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HG Precision Hole Punch (1.0) (Hobby Tool)
Manufacturer:WaveRelease Date:May(Apr. 16, 2021 Pre-order start.)
Group:Sales Price:1,512 yen
Series:Hobby ToolPoints Acquired:15 points
Item code:HT-236
Pla Nipper (Hobby Tool)
Manufacturer:God HandRelease Date:Late Feb., 2021
Group:NipperSales Price:1,200 yen
Series:Points Acquired:12 points
Item code:GH-SG-01
HG Micro Rivet Punch (23 Pieces Set) (Hobby Tool)
Manufacturer:WaveRelease Date:Mid May, 2020
Group:Sales Price:2,451 yen
Series:Hobby ToolPoints Acquired:24 points
Item code:HT-487
Loupe Stand (w/LED Light) USB Feed Type (Hobby Tool)
Manufacturer:WaveRelease Date:Late Oct., 2019
Group:Sales Price:6,460 yen
Series:Hobby ToolPoints Acquired:64 points
Item code:HT-065
Keroro Nipper (New Color) (Hobby Tool)
Manufacturer:God HandRelease Date:Early Nov., 2018
Group:NipperSales Price:1,200 yen
Series:Points Acquired:12 points
Item code:GH-PN-125-KR
Decaling Quick Tray (Hobby Tool)
Manufacturer:Plamokojo CommitteeRelease Date:Late Oct., 2018
Group:Sales Price:1,406 yen
Series:Points Acquired:14 points
Item code:PMKJ008
Work Station Pro (Hobby Tool)
Manufacturer:Plamokojo CommitteeRelease Date:Early Feb., 2018
Group:Sales Price:6,555 yen
Series:Points Acquired:65 points
Item code:PMKJ002
Ultimate Nipper 5.0 (Hobby Tool)
Manufacturer:God HandRelease Date:Early Feb., 2017
Group:NipperSales Price:4,800 yen
Series:Points Acquired:48 points
Item code:GH-SPN-120
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USB Rechargeable Cordless Circular Saw (Hobby Tool)
Manufacturer:WaveRelease Date:Mid Feb., 2017
Group:Sales Price:7,125 yen
Series:Hobby ToolPoints Acquired:71 points
Item code:HT-204
HG Universal Cutter (w/Angle Cutting Guide) (Hobby Tool)
Manufacturer:WaveRelease Date:Late Nov., 2016
Group:Sales Price:1,710 yen
Series:Hobby ToolPoints Acquired:17 points
Item code:HT-380
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Mr.Syringe (Long) (5 Pieces) (Hobby Tool)
Manufacturer:GSI CreosRelease Date:Late May, 2016
Group:Sales Price:380 yen
Series:Other ToolsPoints Acquired:3 points
Item code:GT99
Line Engraving Carbide 0.15 Starter Set (Hobby Tool)
Manufacturer:FuntecRelease Date:Early Jun., 2016
Group:Sales Price:3,800 yen
Series:KirewazaPoints Acquired:38 points
Item code:SB-015SET
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Kirewaza Holder (Hobby Tool)
Manufacturer:FuntecRelease Date:Early Jun., 2016
Group:Sales Price:2,090 yen
Series:KirewazaPoints Acquired:20 points
Item code:K-HOLDER
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HG Mini Vise (Hobby Tool)
Manufacturer:WaveRelease Date:Late Feb., 2016
Group:Sales Price:807 yen
Series:Hobby ToolPoints Acquired:8 points
Item code:HT-370
HG Fine Nipper (for Gate Cut) (Hobby Tool)
Manufacturer:WaveRelease Date:Late Jan., 2016
Group:NipperSales Price:2,090 yen
Series:Hobby ToolPoints Acquired:20 points
Item code:HT-389
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Sharp Pointed Side Cutter For Plastic (Hobby Tool)
Manufacturer:TamiyaRelease Date:
Group:NipperSales Price:2,755 yen
Series:Tamiya Craft Tool , No.35Points Acquired:27 points
Item code:74035
Side Cutter For Plastic (Hobby Tool)
Manufacturer:TamiyaRelease Date:
Group:NipperSales Price:2,185 yen
Series:Tamiya Craft Tool , No.1Points Acquired:21 points
Item code:74001
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Fine Point Thin Blade Nipper (for Gate Cut) (Hobby Tool)
Manufacturer:TamiyaRelease Date:Early Jul., 2015
Group:NipperSales Price:2,755 yen
Series:Tamiya Craft ToolPoints Acquired:27 points
Item code:74123
Olfa Art Knife Pro (Hobby Tool)
Manufacturer:OlfaRelease Date:
Group:Sales Price:1,216 yen
Series:KnifePoints Acquired:12 points
Item code:157B
Basic File Set (Fine Double-Cut) (Hobby Tool)
Manufacturer:TamiyaRelease Date:Mid Jun., 2013
Group:Sales Price:570 yen
Series:Tamiya Craft Tool , No.104Points Acquired:5 points
Item code:74104
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Loupe Stand (w/LED Light) (Hobby Tool)
Manufacturer:WaveRelease Date:Mid Mar., 2012
Group:Sales Price:6,460 yen
Series:Points Acquired:64 points
Item code:HT-064
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Parts Opener (Hobby Tool)
Manufacturer:WaveRelease Date:Late Jan., 2012
Group:Sales Price:361 yen
Series:Points Acquired:3 points
Item code:HT-196
Mr. Cap Opener (Hobby Tool)
Manufacturer:GSI CreosRelease Date:Early Nov., 2007
Group:Sales Price:570 yen
Series:Other Tools (Painting)Points Acquired:5 points
Item code:GT56
Olfa Art Knife (Hobby Tool)
Manufacturer:OlfaRelease Date:
Group:Sales Price:522 yen
Series:KnifePoints Acquired:5 points
Item code:10B
SPRAY-WORK Painting Stand Set (Air Brush)
Manufacturer:TamiyaRelease Date:
Group:Sales Price:1,425 yen
Series:Tamiya Air Brush SystemPoints Acquired:14 points
Item code:74522
Cutting Mat (A3 size) (Hobby Tool)
Manufacturer:TamiyaRelease Date:Early Dec., 2006
Group:Sales Price:1,520 yen
Series:Tamiya Craft Tool , No.76Points Acquired:15 points
Item code:74076
Mr.Polisher PRO (Hobby Tool)
Manufacturer:GSI CreosRelease Date:Mid Feb., 2006
Group:Sales Price:1,710 yen
Series:G ToolPoints Acquired:17 points
Item code:GT07
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Modeling Scissors (For Photo-Etched Parts) (Hobby Tool)
Manufacturer:TamiyaRelease Date:Early Jul., 2005
Group:Sales Price:1,425 yen
Series:Tamiya Craft Tool , No.68Points Acquired:14 points
Item code:74068
Modeling Saw Set (Hobby Tool)
Manufacturer:HasegawaRelease Date:
Group:Sales Price:1,140 yen
Series:Hasegawa TrytoolPoints Acquired:11 points
Item code:TP3
Fine Pin Vise D (0.1-3.2mm) (Hobby Tool)
Manufacturer:TamiyaRelease Date:Late Feb., 2001
Group:Sales Price:1,520 yen
Series:Tamiya Craft Tool , No.50Points Acquired:15 points
Item code:74050
Fine Drill Bit Set (0.3/0.4/0.5/0.6/0.8mm) (Hobby Tool)
Manufacturer:TamiyaRelease Date:
Group:Drill BitSales Price:1,330 yen
Series:Tamiya Craft ToolPoints Acquired:13 points
Item code:74044
Baby Nipper (Hobby Tool)
Manufacturer:MineshimaRelease Date:
Group:NipperSales Price:522 yen
Series:Mineshima ToolsPoints Acquired:5 points
Item code:D-1
Modeler`s Knife (Hobby Tool)
Manufacturer:TamiyaRelease Date:
Group:Sales Price:902 yen
Series:Tamiya Craft Tool , No.40Points Acquired:9 points
Item code:74040
Design Knife (Hobby Tool)
Manufacturer:TamiyaRelease Date:
Group:Sales Price:855 yen
Series:Tamiya Craft Tool , No.20Points Acquired:8 points
Item code:74020
Basic Tool Set (Hobby Tool)
Manufacturer:TamiyaRelease Date:
Group:Sales Price:1,881 yen
Series:Tamiya Craft ToolPoints Acquired:18 points
Item code:74016
35 Items
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