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Hobby Search Mascot Character
  The name is "Searcha"!

Comment from the designer:
The design concept is an Apprentice Enchanter.
As the mascot was for a hobby shop, it takes an image of a mage, giving life to figurines, dolls and robots, or creating magic items etc.

Her trademark is the red ribbon that resembles the Hobby Search Logo.
The staff has been designed with the initials of the store (HS),
and is engraved with 1999 on it too, as well as the magnify glass which symbolizes
the concept of search, and the gear-like looks symbolizes the plastic models and car models etc.

The coloring of the character uses the website theme colors, such as the red,
blue and orange type, allowing it to blend with the site easily.

I was thinking of going for a technological design, since the design was for a hobby shop, but I personally like the fantasy world, and decided to go with my favorite genre.
Of course, I did try and make her fit in just as well as a mechanical design would.

Ramel is Searcha's dragon familiar who is always with her.

We hope everyone likes Searcha and Ramel!

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