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2019/03/01 Announcing the answers for the first of the Hobby Search 20th Anniversary Project "Spot the Difference"!
Thank you for all your participation!

Check the answers here.

Check the "Spot the Difference" images here.
2019/02/01 We have prepared a special page for our 20th Anniversary Project!

To celebrate our 20th Anniversary, we are currently running
the first of our 20th Anniversary Project; "Spot the Difference"!
You can win Hobby Search Points just by participating,
and if you successfully guess the correct answer, you will be
into draw to win up to 20,000 Points!
So let's give it a try!
For details, please check here.
2019/01/01 Happy New Year Everyone!
2018/12/17 We will be on new year break from between 30th Dec. to 3rd Jan.
We will not be able to ship orders or reply inquires during this break.
Any orders or inquires received during the break will be processed after 4th January, so please wait while we process these.
*For more details of our operation for the end of year and new year, please check here.
2018/12/06 We have added "ePacket Light" to our shipping method options.
This shipping option will be available for selection,
if "ePacket Light" can be used for delivery to your country.

To check if "ePacket Light" is available for your country,
please check the Japan Post website below.

[Japan Post website: What is ePacket Light?]
2018/11/26 Due to the postal strike at Canada Post, Japan Post has announced for postal items to Canada to be postponed for delivery.
Although they are continuing to accept packages to Canada, they will not proceed with shipment until they receive the go-ahead from Canada Post to resume shipment.

For more details, please check the article below at Japan Post website.

[Japan Post Website: News]

Hobby Search will continue to dispatch orders unless otherwise requested,
as we foresee backlog of packages to be shipped at Japan Post once shipping resumes.
As such, holding packages ourselves will delay delivery further, by how much backlog of packages Japan Post accumulates before shipping resumes.

We apologize for your inconvenience, and appreciate your understanding and patience greatly, thank you very much.
2018/11/26 For certain countries, the "SAL" shipment has been stopped since December 2017.
As this problem has been continuing for almost a year, we are introducing
new shipping option called "ePacket Light" scheduled to be added after 6th December 2018.

For details of ePacket Light shipment, please check the Japan Post website below.

[Japan Post website: ePacket Light]

For customers from the following countries, ePacket Light will
replace Registered SAL and SAL Small Packet.

France / Spain / the Netherlands

For customers from the following countries, we are afraid
only EMS will be available for shipment.

Ukraine / Algeria

Due to the SAL shipment being very unlikely to be return anytime soon,
we will also be changing the shipping options for all orders from
the affected countries.

For customers from France, Spain, and the Netherlands,
the orders will be changed as follows.

- "SAL Parcel" will be change to "EMS"
- "SAL Small Packet" will be change to "ePacket Light"
- "Registered SAL" will be change to "ePacket Light"
- "If possible" options for EMS will all be changed to "ePacket Light if possible"

For customers from Ukraine or Algeria, all orders will be changed to EMS.

To check your current shipping options or updating order information,
please use your account page.
2018/11/14 We have changed the title of the notification function, set on some of the sold out/reservation closed items,
from "Waiting List Mail" to "Notify When Available".
2018/08/08 Hobby Search will not be operating during 11th to 15th August (Japan time, GMT+9),
and will not be able to ship orders or check emails during this period.
There will also be delays in shipments for orders around this period.
We apologize for any inconveniences, and your patience will be greatly appreciated.
2018/07/27 Thank you for shopping with Hobby Search.
As of August 3rd 2018 (Japan time GMT+9), we will change the point redemption rate for all items to 1%.
For any items ordered before the change of point redemption rate, the rate at the time you placed your order will apply.

We appreciate your understanding of this matter, thank you very much.
2018/07/07 Due to system maintenance, the Hobby Search website will be unavailable on the 10th July 2018.
(Downtime: 10/7/2018 10:00 - 13:00 GMT +9)
We apologize for your inconvenience, and your understanding is greatly appreciated.
2018/06/13 A system malfunction had caused our website to be temporarily unavailable.
The website had been unavailable between around 8:00AM to 11:45AM, Japan time(GMT+9).
We apologize for any inconveniences this has caused..
2018/06/12 Due to trouble with network hardware, our website was temporarily unavailable. We apologize for any inconveniences this has caused.
2018/06/04 The "Merge / Discontinuation of Categories" notified on the 8th May has been taken into effect.

The details are as follows.

Categories with changes:
Material/Case       -->  Merge to category "Hobby Tool"
For Ladies            -->  Merge to category "Anime Goods"
Japanese Culture -->  Discontinued

Please note that for customers that currently has pre-orders of items in these categories,
the orders will be kept and we will not be cancelling these. So please do not worry.
2018/05/24 Due to system maintenance, the Hobby Search website will be unavailable on the 27th May 2018.
(Downtime: 27/5/2018 13:00 - 17:00 GMT +9)
We apologize for your inconvenience, and your understanding is greatly appreciated.