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Gundam UC Bande Dessinee 8 Limited Edition (Book) (Art Book)
Publisher:FutabashaRelease Date:Late Feb., 2013
Specification:Sales Price:1,200 yen
Series:BookPoints Acquired:12 points
Item code:206621
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Gundam MSV-R Graphic Document (Book)
Publisher:Ascii Media WorksRelease Date:Late Jan., 2012
Specification:A4 WideSales Price:2,200 yen
Series:Book , MSVPoints Acquired:22 points
Item code:862127
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Gundam AGE First Modeling Book (Book)
Publisher:Hobby JapanRelease Date:Mid Dec., 2011
Specification:A4Sales Price:934 yen
Series:BookPoints Acquired:9 points
Item code:68145-23
The 08MS Platoon U.C.0079+alpha Tribute (Book)
Publisher:Kadokawa ShotenRelease Date:
Specification:B6Sales Price:1,900 yen
Series:BookPoints Acquired:19 points
Item code:157200
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Gundam Model 30th Birth Anniversary Everybody`s Gundam Model (Book)
Publisher:Ascii Media WorksRelease Date:Late Jul., 2010
Specification:A4 WideSales Price:648 yen
Series:BookPoints Acquired:6 points
Item code:660902
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Oka Pro`s [Monaka Kit] Gandam Plastic Model Custom Department (Book)
Publisher:Dai Nihon KaigaRelease Date:Mid Dec., 2009
Specification:A4Sales Price:3,700 yen
Series:BookPoints Acquired:37 points
Item code:230148
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6 Items
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