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Founded in 1999, HOBBY SEARCH is one of the most comprehensive online "hobby shop" in Japan. The following is a brief description of how you can enjoy shopping at HOBBY SEARCH.

If you have any questions, please contact us.
Buying procedure

STEP1 Find items
STEP2 Put items into the Cart
STEP3 Fill out the ORDER FORM
STEP4 Order confirmation email
STEP5 Shiping notification email
STEP6 Delivery of items
For more information about buying procedure, please read Buying procedure.
For more details about pre-order sale, please read here.
User Registration (ID and Password)
You can use the following services with HOBBY SEARCH ID.
You can get points worth 3% (for books, 1%) of the item's price (our sales price).
You can use the points as "money" from the next shopping. For more information, please read here.
You can fill out the ORDER FORM with your ID and Password only.
You do not have to enter your name, address, phone number, and so on.
You can view order history and change order info here.
PayPal Credit Card
We also accept PayPal. We accept Credit Card payment by VISA, Mastercard.
You will be charged when the item is ready for shipment, NOT when the order is placed.
PayPal Credit Card [VISA] Credit Card [Master Card]
Shipping Cost
Shipping costs are automatically calculated based on the total weight of the package including the packaging materials,
referring to Shipping Cost Chart, in accordance with the shipping method of your choice.
The shipping costs of already-released items are notified to the customer BEFORE the order is placed.
However, the shipping costs of "pre-ordered" items are not yet determined at the stage of placing orders,
as we do not know the weight of the product.
Thus the shipping costs of "pre-ordered" items are notified to the customer AFTER the ordered products comes into stock.
Please also note that the HOBBY SEARCH shipping costs on the BILL OF PAYMENT can be different from
the actual shipping costs shown on the shipping label on the package.
new items indicates "new items" and shall be displayed for 1 month.
restock itemsindicates "restock items" and shall be displayed for 1 month.
Please note that the items on the product list can be out of stock.
See also Descriptions based on "Act on Specified Commercial Transactions"
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