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Painting Box (Painting Booth)
Manufacturer:Beaver CorporationRelease Date:Early Dec., 2020
Group:Sales Price:1,615 yen
Series:Points Acquired:16 points
Item code:BELO001
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Mr. Super Booth Compact (Painting Booth)
Manufacturer:GSI CreosRelease Date:Early Dec., 2017
Group:Sales Price:17,100 yen
Series:Paint BoothPoints Acquired:171 points
Item code:FT03
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Spray Booth Red Cyclone L (Painting Booth)
Manufacturer:AirtexRelease Date:
Group:Sales Price:16,650 yen
Series:Paint BoothPoints Acquired:166 points
Item code:SPR-L
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Spray Booth Red Cyclone (Painting Booth)
Manufacturer:AirtexRelease Date:Mid Oct., 2013
Group:Sales Price:13,500 yen
Series:Paint BoothPoints Acquired:135 points
Item code:SPR-01
Air Brush Booth M (Painting Booth)
Manufacturer:Pro-HobbyRelease Date:
Group:Sales Price:2,520 yen
Series:Pro-Hobby PerittoPoints Acquired:25 points
Item code:KK32
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Painting Booth II (Single Fan)
Manufacturer:TamiyaRelease Date:Early Jan., 2010
Group:Sales Price:15,120 yen
Series:Tamiya Air Brush SystemPoints Acquired:151 points
Item code:74538
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Painting Booth II (Twin Fan)
Manufacturer:TamiyaRelease Date:Late Nov., 2008
Group:Sales Price:22,320 yen
Series:Tamiya Air Brush SystemPoints Acquired:223 points
Item code:74534
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Spray Ventilation (Painting Booth)
Manufacturer:NakatomiRelease Date:Late Jun., 2007
Group:Sales Price:6,282 yen
Series:Other Tools (Painting)Points Acquired:62 points
Item code:SPV-75
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Spray-Work Painting Booth (Painting Booth)
Manufacturer:TamiyaRelease Date:Early Jul., 2002
Group:Sales Price:15,120 yen
Series:Other Tools (Painting)Points Acquired:151 points
Item code:74521
Mr. Super Booth (Painting Booth)
Manufacturer:GSI CreosRelease Date:Mid Sep., 2001
Group:Sales Price:16,200 yen
Series:Paint BoothPoints Acquired:162 points
Item code:GT03
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Air Brush Booth (Painting Booth)
Manufacturer:Pro-HobbyRelease Date:Mid Jan., 2001
Group:Sales Price:1,800 yen
Series:Pro-Hobby PerittoPoints Acquired:18 points
Item code:KK131
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Siper Painting Booth (Painting Booth)
Manufacturer:WaveRelease Date:
Group:Sales Price:10,800 yen
Series:Paint BoothPoints Acquired:108 points
Item code:HT-022
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12 Items
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