Searcha and Ramel
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Release Date List of Model Train HO/Z

* Cautions of Use / Points of Consideration
- The release dates listed on the calendar are only scheduled dates. There may be delays by the manufacturers or issues with distribution/delivery etc. so please keep this in mind and use only as a reference.
- The dates on The calendar are dates items are scheduled to be stocked, not The dates items will be shipped out. Shipping date will depend on payment methods/status and our Shipping center situation etc. so please also take note of this.
- If you want to combine shipment, please process "Order Recombination" from your account page.
Please keep in mind that you can only combine shipment of "Reserved Items" that are "Released in the same month". For more details of "Order Recombination", please check this article.
- We are not operating on dates marked red.