Currency Exchange
Price: 15,130JPY
Currency Approximate
US Dollar132.59USD
Australian Dollar182.25AUD
Brazil Reais733.04BRL
Canadian Dollar165.95CAD
Chinese Yuan843.37CNY
Great Britain(UK) Pound96.7GBP
Hong Kong Dollar1032.76HKD
Japanese Yen15130JPY
Malaysian Ringgit554.62MYR
Mexican Pesos2696.97MXN
N.Z. Dollar193.33NZD
Russian Ruble10154.36RUB
Singapore Dollar178.61SGD
Sweden Krona1184.81SEK
Swiss Francs120.85CHF
Taiwan Dollars3654.59TWD
Thailand Baht4411.08THB
Please use the listed values only as an estimate.
The actual charged price may differ, as the
exchange rate you will be charged depends on
your payment company (PayPal / Credit Card Company etc.)
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