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Monotone Museum RPG Replay & Data Book Fioritura (Art Book)
Publisher:Kadokawa , EnterbrainRelease Date:Late Sep., 2018
Specification:A5Sales Price:3,000 yen
Series:BookPoints Acquired:30 points
Item code:353220
Fallout 4 Player`s Navigator (Art Book)
Publisher:KADOKAWA , Ascii Media WorksRelease Date:
Specification:Sales Price:1,112 yen
Series:BookPoints Acquired:11 points
Item code:28068-1/31
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Makai Shin Trillion The Complete Guide + Visual Book (Art Book)
Publisher:Kadokawa , Ascii Media WorksRelease Date:Late Aug., 2015
Specification:B5Sales Price:2,000 yen
Series:Pictures Collection , Setting Documents CollectionPoints Acquired:20 points
Item code:652810
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Sword Art Online -Lost Song- The Complete Guide (Art Book)
Publisher:Kadokawa , Ascii Media WorksRelease Date:Early May, 2015
Specification:Sales Price:1,800 yen
Series:BookPoints Acquired:18 points
Item code:651400
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The Legend of Legacy Official Graphical Guide (Art Book)
Publisher:Kadokawa , EnterbrainRelease Date:Mid Mar., 2015
Specification:B5Sales Price:2,500 yen
Series:Famitsu`s Strategy GuidePoints Acquired:25 points
Item code:303553
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Uta Pri Island Starter Book (Art Book)
Publisher:Kadokawa , EnterbrainRelease Date:
Specification:Sales Price:1,600 yen
Series:BookPoints Acquired:16 points
Item code:301696
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Senran Kagura 2 -Shinku- Perfect Bible + illustrations (Art Book)
Publisher:Kadokawa , EnterbrainRelease Date:Early Nov., 2014
Specification:Sales Price:2,400 yen
Series:Famitsu`s Strategy GuidePoints Acquired:24 points
Item code:300101
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