Hobby Search Winter Break Schedule


Hobby Search will be on break for the duration of the time mentioned below, and will not be shipping any orders or replying mails during this period that we are not operating.
(All dates and times are listed in Japan time [GMT+9])


Winter Holiday : 30th December 2017 - 3rd January 2018


- The site will remain in operation during the break, but these orders will not be processed until
  after 4th January 2018.
- We will not be able to ship orders or respond to phone or emails during the above mentioned
  break period.
- We are expecting great volume of orders to be shipped during this period,
  so please keep in mind that shipment delays are very likely.


[ Regarding shipment within December 2017 ]

- For shipment within December, we will only be able to ship orders that have
  their payment finalized and received by us, by 6:00AM of 27th December.

- We will try to ship orders with payment completed after 6:00AM of the 27th also,
  but any orders that could not be shipped will be processed after the 4th January.
* We may not be able to ship orders within December if your order includes items that are
  not in our stock, so please order early if you want your items shipped within December.

* For preorder items released within December with payment completed, we will do our
  best to ship as many of these as we can within December (excluding orders with
   "Monthly Shipment" selected), but please note that we may be required to ship them
   after 4th January.

* Any shipments that we were unable to process within December will be processed after
  the 4th of January.
  We are very sorry for any inconveniences this may cause, and your understanding and
  patience will be greatly appreciated.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


Hobby Search Customer Support
E-mail: hs-support@1999.co.jp


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