Airmail for you.
So please do not worry.

- We may take a little more time to dispatch your order than usual after payment is confirmed, as we need to manually handle these.

2018/02/22 Regarding the use of SAL shipments, Japan Post has announced that as of 18th December,
they will not be accepting SAL related packages addressed to the following countries,
for undefined period.

- France
- Netherlands
- Spain
- Ukraine
- Gibraltar
- Algeria

We recommend use of EMS for delivery if you live in any of the above countries,
as we do not know when they will resume acceptance of SAL shipments,
and there is likely to be further delays after packages are accepted again.

Please note that for currently pending orders and future orders with SAL shipping selected,
addressed to the countries above, we will be holding these until they resume acceptance of these packages.

Japan Post has also announced great delays of packages addressed to the following countries.

- Greece
- Czech Republic
- Brazil
- Peru
- Bahrain
- Kenia

If you live in any of the countries above, we also recommend you to use EMS shipping.