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Cordelia (PVC Figure)
Comment from Jun 2015/07/15 3:20:39
Not overly complicated - just epic... love it.
Street Fighter Bishojyo Poison (PVC Figure)
Comment from EB 2015/07/15 3:01:52
I love Poison but this one is a bit hmm..
It's a weak maybe if it's a cast-off.
Gakuen Yuugi Cover Illustration Ueno Chika (PVC Figure)
Comment from Ninjam 2015/07/14 21:39:20
She looks decent, reminds me of Hotori Yoshii's pose and expression, even twintails...
Saber ebCraft Ver. Movability Figure (PVC Figure)
Comment from LukeNightWalker 2015/07/14 20:28:00
Cordelia (PVC Figure)
Comment from SithG 2015/07/14 18:38:39
insta preorder! NO. QUESTIONS. ASKED. 10/10
Good Smile gods, thank you for tharja and this blessing! I know it greedy of me to ask but please, complete the trinity, show us a Lucina!
Cordelia (PVC Figure)
Comment from Discoceris 2015/07/14 15:00:07
Not sure who dinged for facial expression, but you've got to be
shitting me. Her face is perfect.
Street Fighter Bishojyo Poison (PVC Figure)
Comment from Elfey 2015/07/14 12:37:28
cast off ?
Yukinoshita Yukino Kotobukiya Ver. (PVC Figure)
Comment from Yangorang 2015/07/14 11:24:12
So http://www.1999.co.jp/itbig33/10335514b.jpg
shows both of them together. Is this a separate item they sell or do you just have to buy both items individually?
Gakuen Yuugi Cover Illustration Ueno Chika (PVC Figure)
Comment from Captain 2015/07/14 11:13:14
Well, it's not that far off.
Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain Play Arts Kai Burning Man (PVC Figure)
Comment from MGS fan 2015/07/14 5:55:42
The Burning Man (shouting in angry): Snaaaaaaake!!!!

Big Boss (shocking): 0_o Yooou still alive, Volgin?
Gakuen Yuugi Cover Illustration Ueno Chika (PVC Figure)
Images from Jun 2015/07/13 21:11:51
Comment from Jun
Daiki with another fail. Her face looks terrible compared to the original cover art.
Sword Art Online Fairy Dance Arc: Leafa (PVC Figure)
Comment from Jun 2015/07/13 21:07:11
I agree with Liaong. Haven't seen SAO past the first so I don't know much about her. I gotta say she does look pretty good overall.
[Black Lagoon] Revy -Swim Wear Ver.- Repaint Project Limited Edition (PVC Figure)
Comment from ABCD 2015/07/13 2:17:01
Ordered! Now, if only Alter would re-release their Revy and Bounty Hunter Yoko!
[Brilliant Summer] Natsuki Saya (PVC Figure)
Comment from 2-3d otaku 2015/07/12 7:00:39
There are a couple of "style" (not technical) problems. 1) the clothes are too...ordinary; 2) jeans work best on the female figure when they're hugging and showing off the hips and butt. Having them part off like that just makes them look like an obstruction. 3) if you're going to have a figure slinking out of their jeans, it has to have a pose which emphasizes that. The current pose just makes it look disorganized. Not terrible, just unremarkable.
*Special Price 19% OFF! Kantai Collection 1/7 Kongo Kaini (PVC Figure)
Comment from 787 2015/07/12 6:35:59
Burning Love!!
Shiro Phat Company Ver. (PVC Figure)
Comment from Xcal 2015/07/12 4:47:56
I dunno. I thought the face was off too, but every time I look at the images it grows on me. She's too expensive IMO otherwise it would be tempting.
Selvaria Bles Vertex Ver. (PVC Figure)
Comment from FishMsn822 2015/07/12 2:12:47
It's perfect as I expected, great colors and charming looking face.The outfit is outstanding. But the floor step is little bit hard to plug in with her foots.

p.s. Only the skirt can be strip. I hope the clothes can be strip too.

DC Comics VARIANT Play Arts Kai Designed by Tetsuya Nomura Catwoman (PVC Figure)
Comment from No Name 2015/07/11 18:46:25
lol u wot m9? positive and cheerful for catwoman??? what have you been smokin??
Shiro Phat Company Ver. (PVC Figure)
Comment from No name 2015/07/11 5:03:46
i dont get why eveyrone is complaining, this looks a lot like the manga art style to me rather than the anime.
looks great to me!
Shinonono Hoki: Kitsune Miko Ver. (PVC Figure)
Comment from Mari90 2015/07/10 14:43:09
Mine arrived today. Very cute :) looks very nice.
13,105 Items ( show 101-120 )
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