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Millim Nava (PVC Figure)
Manufacturer:AlterRelease Date:Oct 2022(Jul. 28, 2021 Pre-order start.)
Scale:1/7Sales Price:18,800 yen
Original:That Time I Got Reincarnated as a SlimePoints Acquired:188 points
Producer:Hiroshi Inagaki
Javelin Beach Picnic! Ver. (PVC Figure)
Manufacturer:AlterRelease Date:Sep 2022(Jul. 9, 2021 Pre-order start.)
Scale:1/7Sales Price:18,800 yen
Original:Azur LanePoints Acquired:188 points
Producer:Munetoshi Makio
Belfast Iridescent Rose Ver. (PVC Figure)
Manufacturer:AlterRelease Date:Aug 2022(Jun. 25, 2021 Pre-order start.)
Scale:1/7Sales Price:21,800 yen
Original:Azur LanePoints Acquired:218 points
Producer:Toshiyuki Yagyu
Berserker/Miyamoto Musashi (PVC Figure)
Manufacturer:AlterRelease Date:Aug 2022(Jun. 18, 2021 Pre-order start.)
Scale:1/7Sales Price:19,800 yen
Original:FatePoints Acquired:198 points
Producer:Toji Tanaka
Kirito (PVC Figure)
Manufacturer:AlterRelease Date:Mar 2022(Apr. 7, 2021 Pre-order start.)
Scale:1/7Sales Price:16,800 yen
Original:Sword Art OnlinePoints Acquired:168 points
Producer:Soen no Ningyoshi
Kanao Tsuyuri (PVC Figure)
Manufacturer:AlterRelease Date:Mar 2022(Mar. 31, 2021 Pre-order start.)
Scale:1/8Sales Price:14,800 yen
Original:Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no YaibaPoints Acquired:148 points
Producer:Hiroyuki Tsumezuka
Nao Kamiya: Vanguard`s Passion Ver. (PVC Figure)
Manufacturer:AlterRelease Date:Oct 2021(Nov. 27, 2020 Pre-order start.)
Scale:1/7Sales Price:17,800 yen
Original:The Idolm@sterPoints Acquired:178 points
Mafuyu Kirisu Competition Swimsuit Ver. (PVC Figure)
Manufacturer:AlterRelease Date:Mid Jun., 2021
Scale:1/7Sales Price:12,800 yen
Original:We Never LearnPoints Acquired:128 points
Producer:Hiroyuki Tsumezuka
Avenger/Jeanne d`Arc [Alter] (PVC Figure)
Manufacturer:AlterRelease Date:Sep 2022 re-release(Sep. 17, 2021 Pre-order start.)
Scale:1/7Sales Price:26,800 yen
Original:FatePoints Acquired:268 points
Producer:Imai , Moineau , Toshiyuki Yagyu
9 Items
(show 1 - 9 )
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