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*Shaft Complete Works (Art Book)
Publisher:ShinkigenshaRelease Date:Not fixed(Mar. 2, 2017 Pre-order start.)
Specification:A5Sales Price:2,800 yen
Series:Points Acquired:28 points
Item code:315002
Reservation Closed
Disgaea: Hour of Darkness TRPG (Book)
Publisher:ShinkigenshaRelease Date:Not fixed(Aug. 29, 2019 Pre-order start.)
Specification:B5Sales Price:3,600 yen
Series:Points Acquired:36 points
Item code:317815
Hobby Japan Vintage Vol.3 (Book)
Publisher:Hobby JapanRelease Date:Early Apr(Feb. 12, 2020 Pre-order start.)
Specification:A4 WideSales Price:2,400 yen
Series:Points Acquired:24 points
Item code:68156-03
Japanese Coloring Book [Animal Coloring] (Book)
Publisher:Hobby JapanRelease Date:Mid Apr(Mar. 5, 2020 Pre-order start.)
Specification:A4 WideSales Price:1,050 yen
Series:Points Acquired:10 points
Item code:621999
Reservation Closed
Japanese History Mistake Picture Book (Book)
Publisher:Hobby JapanRelease Date:Early Apr(Feb. 5, 2020 Pre-order start.)
Specification:DuodecimoSales Price:1,250 yen
Series:BookPoints Acquired:12 points
Item code:621692
Reservation Closed
King of Destruction: Gaogaigar VS Betterman (2) (Book)
Publisher:ShinkigenshaRelease Date:Not fixed(Apr. 26, 2019 Pre-order start.)
Specification:B6Sales Price:1,500 yen
Series:NovelPoints Acquired:15 points
Item code:317143
Reservation Closed
Mini Velo Life (Book)
Publisher:Hobby JapanRelease Date:Not fixed(Jan. 30, 2019 Pre-order start.)
Specification:A4Sales Price:1,200 yen
Series:Points Acquired:12 points
Item code:68150-23
Reservation Closed
Pygmalion - Finishing Women`s Figures (Book)
Publisher:Dai Nihon KaigaRelease Date:Early May(Feb. 28, 2020 Pre-order start.)
Specification:ABSales Price:2,700 yen
Series:BookPoints Acquired:27 points
Item code:232937
Showa Route Bus Lullaby (Book)
Publisher:Neko PublishingRelease Date:Not fixed(Jul. 10, 2018 Pre-order start.)
Specification:Sales Price:1,700 yen
Series:Neko MookPoints Acquired:17 points
Item code:022281
Reservation Closed
Taipei Historical Map Walk (Book)
Publisher:Hobby JapanRelease Date:Not fixed(Feb. 21, 2019 Pre-order start.)
Specification:B5Sales Price:2,400 yen
Series:BookPoints Acquired:24 points
Item code:619057
Reservation Closed
The Idolm@Ster Million Live! Theater 1 (Book)
Publisher:Kodansha , IchijinshaRelease Date:Not fixed(Sep. 7, 2018 Pre-order start.)
Specification:B6Sales Price:815 yen
Series:ID Comics , Rex ComicsPoints Acquired:8 points
Item code:50650-67
Reservation Closed
Touken Pictorial Higekiri / Tenka Goken & Japanese Famous Sword (Book)
Publisher:Hobby JapanRelease Date:Early Apr(Feb. 20, 2020 Pre-order start.)
Specification:A4 WideSales Price:1,350 yen
Series:BookPoints Acquired:13 points
Item code:68156-05
12 Items
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