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How to pay with PayPal
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1. Select "PayPal Express Checkout" on the Order Form page.
2. The "PayPal Payment Request" email below will be sent to you when your order is ready to ship.
For pre-order items, this email is sent to you AFTER the item is released, so please check your email inbox often.
3. Click the "PayPal Payment Page" URL in the email to make the payment.
4. Click the "Check out with PayPal" button and move on to the PayPal payment Page.
5. Either:
  1. Enter your login information on the right and click the "Log In" button
  2. Enter your credit card information in the left column if you do not have an account.
    It is possible to complete the payment without registering an account, but it is recommended to register to make the payment process smoother for future PayPal payments.
6. Confirm the payment request from HOBBY SEARCH and click the "Continue" button.
Clicking the "Continue" button here completes the payment.
7. The payment completion page will come up and you will be taken back to the HOBBY SEARCH homepage in a few seconds.
This is the end of the PayPal payment process.
- For pre-orders, we will send the "PayPal Payment Request" email when the item is released, NOT when the pre-order is placed. Please check your inbox often for this email.

- Please complete the PayPal payment within 7 days after we send the "PayPal Payment Request" email.

- If we do not receive your payment within 7 days, we will consider it a refusal of payment. We may close your Hobby Search account if this happens.

- If you do not receive a payment request email within one day of receiving this email, please log in to the "My Account" for the payment link.

- We do NOT accept eCheck.