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Mercedes-Benz Race Truck Actros MP4 MB Motorsport (TT-01 Type-E Chassis) (RC Model)
Manufacturer:TamiyaRelease Date:Early Dec., 2020
Scale:1/14Sales Price:17,800 yen
Series:RC Big TruckPoints Acquired:178 points
Item code:58683
Scania R470 Highline (Silver Edition) Full Operation Kit (RC Model)
Manufacturer:TamiyaRelease Date:Early Dec., 2020
Scale:1/14Sales Price:77,000 yen
Series:RC Big TruckPoints Acquired:770 points
Item code:56363
Monster Beetle Trail (GF-01TR Chassis) (RC Model)
Manufacturer:TamiyaRelease Date:Mid Sep., 2019
Scale:1/14Sales Price:24,000 yen
Series:RC CarPoints Acquired:240 points
Item code:58672
Volvo FH16 GlobetRotter 750 6x4 Timber Truck (RC Model)
Manufacturer:TamiyaRelease Date:Mid Apr., 2019
Scale:1/14Sales Price:68,000 yen
Series:RC Big TruckPoints Acquired:680 points
Item code:56360
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Buggyra Racing Fat Fox (TT-01Chassis TYPE-E) (RC Model)
Manufacturer:TamiyaRelease Date:Late Jan., 2019
Scale:1/14Sales Price:12,800 yen
Series:RC CarPoints Acquired:128 points
Item code:58661
Mercedes Benz Arocs 3348 - 6x4 Tipper Truck (RC Model)
Manufacturer:TamiyaRelease Date:Mid Apr., 2018
Scale:1/14Sales Price:62,000 yen
Series:RC Big TruckPoints Acquired:620 points
Item code:56357
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Team Hahn Racing MAN TGS (TT-01Chassis TYPE-E) (RC Model)
Manufacturer:TamiyaRelease Date:Mid Jul., 2016
Scale:1/14Sales Price:12,160 yen
Series:RC CarPoints Acquired:121 points
Item code:58632
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Aero Avanti (Complete Model) (RC Model)
Manufacturer:TamiyaRelease Date:Late Mar., 2016
Scale:1/14Sales Price:14,220 yen
Series:Star Unit , No.03Points Acquired:142 points
Item code:57403
Aero Avanti (Assembly kit) (RC Model)
Manufacturer:TamiyaRelease Date:Late Feb., 2016
Scale:1/14Sales Price:5,220 yen
Series:Star Unit , No.02Points Acquired:52 points
Item code:57402
Lightning Hawk (Completed) (RC Model)
Manufacturer:TamiyaRelease Date:Early Oct., 2015
Scale:1/14Sales Price:13,320 yen
Series:Star Unit , No.01Points Acquired:133 points
Item code:57401
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Trailer Head King Hauler Black Edition Full Set (RC Model)
Manufacturer:TamiyaRelease Date:
Scale:1/14Sales Price:85,500 yen
Series:RC Big TruckPoints Acquired:855 points
Item code:57070
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40 foot Container for Trailer Truck (RC Model)
Manufacturer:TamiyaRelease Date:Mid Nov., 2011
Scale:1/14Sales Price:22,800 yen
Series:RC Big TruckPoints Acquired:228 points
Item code:56516
Tractor Track Ford Aeromax (RC Model)
Manufacturer:TamiyaRelease Date:
Scale:1/14Sales Price:36,100 yen
Series:RC Big TruckPoints Acquired:361 points
Item code:56309
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Volbo FH12 Globetrotter 420 (RC Model)
Manufacturer:TamiyaRelease Date:
Scale:1/14Sales Price:34,010 yen
Series:RC Big TruckPoints Acquired:340 points
Item code:56312
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Mercedes-Benz 1850L (RC Model)
Manufacturer:TamiyaRelease Date:
Scale:1/14Sales Price:38,950 yen
Series:RC Big TruckPoints Acquired:389 points
Item code:56307
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15 Items
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