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Wang Bailong (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2016/11/20 0:46:00
Excellent piece, perhaps the size could diminish the beauty of the figure and away buyers but in this case worth much I think is one of the best in my collection.
1/6 Articulated Figure: Saitama (Completed)
Swagmastah : 2016/11/18 0:05:00
His head is brighter than my future
Sadakage Illustration: Succubus Astacia (PVC Figure)
Henry : 2016/11/17 10:11:00
She arrived today in absolutely Perfect condition (thank you so much Hobby Search!), I absolutely love her. When she is displayed cast-off, she is a dream.

Only thing is her face changed from seductive to gentle.
Still, she has my favourite body of all the figures up to now. I love how healthy her proportions are, and for a squatting figure, she looks completely natural and relaxed because of how strong her legs are.
Uzuki Shimamura: Crystal Night Party Ver. (PVC Figure)
Blanchimont : 2016/11/17 2:17:00
...That...thought crossed my mind too. The title might be from the anime instead of just drawn out of the blue(I hope), but still quite unfortunate coincidence...
Racing Miku: 2016 Ver. (PVC Figure)
papermonkey : 2016/11/16 18:24:00
I would imagine the white/teal matches miku more, but orange/white is Good Smile Company cooperate color... so they probably won't do much other colors i would imagine.
I think it looks stunning.
Sorey (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2016/11/16 0:38:00
It's nice that Kotobukiya continues to make Tales of figures. But what happened to their support of Tales of Vesperia? Finish the characters! Where is Judith?!
Racing Miku: 2016 Ver. (PVC Figure)
Jun : 2016/11/15 21:03:00
Really cute and nice outfit -- love the stocking style and gradient. But I prefer her white / Miku-blue race colors more. If they're willing to go orange a few times, I wonder if they'll dab in other colors?
F-ism Girl (PVC Figure)
Jun : 2016/11/14 22:11:00
Beautiful proportions, effortless pose, gorgeous flat bangs and rosy eyes makes this a top-notch figure. Bravo Daiki.
Static Arts Gallery Kingdom Hearts II Sora (PVC Figure)
Tabris : 2016/11/14 6:13:00
Very good work, but too little :/
I would have love and buy it if it was 20cm high...
[Anti-Demon Ninja Yukikaze] Rinko Akiyama Pole Dance Ver. Mile Stone Limited (PVC Figure)
Demosthenes : 2016/11/10 15:24:00
I wish they had used Rinko's body from the first visual novel; her body was more petite there.

Regardless, I'm gonna fork over the cash for the pre-order, seeing as how this is the only Rinko figure out there.
Racing Miku: 2016 Ver. (PVC Figure)
Jacob : 2016/11/10 13:11:00
Instant PO!
Racing Miku: 2016 Ver. (PVC Figure)
Okami22 : 2016/11/10 12:23:00
Cuteness Overload!!!
Nendoroid Iowa (PVC Figure)
Mr X : 2016/11/08 18:47:00
Yeah, American f--- yeah!

Preordered for that alone.
King of Prism by PrettyRhythm Taiga Kougami (PVC Figure)
Akatoki : 2016/11/06 14:32:00
Loving this design and the green accent! Interestingly I noticed the scale is unlisted, can anybody track that info down?
Prison School Meiko Shiraki Soft Mount Figure & Kanu Special Action Figure Set (PVC Figure)
........ : 2016/11/06 1:03:00
The only thing they got right is the size of her boob
Meiko Shiraki SkyTube Ver. (PVC Figure)
Jun : 2016/11/05 19:41:00
Prison School what? After seeing this and Genco's version, let's just say I'm really interested.
Livie Collete (PVC Figure)
RGCKain : 2016/11/02 19:38:00
It is looking amazing, the paint job seem to be slightly better from the one on ad, however the base is black, which is slightly upsetting, I think the transparent from ad better.
Overall it looks good, and near one-to-one to the illustration/original
The God Arc though feels somewhat bigger, and the handle feels "too long" but after assembling it, the wrongly put feelings disappear and it looks great 4.9/5 (or basically 5!)
Sadakage Illustration: Succubus Astacia (PVC Figure)
EB : 2016/11/02 1:58:00
She's gorgeous!
VCD Doraemon CoroCoro Comic First issue Ver. (PVC Figure)
nutz4PVC : 2016/11/01 17:30:00
somehow this looks disturbing in 3D
Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Aragaki Ayase Ver. Black (PVC Figure)
MikuMikuNiShiteAgeru : 2016/11/01 11:27:00
I think "mediocre" is being too forgiving of the pictured prototypes. They just flat out look bad, especially this one with the facial expression. The paint looks cheap and washed out, the stands are generally pretty small, details in the sculpted figures are pretty boring compared to the more interesting features found on the ottoman and the table for Kuroneko and Kirino respectively. There are $30 figures that look better than these.
Street Fighter Bishojyo Rainbow Mika (PVC Figure)
HypnotikKali : 2016/11/01 1:42:00
I think if I miss out on this not so bad of a pose Mika, who knows if one will ever see the light of day on a next one, last Mika figure was years ago and sells pretty high now a days.
This one is ok, I think her butt slap should of been done as a still pose instead, "butt" this'll do.
S.H.Figuarts Triple H (PVC Figure)
KEVIN NASH : 2016/11/01 1:20:00
Ritsuko Akizuki (PVC Figure)
Immir : 2016/10/31 1:35:00
I like this figure except the leg is weird.
Kashiwazaki Sena -Dancer ver.- (PVC Figure)
Moe : 2016/10/30 19:39:00
Yes. It is very small. Are they all this size now? Not worth full price.
Artfx J Haruka with Mudkip (PVC Figure)
Immir : 2016/10/30 1:33:00
So i herd u liek mudkipz?
Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Aragaki Ayase Ver. Black (PVC Figure)
Discoceris : 2016/10/29 12:54:00
All 3 figures are mediocre, at best, and definitely not worth the
asking price. When I saw the name, Pulchra, I thought it was
one of those chara petite products, going for ¥3,500 or so ...
I was not expecting an "over $100 bucks" charade...
[Summer Temptation] Mika Jougasaki (PVC Figure)
Killer : 2016/10/28 11:08:00
The price is too high for 1/8 scale
Shikinami Asuka Langley Jersey Ver. (PVC Figure)
Ha Yuri : 2016/10/28 11:08:00
Re-release please T_TT
Hourou Yusha wa Kinka to Odoru [Rachel] (PVC Figure)
Jun : 2016/10/26 21:20:00
Really nice overall presentation. I imagine the background could be used with so many other 1/8 figures.
Misato Mitsumi Illustrations Brilliant Stars [Ririka] (PVC Figure)
2-3d otaku : 2016/10/26 5:44:00
I think the whole outfit is cute in a flashy way. The pose adds to the moe!
figma Void & figFIX Ubik (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2016/10/26 0:42:00
@TomoTomo: Yeah, sheesh... What exactly makes it almost as expensive as the other 2 deluxe sets combined?
Fate/Grand Order Caster/Elizabeth Bathory [Halloween] (PVC Figure)
Jun : 2016/10/25 20:00:00
That's such an unique skirt. If I had a Halloween collection, I'd totally dump my wallet for her.
figma Void & figFIX Ubik (PVC Figure)
TomoTomo : 2016/10/25 17:52:00
very sinister..........................but dat price ,X_X,
[Witch Apprentice of Starlight] Astraea (PVC Figure)
Timmeh : 2016/10/22 22:37:00
True but I really like her pose here and her hair. I think I want this one :3
Utaha Kasumigaoka: Bunny Ver. (PVC Figure)
Timmeh : 2016/10/22 22:31:00
@ No Name. See, I was beginning to think I was crazy when no one else seemed to notice this. I was liking this line at first but it is just as you say. Just head swapping and no updating on the details at this scale (imo) but at least the price keeps increasing so I guess someone's happy with this line.
Comic Shingeki Taihei Tengoku Cover Girl Saki Nishina (PVC Figure)
Discoceris : 2016/10/22 12:42:00
WTF is that? At first I thought it was one of the gals from Senran Kagura,
but hiding behind a pair of pillows. That's just nasty.
Comic Shingeki Taihei Tengoku Cover Girl Saki Nishina (PVC Figure)
........ : 2016/10/22 8:24:00
There's a head attached to those watermelons
Hotaru Shidare (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2016/10/22 3:13:00
I want Saya!
Flower Fairy Maria Bernhardt Limited Edition (PVC Figure)
Immir : 2016/10/22 1:03:00
Crotch fairy 2
[Witch Apprentice of Starlight] Astraea (PVC Figure)
Jun : 2016/10/21 19:27:00
Her costume isn't very witch-y, but I'm not complaining.
To Love-Ru Darkness Mikan Yuki (PVC Figure)
2-3d otaku : 2016/10/21 17:57:00
It isn't bad, but I think there's something wrong with her leg proportions.
Asuna Yuuki: Yukata Ver. (PVC Figure)
Discoceris : 2016/10/21 15:31:00
Too many Asuna figures. They don't have a variety of other girls,
like Lisbeth or Yuuki.
Flower Fairy Maria Bernhardt Limited Edition (PVC Figure)
Sonico89 : 2016/10/21 10:45:00
^false. Blue hair is always better than blonde.
Belldandy: Me, My Girlfriend and Our Ride Ver. (PVC Figure)
Mari90 : 2016/10/21 9:59:00
Best Belldandy face I've seen so far
Sansei Muramasa Nurse Ver. (PVC Figure)
Nagashi : 2016/10/21 6:08:00
Great figure, i do not regret buying it
Utaha Kasumigaoka: Bunny Ver. (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2016/10/21 5:44:00
Aren't all Freeing bunny girls just a straight swap of the head anyway? The body almost never reflect that of the real character. They are just big... in every single way.
Belldandy: Me, My Girlfriend and Our Ride Ver. (PVC Figure)
nutz4PVC : 2016/10/20 22:14:00
based off the cover of Kosuke Fujishimas Art Book with the same title
Figuarts Zero Mirage Farina Jenius (PVC Figure)
nutz4PVC : 2016/10/20 21:53:00
the embarrass face looks weird
Utaha Kasumigaoka: Bunny Ver. (PVC Figure)
Demosthenes : 2016/10/20 14:51:00
This figure is surprisingly... underwhelming. The face is done better than the GSC figure, but still doesn't look right. The pose is all wrong for Utaha's character; it honestly looks like a pose that a K-ON figure would use. And the bunny costume unfortunately doesn't look right on Utaha either, especially since they changed her trademark pantyhose into fishnets.
Belldandy: Me, My Girlfriend and Our Ride Ver. (PVC Figure)
Discoceris : 2016/10/20 13:16:00
It's definitely not subtle. Even the title has bold innuendos, like a groper
grabbing some ass on the late night train in Shibuya....
Belldandy: Me, My Girlfriend and Our Ride Ver. (PVC Figure)
mog : 2016/10/20 13:12:00
That is a very phallic ride
Flower Fairy Maria Bernhardt Limited Edition (PVC Figure)
IceMan45 : 2016/10/18 22:12:00
This is just a recolor of the original, not bad but the blonde version is better IMO.
Dragon Ball Gals Videl (PVC Figure)
nutz4PVC : 2016/10/17 21:04:00
would be nice if you could change her hair style with an extra head maybe
Anastasia: Swimsuit Ver. (PVC Figure)
papermonkey : 2016/10/17 19:08:00
@Blanchimont: well this S-Style series is FREEing's answer to the Beach Queen series by Wave.
The prototypes are looking great so far for a very reasonable price. Looking at the prices of figma these days, it is only good while the prices are kept low.
Nendoroid Shokaku & Zuikaku Set w/Bonus Item (PVC Figure)
Randle : 2016/10/16 5:19:00
"Bonus parts" - a pair of 2-inch high plastic stands that do nothing. What a joke.
Anastasia: Swimsuit Ver. (PVC Figure)
Blanchimont : 2016/10/15 21:32:00
If this had been 1/7 or possibly 1/8, it would have been insta-buy.
I'm not really interested in this series nor do swimsuit figures in general interest me much, but this is a charming enough figure Freeing has done here. If it had been the right size...
Rory Mercury (PVC Figure)
Varsh : 2016/10/14 21:51:00
When I received this I was amazed at the detail. Everything about this figurine is just spot on from the detail of the facial expression to the way Rory's action pose fits with her persona.

I was surprised at how much this figure leans to the side. Compared to the pictures it is quite a large angle. Despite this it is very stable due to a large portion of the Halberd being encompassed within the base.
Gokubi Girls Super Premium [Senran Kagura: NewWave G Burst] Yumi Wedding Lingerie Ver. (PVC Figure)
FLY HM : 2016/10/13 20:15:00
not sure if those look G cup enough.
Saber Bride Good Smile Company Ver. (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2016/10/13 5:12:00
@IceMan45 her face can't be compared to the real saber. She is bigger than I expected though.
Saber Bride Good Smile Company Ver. (PVC Figure)
IceMan45 : 2016/10/12 17:52:00
Her face is a little off, if you disregard that, she's fine.
Sakura Matou [One-piece Style] (PVC Figure)
Emiya : 2016/10/10 18:23:00
Yessss. More Sakura figs. <3
Dragon Ball Gals Bulma (Bunny Girl Ver.) (PVC Figure)
Loki : 2016/10/07 1:00:00
Wish she wasnt breaking her back. Looks so unnatural
Hatsune Miku: Risa Ebata Ver. (PVC Figure)
Jun : 2016/10/06 20:09:00
@Discoceris, Thanks for the extra hard-to-find info!
Elphelt Valentine (PVC Figure)
Jun : 2016/10/06 20:05:00
Wowow, so beautiful! Only flaw I can see is her skin tone be a little darker and not as porcelain white.
Dimension of Dragonball SSGSS Son Goku (PVC Figure)
Dayvos : 2016/10/04 22:17:00
My only issue is the box is way too big for the size of the figure. They could easily reduce the box size by at least 30%. Not sure what the go is with Megahouse and the oversized box.
Super Danganronpa 2 Nanami Chiaki & Monomi (PVC Figure)
Jun : 2016/10/04 19:53:00
^ Not unless you're in love with her :o

Chiaki Nanami (PVC Figure)
Jun : 2016/10/04 19:51:00
When I first commented on this figure, I hadn't played the game. Well, I finally got around to finishing it and I went from liking her to NEEDing her! <3
Shin Ikki Tousen Uncho Kanu (PVC Figure)
ahjer : 2016/10/03 1:16:00
the details...meh
Just see the hand with weapon in pic12
Fortuner (Murumuru) (PVC Figure)
Jun : 2016/10/02 3:49:00
I really love her costume and colors. She reminds me a bit of Kanade from Angel Beats.
Velvet Crowe (PVC Figure)
nekimimimaido : 2016/10/01 17:31:00
@no name
demon arms can be get through kotobukiya online shop. yes its exclusive
Shin Ikki Tousen Uncho Kanu (PVC Figure)
Makai : 2016/10/01 2:48:00
Man, that lips..... so tempting. Best sculpted lips so far.
Shin Ikki Tousen Uncho Kanu (PVC Figure)
TomoTomo : 2016/09/30 20:41:00
Jun, Kanu is a goddess
Shin Ikki Tousen Uncho Kanu (PVC Figure)
TomoTomo : 2016/09/30 20:39:00
Looks amazing!
A delicate Kan-chan....
Shin Ikki Tousen Uncho Kanu (PVC Figure)
Jun : 2016/09/30 20:37:00
Not really into Ikki Tousen, but her pose and hair effect is pretty epic. Quality looks decent on the close ups but really cool compared to the usual I-T figures.
Velvet Crowe (PVC Figure)
Timmeh : 2016/09/29 21:45:00
Dem eyes , dat look :3 So getting her.
Velvet Crowe (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2016/09/29 11:25:00
that sword is out of proportion... and also, no daemon arm... and its 1/8...
Then again, take my money!
Static Arts Gallery Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Vincent Valentine (PVC Figure)
LM : 2016/09/28 20:50:00
Noooo, sooo small but I guess beggar can't be chooser...
Mimori Togo (PVC Figure)
TwilightAmory : 2016/09/28 18:09:00
I have been waiting for Yuki Yuna is a Hero figures that aren't Yuki for a while, but I had given up hope since it didn't seem that popular. But I'm for sure buying this, she's my favorite character from the series and the fact that it's an Alter figure makes it better. My only concern is that the only thing holding her up is the support rod, but I figure it's probably made strong enough to hold her up.
figma Slan & figFIX Conrad (PVC Figure)
2-3d otaku : 2016/09/28 6:19:00
I can't imagine what these would look like next to the Haruhi figmas. :-S
Rise Kujikawa: Arabian Armor
Ryllharu : 2016/09/28 5:43:00
She looks more like Enoshima from Dangaronpa.
Rise Kujikawa: Arabian Armor
Okami22 : 2016/09/28 0:54:00
The face scares me. She looks like a yandere. She's going to kills us all and our wallets.
Hotaru Shidare (PVC Figure)
IceMan45 : 2016/09/27 19:50:00
Instant preorder :D
Been waiting for this for ages.
figma Slan & figFIX Conrad (PVC Figure)
TomoTomo : 2016/09/27 18:59:00
yarhh two more of the god hand!!!
She looks average......but i'll still own them
Funny thing, the new season ended and now i'm reading
the Manga again.........
Haruna Mishima (PVC Figure)
Nekomimi : 2016/09/27 11:40:00

No.it cant cast off the top. Maybe the skirt though
Nendoroid Nozomi Tojo: Training Outfit Ver. (PVC Figure)
Yuri : 2016/09/27 0:25:00
Wow that's so cute, how I can get it??? I'm from México
Static Arts Gallery Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Vincent Valentine (PVC Figure)
papermonkey : 2016/09/24 10:19:00
looks great, but is it just me or does the measurements suggest something like a figma sized statue...?
Haruna Mishima (PVC Figure)
Jun : 2016/09/23 23:37:00
There's something about her that I simply love. Maybe it's the school girl / stewardess outfit or her uplifting attitude. Seeing that it's Alphamax, maybe her top is cast off.
Static Arts Gallery Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Vincent Valentine (PVC Figure)
g130388 : 2016/09/23 18:59:00
I prefer Chaos Vincent.
Vocaloid 4 Library Stardust (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2016/09/21 5:12:00
@Jun, she is not the first chinese vocaloid, the first one is called Luo Tianyi. Stardust just came out this year.
[Ojosama no Hanazono] Aoi Tenjiku (PVC Figure)
Jun : 2016/09/20 23:00:00
Lots of ecchi goodness here
Bismarck Kai (PVC Figure)
Timmeh : 2016/09/20 10:18:00
Ah like Biscuits :3
Vocaloid 4 Library Stardust (PVC Figure)
Timmeh : 2016/09/20 10:09:00
She is absolutely gorgeous , I am getting her. @ #1333 Good info! I to wasn't aware of Chinese Vocaloids either. I shall be looking these up. I am liking Myethos works so far and I like the idea they are doing " less popular" works. I am really looking forward to their upcoming Horo figure ( I hope they get her clothes perfect )
Nodoka Haramura: Bunny Ver. (PVC Figure)
Makiesan : 2016/09/20 7:07:00
My first reaction after watching her boobs were like ...uf, LOL...I wonder how She can walk straight and not having spine problems. It is just too big, too much.
Naruto Gals Naruto Shippuden Hinata Hyuga (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2016/09/19 23:39:00
I agree with g and jun. This figure would also be better if it was a cast off.
Anti-Demon Ninja Murasaki Sakura Igawa (PVC Figure)
eggsrkush : 2016/09/18 19:36:00
id prefer her standing up and doing a pose with a better looking face just like in the game, which will be worth its money. considering the size and money i dont think its worth it.
Nodoka Haramura: Bunny Ver. (PVC Figure)
Immir : 2016/09/18 1:21:00
Ridiculous breasts ruined what could have been a nice figure.
Minissimo Ruby Rose (PVC Figure)
Akira : 2016/09/17 10:49:00
I feel like they should have gotten an expression that felt morel like Ruby than Weiss. Like maybe change the stoic blank stare for the default face with a more of a cheerful smirk.
Nodoka Haramura: Bunny Ver. (PVC Figure)
Jun : 2016/09/15 22:34:00
Looking at the actual character art, her buxom is accurate. She does look weird since typically when you have that sort of rack, you have a caboose to match. Love the fishnets though.
Ikumi Mito Max Factory Ver. (PVC Figure)
eikun : 2016/09/15 16:40:00
uhh... I believe there is a mistype in her figure name, to be honest.
Naruto Gals Naruto Shippuden Hinata Hyuga (PVC Figure)
eikun : 2016/09/15 16:35:00
face does not match well, tche too bad
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